تجربة مكياج كامل على دلال الدوب (دلاليد) |  WORST MAKEUP

تجربة مكياج كامل على دلال الدوب (دلاليد) | WORST MAKEUP

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So cheap Welcome everyone to a new video on my channel I’m really excited but this time, my excitement could make me fail quickly First, this video is really different from this channel It’s related to make-up but in a new style with a challenge and has something that can make me be creative or turn it into a painting Either this or that Lately, while I was travelling with Dalal Many people asked this “Dalal, do Lulu’s make-up” “Dalal, we want to see Lulu wearing your make-up” “Dalal, Dalal, Dalal” The opposite is going to happen Dalal decided to challenge me in a totally different video Not only different to Lulu’s personality, but to the channel The audience will love it It’s really amazing and different Dalal will show me a picture of a look and I have to do that look on her face Imagine! She’s laughing behind the scenes I’m really excited for this challenge I think it’s new to me In the same time, I feel like I’m developing regarding to make-up I think I’m normal but I develop everyday because I keep watching videos and when you practice and put it every day, you develop Anything in life if you do it every day, you will get better I hope I won’t make her face a painting board Not a painting board, a drawing board Let’s start the video But first, let’s make this video get 6000 likes You can do it I swear. It’s art, right? – Are you convinced with this?
– Yes, I’m But I can’t put lashes I don’t care Should I put a lot or just a little? According to each person’s usage Ok You’re giving advices I expect that Why are you laughing?
I’ve never applied cream to anyone You’re becoming white, Dalal This is bronzer and what is that? They’re both foundation This is for a strong color and this is normal I’m an artist (For sale: Dalal’s Whatsapp stickers
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(For sale: Dalal’s Whatsapp stickers
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To order 87548575788899987778987) Which brush is for foundation?
(For sale: Dalal’s Whatsapp stickers
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To order 87548575788899987778987) Which brush is for foundation? As I like? – I think it’s this one
– Ok – Right?
– Thank god Do you think it’s blended well?? No. I’ll use the blending brush, right? Wow! I’m an artist! If you’re watching my SnapChat – Instead of skipping?
– Instead of skipping I should pat, right? I don’t know Dalal. Please, should I pat? I don’t care How do you do it yourself? I don’t wear foundation You don’t wear foundation?! In weddings or other occasions only I’ll thank you if my face is good with this amount Did I put a little amount? I don’t know Enough! It’s your…. Are you convinced? Yes, I’m. I don’t like to add much It’s so white! You never used this? I used it when I was a teen This color? No. not this color but I can make it bronze Let’s see Am I doing it right? – Yes, I can’t feel your hand
– Really? Yes, I think my hand is stronger It’s my first time to do someone’s make-up – Your first time ever?
– Yes That’s why the challenge is strong for me I keep looking up so you can do my eyes! OH MY GOD! You widen them but when I do my eyebrows, I only fill the gaps But you change your eyebrows So how do I change them? How should I fill it? How many times have I done my make-up in front of you while we were travelling?! I’ve never looked at you
Every time I said you’re keeping us late 5 hours to put here make-up I didn’t do my make-up! If you did, it would have helped you today, right? Do we need this powder? We don’t need it. It’s too white You put a black thing What black thing? Like a shadow On your eyebrows Mascara! Right? No, there is eyebrow mascara You don’t use it? No, I think I saw you using it This one It’s hard to do the eyebrows Yes, you can do it I don’t know what she’s doing but I feel I feel the pencil Keeps coming and going! I think pink would be good Ok Life your face up – You’re darkening me?
– Yes I think there is a gap here What do you think, guys? – What gap?
– I think this side is not clean unlike this side Do you get it? Do you know when it becomes… – Lumpy?
-Yes! What should I do? Tips free Do what you want. I can’t see I’ll be shocked in the end Tell me the solution. Tips free I can’t see I’ll look at the end and fix it Tell me now. What to do if it’s all bronze but here is a little white? I have to see Do you understand? “Do you understand?” Shouldn’t we put the eye-shadow then the high-lighter? Ok I’ll start with the silver shadow Then I’ll continue the darker colors Then I’ll put the highlighter So your technique is from lighter to darker Yes OK But when should I add the highlighter here? I don’t know Don’t you add it under your eyebrows? According to your style It’s ok According to your style I think there is a line What line? Not blended Blend it It’s plumped here How do you blend them? There are zillion brushes You can blend with them The question is how to do the other side the same? That is the hard part I think it’s ok Are you satisfied? Is it similar? Yes, it’s really similar Really similar?! Is it similar, girls? Here is the picture Then on top we’ll put brown The picture is like this She’s wearing it like this? I wish I can put a camera here to show you what she’s doing No, no Now I missed it up for real Quickly, how can I blend it? Quickly, how can I lessen it? There are many brushes! I don’t want to mix it up, you know? If you’re following my Snapchat You’d have known this trick What trick? Tips free You put powder The powder that you said it’s foundation in the beginning The powder The powder! Where did you put it? You take the powder… Here it is Listen to this trick It might help you in your life Take the beauty blinder and put it under the eye and keep it Do the whole eye then you remove it Where did I put that thing? What? Which one? The golden one? Not this I put this I swear it’s not this one I’m not focused Not this one – Dalal!
– I swear – Don’t swear!
