(※Horror Warning) Special FX Makeup Girl Does Zombie Makeup

(※Horror Warning) Special FX Makeup Girl Does Zombie Makeup

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High quality special FX makeup AHHHH!!! Thought this was a horror movie… D: When I was in grade 4, I got into special FX makeup starts applying makeup Whoaaa Details on point Looks like professional special FX makeup artists Mom, look! She doesn’t like it XD Production crew tries it Yasss go girl Looks so spooky (why does my cheek hurt…) Can’s stuck in his face! Professional/ Some aren’t good even if they learn. She has amazing skills Who wants to get special FX makeup? That fake blood tho… GREAT! It looks so real, it’s scary Recruiting members for the horror movie cub Raise your hand if you want to join! EVERYONE wants to join Horror movie starring… ME! ME! ME! Are you filming a horror movie? Applying zombie makeup This should be fun ZOMBIE ALERT!

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