♔ July Favorites 2016 ♔ W Two Worlds, NYX, Tarzan, The Purge & Much More

♔ July Favorites 2016 ♔ W Two Worlds, NYX, Tarzan, The Purge & Much More

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Hey guys! Today’s going to be my July favorites I have all the links and times for the different sections down below if you guys want to go to a certain part and if you guys could please like this video and also subscribe the button is right here or up there or over there or here one of the.. someplace is going to be the button So just click on it to subscribe if you guys are hearing some sounds, it’s raining and there’s a thunderstorm happening outside So thats what you guys might be hearing if you guys want to know how I did my nails my link will be right here for my video and also down below and any links for anything I talk about in this video will be down below and…. somewhere else….. What is those bugs on my window???????? There is so many ohh that’s so creepy ohhh that’s so creepy ewww There’s like so many bugs My favorite for fashion for July is my Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume I love this scent, especially for right now. July I was spraying it like crazy I just ughhhh This is it. It’s Half way finished now or Half way full… however you guys want to see it in life But yeah, this is the design of the bottle and In just love this scent! I’m actually going to spray it on myself right now I’m not going anywhere but you know Gotta smell good for myself Yes yes yes My Euro Trash lipstick by NYX I really like this shade! It is matte. It’s not like Colourpop matte It’s not like going to stay on all day matte but this is like a… like no sheen matte that’s… That’s matte but I really like this. I have couple NYX lipsticks in matte and this is my favorite one ultimate favorite one. I love this colour. My next favorite for makeup was my eyeshadow Beauty Book by Elf I really like this beauty book. I think it was pretty cheap if I can remember correctly I really like this book. I think it’s such a good book to have Makeup book wise I really like these eyeshadows in there. My favorite eyeshadow to use is this cream shadow that I have on right now. I have it on my *brow bone and also on the lid itself. Yes. I really like these shadows. My favorite for May July………….. ………………… yeah… Olive oil sheen spray. I don’t know if I talked about it in any of my other favorites but I love my olive oil sheen spray especially when I’m doing my twist out like today This really helps Look at the shine payoff. look at that look at that shine Yeah I really like this sheen spray and it’s one of the best oil sheen spray that I’ve found and it’s pretty cheap My other favorite is my Toshi OWWWW What the?!?!?!? My Toshiba hard drive. I got it off of Amazon for $84 at that time I think the price raised I really love this. It’s 2TB, which when you are making Youtube videos or you’re a Graphic Designer or just some one that uses Photoshop and all this other Illustrators and you guys need to save a lot of files, this is the best thing to have because I save like no one’s business and this one you don’t need to reformat it to go on to other computers This is just so good. I have the link down below if you guys want to get one of these I have 2 favorite movies for July. The first one being Tarzan because Alexander Skårsgard was in there And I’m just like


  1. New sub!! Came across your page on Instagram and realized that you come from yaad! I already love your channel! Hi!! 🙋🏽

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