АСМР Макияж подруге 💄👻 ASMR Makeup for girl 🎃

АСМР Макияж подруге 💄👻 ASMR Makeup for girl 🎃

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Hello, Hello, my sunshine What’re you up to? I missed you Yes, Yes, Yes, I prepared everything You will Shine This time you will definitely outshine Lyudochka She beat us a little last time but this time you’ll be beautiful Of course, a lot of things will need to be done, but let’s do it right Look Let’s just start with skin caring make a mask Yes, Yes, Yes let’s clean the skin of the face, and while you’re in the mask I’ll take a closer look at your Halloween outfit And we’ll choose the shadows you want pomade well, in General, think of your image to the end What do you think?” Perfectly Then come on, undress, sit down to make you comfortable I have here is such masks with pumpkin And we’ll make you one of them Behold Yes, Yes, of course, first clean the skin Well, look This is a complete mask And this — pieces of As the slices of pumpkin Perhaps, try do this it will just moisturize your skin And he’ll do it right Pumpkin-pumpkin-pumpkin Of course, take a blanket, I specially prepared it because — do you hear? — rain I’m surprised you didn’t get wet so wrap yourself in a blanket Are you comfortable? Good Then let’s start with cotton pads Yes, now we will clear the skin So what about Luda? Yes? No, no, no, this time not pull this time we’re going to make you such a sweetie That your boss is finally here he’ll know what he’s missing I have an idea about Luda What if I go with you I’ll wear a cloak and a mask, no one will recognize me and I’ll distract her in all sorts of different ways? So she doesn’t embarrass you didn’t bother you?” Can work something out you know, men love it when girls are defenseless to protect her Well, I have tea we’ll mix it with one dye it washes off easily, don’t worry and accidentally pour on you And there… if it works out then your boss will rush to save you wash off this paint And there — all in your hands So, like, now the skin is clean What a nice skin you have Yes… so Where is our mask? The most interesting what’s inside Yes, you can hear the rain here there is something pleasant in the noise of the rain I hope so So Wow, how interesting. Look That’s the stuff such pumpkins And we should stick them on you here is so, on all problem tracts of skin looks cool So still smells like cookies Under the eye, here And here so Here, on the nose These things are very unusual Cool You look like a pumpkin now So This way And on this side there are still Come here again Just like this chin, still on the forehead can be And the last This way That’s all You’re a pumpkin now Until you sit in them How many on time it is recommended about 10-15 minutes Just while I show you the suit Yes, everything will be perfect Look, about the outfit Here’s your outfit, you’ll be a witch There are such shiny transparent sleeves very nice, there is such a cutout specially deep with a belt And there’s a cut So that pace can be will set aside to attract attention In General, you will be a beautiful sexy witch There will be a full set together with a broom If you want, by the way, we can tie another bow it’s not a problem And hat Here is such a hat Very canonical sharp witch hat With plaque and shiny frame Should be beautifully combined And, of course, a magic wand The rain is fierce — just terrible Autumn… until winter comes, the rains will be frequent Anyway, it’s your wand It is clear that you will still have stockings or tights depends on what you choose, and the shoes but that’s later we’ll decide in the process, let’s remove the mask I think they’ve done enough with your skin Look how many of them turned out Now I will distribute the remains to absorb that the effect was stronger not move Now you will be the most beautiful a witch at a party It seems to be absorbed Wonderful, the mask as a moisturizer Now it will be completely absorbed and we will proceed to the makeup what time does it start? I’ll have to get dressed but I will not invent anything: I will put on a mask and a cloak and I will drive away from you Ludu, because… we have to do something about it if you don’t act, it will stay that way and I want you to succeed because Luda is a person Look as for makeup we’ll have a black dress black hat, broom I don’t know if I should add… tinsel On the one hand, it can look beautiful Can be very nice, but I don’t know There’s more These are pink Yes, it looks very nice too There’s more red heart shaped I think we can take a couple and maybe here. instead of a mole that is so to beat them I would do some classic makeup like smoky eyes that is bright black eyes for the image of a witch it fits, I think you can also add green shades or purple pick up some such color maybe gold to add Shine, brightness But it would probably be better to stay on the black shades blend them well And highlight the eyes Can be still do emphasis on lips For example, mix several shades of red To here was lighter, here — darker make a luscious, inviting lips It will be cool if we add another highlighter it’ll be just right, don’t you think? You like the idea? Well, I think it’s pretty classic but very attractive Do we? Okay, then Let’s get started Apply the base I’m going to RUB it Thoroughly blend to avoid peeling or Shine, and make-up as long as possible kept You need to Shine all night To remove the excess we use a slightly different tonal basis today Look how cute she is That’s it Here we turn like this It should last a long time and not bad to lie down on the skin not a thick layer pretty easy to adjust that’s it cover tone you entire Feel it? Very light structure as it seemed to