– I’m not lying! It’s in front of you!
Oh my god! The brush went inside your eyes Oh god! Close them How can I close them when you’re doing the under line?! Take it easy Do you get me? It’s like a ball then a line No. Don’t do this look at me It’s your fault How is it my fault? You didn’t show me this before We want the same look to do before and after Disaster, I swear All this white inside my eyes! Shadow! I think it looks good but it’s a little messed up in this side It’s wide then a line – What should I do?
– Blend it – With this? – No Not with this The lower eyelid is small Choose the same style but smaller Do you get it? What is this?! What are you doing to my eyes? What’s wrong?
No. This is the powder But it’s ok. We don’t want it now It’s hard to put the eyeliner! Can you do it to others? No. I can only do mine – Epic fail
– Why? Just close your eyes It’s messed up since I started putting this eyeliner Quickly, I want to blend it
It’s bad What can I do? I should just blend it Blend it. Here are your brushes The same brush She blended everything with it The white, the black, the navy… This is a new one! Let me see Right. This is new You’re being unfair Oh no, Dalal! I swear it was good and you made me put this – The look is like this!
– That’s it, I don’t want to continue I swear it’s like this Then fix it – How?
– Blend it Then what? Mascara? Mascara and lashes I can’t put lashes You don’t put lashes? I don’t know how to put it But she’s wearing it in the look – I don’t know how to put it
– I wanted the same look I don’t know how to put it Ok, put mascara Let me put the lashes I know it’s glue and… Where do you put the glue? On the tip Where are the lashes? Here on this line If you pulled my lashes, I’ll pull yours You will put it here? Ok Can I? Everything is possible in make-up Dalal! Is it that dangerous? I don’t know Lulu, come on It’s upside down Like this Don’t move Shouldn’t we clean this first? Ok, do it Quickly, how? – You have never put lashes by yourself?
– No Never? Yes, someone has to do it for me And my eyes tear a lot with lashes and eyeliners Am I doing it right? – Yes
– Really? But this one is a nightmare for me because the cotton hair gets stuck in the lashes I do it with this I want to put the blusher This? You have many colors Close Close what? Dalal, I mean don’t look Look at me It’s not necessary Did you do the crease? The crease This tip You put here, right? OH MY GOD! Did you put here?! The bronzer?! No, here and here, right? – I can’t see
– Here Ok That’s it. We don’t need anymore I did the nose crease I want to put… blusher but I want to start with this Ok but you’ve already started with this Yes. Is it ok to put this? Put it. It’s all messed up Everyone, I forgot the highlighter Where is it? Just a little Why are you giving me the brush? To finish quickly I want to see [The final look] Dalal are you ready? Come on, Lulu Come on after 1, 2, 3! Oh! It’s not… It’s a nightmare under my eyes The eyeliner is hilarious And my lips! OH GOD! Dalal, what should I do? Wow, under my eyes… and the lashes… Wow! Here the disaster happened It’s a nightmare The eyebrows… No, I can’t And my nose Don’t look up close Did you get this on camera? I know it’s not good and wrong But you got it on camera?
You documented this? Yes. I know it’s wrong It’s for the future No, I know how to put it myself I’m excellent when I put it for me It’s just with the others The glitter is exploding Dalal! Look from far and give me another chance Should I give you credit for something? The lashes, maybe They are flying on the front but… Wow, the spots Where is the spot that you didn’t like? Here, the eyeliner No, you said that there is something here you didn’t like Yes, here but I covered it So, Dalal? What do you guys think of the make-up? Out of ten? Is it that bad? Minus? Don’t look up close I admit my mistakes It’s a disaster but it’s Ok when you look from far My dark circles appear from far! Is it the worst make-up in your life? The eyeliner It’s like you closed your eyes and put the eyeliner It’s hard to put it to others Of course, the lashes are stuck in the middle and then like this Lulu, it’s not bad since it’s the first time in your life The lip stick is amazing But the colors are matching well, right? Can you imagine how I blended the shadow? I didn’t imagine, I felt all the steps Is it that bad? I worked hard to blend the above Are you convinced? It’s ok from far Don’t close your eyes When people look from far, it’s ok When someone talks to you, he will be here Give me my personal space Score me out of ten? 1 for your effort 2 for your self-confidence That’s it But bravo… Bravo on the lashes I’m really afraid of putting mascara… You didn’t put mascara I didn’t I’m afraid to put mascara and lashes to others So bravo because you did it confidently But it’s good Ok, everyone It’s the end of this episode Give me your opinion and rate us out of 10 I hope you won’t be so harsh but generally, It’s my first time to do someone’s make-up And it’s the first time in my life to put eye shadow I don’t wear it myself so I took a risk with her and she’s a celebrity Look, Lulu To be honest I once asked a make-up artist to do my make-up in my sister’s engagement party Your sister’s engagement party?! Imagine that! It was 1000 times worse than this and she did my sister’s make-up like this I swear I went to the bathroom while she’s out Removed it and put it to myself I told them to give her money and make her leave So, bravo So am I better than make-up artists? Add the booking link below And that’s it everyone Comment below your rate out of 10 and write if you want me to do similar things in the future Let’s make this video get 6000 likes It was supposed to be 10000 but because it failed Let’s make it get 6000 likes Out of 10? For real? Two, I told you Two Ok. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment I love you. Bye


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    Lulu did a good job with the foundation and bronzer. The lashes are nice too!
    7/10 ❤️

    Love your videos lulu ❤️

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