me So let us on you to experiment In theory, everything will last a long time, everything will be fine Take the concealer Let us use here is such, bushy he’s very nice And that’s it… Oh, you work and do not take care of yourself Bruises a bit appeared Another one here where’s the spout There is no rash? There’s something reddish here Yes, the sound is also cool Cool Still blend I’m going to walk my fingers again to blend better Just don’t move so I don’t hit you in the eye we need to make candy out of you not to hurt you Like, everything is shaded While you’re sitting and we haven’t started painting your lips yet let’s apply the balm like a lip mask lipstick then will be borne well will look better That’s great Don’t worry, we’ll all make it you don’t even have to worry We’ll powder you To secure powder Then we’ll walk again For the time being… Let’s go straight to contouring Since we have the image of a witch, let’s make it brighter Slightly narrow the nose, highlight the cheekbones to make a beautiful witch let’s start with the nose several will mix not true, not ticklish want a boss? then be patient, it’s still flowers now start on you corset to put on — will berries I’ll have to tighten you up you’re already beautiful, we just need to emphasize that and it will be gorgeous a little on the wings of the nose let’s make it more subtle I’ll take you here to make the look more expressive like, remarkable for cheekbones I’ll take another brush suck in your cheeks so I can see better keep and from this side… the main thing is to blend well to make contouring look more natural feather-to feather you can still walk here to emphasize facial features and here to sharpen the chin just like this can you breathe tell me though what changes do you have there, what’s new? oho that’s great I think, on the contrary, very cool so turn around a little like, well shaded and imperceptibly that is, as if noticeably, but… well, you know all about it let’s get to the eyebrows edges as always, such connotation just don’t move we need to make them smooth Question make them natural, more cute or more acute? okay, now then I will do you use something for your eyebrows? it’s like they’re getting thicker or do I think? now I will blend to make it more natural Just like this Yes? So it seemed Well, your eyebrows are thicker I don’t know anything else so… Shall we make a Panda of you? I’m kidding. Or not kidding… Let’s start with this shade and then I’ll add something else because we need to create depth visually And so we’ll have to use a few shades honestly, the perfect black shadow that they were bright black from the first application I haven’t seen it yet so I always mix and take another Here is such, on cream basis of Where corner, here is here, Yes it needs to be highlighted but also blend just like this The rain probably won’t stop, but we’ll take a taxi Yes, I’ll order and we will be taken you go through the main entrance, I’ll find another to not Shine together so I could follow Luda and control her actions Look, it’s not lipstick it’s shadows they look like lipstick though I’m right here I will highlight the line of growth of eyelashes, and from below too and here and then I blend and the second eye Just like this You don’t look like a witch now… although Yes, on a witch and immediately add here is such Here and here A little sparkle now take the brush let’s blend what were we talking about? Yes, I’ll go in the other way so as not to destroy our conspiracy so no one knows we’re together and I followed Luda took her the other way, if anything and you have the goal-nice log and outshine everyone am I trying for nothing? almost finished, and here… the main thing is that everything was smooth in my opinion… cover, open bat your eyelashes wonderful now eyelashes’ll glue Yes, of course we will how not to stick? and you’ll look gorgeous your eyelashes will still need to be painted well, Yes, I suppose let’s curl them then I know it looks like a torture machine, but what to do hush, don’t move just like this and on the other hand freeze now Add mascara let’s bet on false eyelashes but we’ll touch up yours to make it look better let’s do this and this eye just like this more underwear in principle, have you and their eyelashes long and thick but I think it’s for Halloween need brighter after all, this is such a holiday on which you can be anyone and make up as you like and that would be fine Okay, look I picked up three options they are similar, but not too much, as you can see Here such and these Good will look very nice let me attach I’ll see if my eyes fit it’s perfect with eyelashes will at all chic, seriously take the glue then it dries and we’ll stick them on now you will look and you will be surprised eyelashes are such a life hack they always make the image of a puppet, magical so, stand still below I have pasted correctly cover your eyes Yep just like this so as not to get in the eye… discover bat your eyelashes perfect village even it is unclear: naroscheny or glued now still the second eye with them hard but you’ll get used to it in 5 minutes after gluing here if they begin to come unstuck that’s so-so, of course not rosy very disturbing but we have good glue ready? close so, the glue is good, should not come unstuck it’ll hold out fine it’ll be great That’s it I’m going to press here to make the tip fit better everything seems to be fine, open your eyes I don’t see any defects, everything is fine there is still an option to stick small lower eyelashes these are a couple here even make the look more expressive glue? Yes, there is already glue look up I’ll take more one more here now I’ll press them, don’t move That’s it normally and the other eye two stick goes exactly another this way like, well does it bother you, okay? if anything, tell me I’ll take it off or fix it so, eyebrows, eyes… blush and lips remained let’s just blush a gentle touch on the cheek and on the other And a little on the nose add grace we’ll also add a little highlighter this way and here open your neck let’s highlight the clavicles will overflow I’m still in a different color take a walk create an attractive Shine here is thus still it’s a different shade they mix very nicely there is no sense for contouring, everything looks great emphasize the clavicles and it will be beautiful a little blend wonderful let’s move on to the lips I think we will mix these three colors it will look nice first let’s start with a pencil relax your lips keep now draw the contour of the lips leave the natural shape of the lips or make it sharper, softer? Yes, good and bottom now take this color And completely cover your lips lightly, so that the transition is not bright like the transition from black to red or something we will make it easy to visually increase the volume inviting lips and two other shades lighter this way by the way, it smells good sometimes these lipsticks smell so delicious that you want to eat Yes, Yes, Yes, hold them like that and now this. along the rim and a little more on the top you will need to add a highlighter for more volume smile now wonderful I’ll add here and here to highlight gently blend to be less obvious it turns out a light Shine what else did I forget to do? exactly secure with powder just like this and we’ll do something else lock don’t know if that helps or not I tried a couple of times, like, the best kept concealer close your eyes, we’ll spray to fix all the makeup don’t open it, let it dry I’m still as long as you keep your eyes closed, I’ll take care of your nails will cause the oil and I’ll glue the invoices hither you and I need to hurry on these fingernails we’ll be there on time but still it can take a long time carefully put some and the skin will be softer And nails well nails I prepared in the tone of your image so black it will look beautiful all the more, pointed — most the for the witches but I chose not too long to make you comfortable and now we stick them let’s do it right away glue on nails hand and the second one, two, three… four and five quickly put it together we have already pasted you are, so that I know your dimensions carefully glue And the second hand this one’s better here the last nail just like this now, sit I’ll get a better grip to make them stick well perfectly good thing you’re watching your nails and there is no need to fix anything you can just glue or paint — whatever — you’re good That’s all let them dry in the meantime answer me stockings or tights now show there are stockings like this here pretty cute look with ties and there are tights with cobwebs and spiders in the style of Halloween what would you choose? both are quite beautiful, I think or we could wear fishnet stockings okay, TGA I’ll put it here and you’ll put it on you can put it on now, I think your nails are dry another dress I also need to take this with me love potion, man! for bravery if it gets scary a couple of SIPS… and to the chief you will approach, and anything and you won’t worry but call it a potion of courage like you don’t know what’s in there Yes, you will put to yourself? then immediately put don’t lose, seriously if it gets scary or something — a SIP or two and on the way we’ll put on a piece of jewelry like this let me fasten it around my neck looks beautiful you can already wear a dress Oh, no — corset here it is it’s not decorative, it’s under the dress the feeling that the window is hail and so the whole day I’ve even missed the snow at least he’s not so noisy now, put this on and the waist will be chic it’s already gorgeous, it’ll be even better just like this not to breathe exhale freeze I’ll tighten pull your stomach in again a little more we need to tighten it more listen, Luda will be in full parade she probably won’t breathe at all so you can be patient who, after all, wants the boss to like? so… suffer beauty requires small sacrifices look, what waist at once – now in this tight dress everything will be emphasized very favorably chest, waist, ass you will be the most beautiful and sexy everything okay? can you walk? okay? Good dress just like this Let’s put it on you Go ahead climb up Just like this it’s holding up nicely now pull up chic village on the figure like it was made for you it looks very good Madam, adjust your Breasts to look good beauty put on your belt then accentuate the waist and what else is left wear a hat just like this no, it’s better to go there it will be better to stand stick at least put it in a stocking will leg, and then the wand Suit yourself just as an option shoes shoes are black too with a heel, as it should climb up immediately became higher that’s all even know Oh, and I need to get dressed somewhere there was a cloak and a mask I’ll get dressed too here is, do simply in the black cloak and mask I hope they don’t I hope everything will be fine and I will watch if that, will help immediately tell, how strongly need to help in case what a token? well, what is it? Yep great, remember if you do that, then… without problems you look amazing you’ll be the best okay, let’s go it’s time to get out, the taxi is coming need to go and Shine there to win someone’s heart I am sure it has long been conquered people are just too quiet sometimes let’s go, in General look in the mirror and let’s go and don’t forget your broom


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