【東方ASMR】 English「Sanae Kochiya Roleplay」(Doing Your Makeup 🌈)

【東方ASMR】 English「Sanae Kochiya Roleplay」(Doing Your Makeup 🌈)

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Hey, good morning! When did you wake up? Oh my, I’m so sorry! I didn’t want to disturb, so I went out on my own. Alright then, next time I’ll wake you up too. Did you have breakfast already? Nice. Are you feeling any better compared to yesterday? I was worried you didn’t get enough sleep… last night was very windy. Hm-hm. Well, I’m glad I was wrong. If you want, we can go on a trip around Gensokyo together today. It isn’t every day that I get such a wonderful guest! Hm… I can understand why you’re afraid, But I’m a shrine maiden. I can protect you if any youkai becomes a threat to your safety. Yeah, just like when we were little… It seems an eternity ago, doesn’t it? I really miss those times… no, it’s more like I miss the outside world. Just in general… here I can’t really be myself. Whenever I talk about the things I like, they think that I’m either crazy or dumb! And that’s just because they have no idea what I’m talking about. Whenever I talk about our world, everyone just gets so confused. It’s a waste of energy. To sum up my situation, here I don’t have any real friends… Or, at least, here there’s nobody who can understand me just like you do. I’m sorry you’re going through such a hard time… I wish I could do more. Yes, that’s true, but I feel like it’s not enough to just let you stay here. I mean, a good option, for me, is to leave this place for a while, but it doesn’t seem possible right now. I’m kinda stuck here. You wouldn’t like this place. My life is not that exciting, it’s just a bunch of heavy duties that weigh on my shoulders. If I could choose again between an ordinary human life with you and being the Moriya shrine maiden, well… I would take the first option. The only fun part of this job is when I get to exterminate youkai, haha. I really like it, mostly because they’re not friendly at all. I think they deserve some trouble. Anyways, how about we go out for a bit? Huh? What are you blathering about now? You’re so gorgeous! You don’t need to hide. …Are you thinking bad of yourself, again? I wish I could delete those thoughts from your mind, if only your head had a backspace button. You don’t deserve all the pain you’re causing yourself. …Hey. I’ve got an idea! Do you remember what made you feel better about yourself And relax your nerves at the same time when we were teens? Right answer, haha. I remember you enjoyed getting your makeup done by me a lot. I’m a bit rusty right now, since I haven’t worn makeup for a long time, but I guess I can still do something for you. Yes, I’m planning on helping you relax and make you feel more confident at the same time. But promise me that, after I’m done with this, we’ll go on a walk through Gensokyo together. Alright, we have a deal. I’m back! I found something with the stuff I brought here from the outside world. I hope you like these light shades. You do? That’s great, Because I am pretty sure they will suit you perfectly. That and it’s the only makeup I have. But it’s fine because it will look natural on your skin. I don’t want to hide your features, just emphasize them. Alright, let’s get started. Let me hydrate your skin first. I’ll use some toner on a cotton ball, and start off with a facial massage. Let me apply some foundation now. Luckily enough, our skin tone is very similar, so this color should work. Growing up I found out that using a brush rather than a sponge speeds up the application And also makes the product look better on your skin in the end. Yes, it absorbs a lot of makeup, so that it doesn’t make you look as if you’re wearing a mask. It’s very natural. This time I won’t use any concealer on you, since you don’t have any noticeable imperfections, is that alright? Great. Let me fix the foundation with a light layer of powder. But honestly, you’re already so pretty without makeup… Sometimes I wish you could see the same beautiful face that I see. Let me work on your lashes this time. Do you mind if I curve them? Alright. Don’t be scared, it won’t hurt. Now I’ll apply this mascara on the top lashes. You know, my taste changed a lot over these years, And I don’t like the final look that the black liquid eyeliner gives to the eye. It’s too sharp, and that’s why I’m gonna use this powder eyeshadow as the eyeliner. I’ll use this brown shade for a stronger impression. Right in the corner of the eye… Blend it softly… Just like this. Take a look at yourself. The mirror’s right there. This is a more natural eye line, isn’t it? It’s time to work on the cheeks. This is not a powder product but a cream one, so that it will give off a fresh look. You don’t mind this pink shade, do you? I’ll blend it just a little bit more… Perfect. Last touch. I’ll finish off this look with this colored lip balm. It’s a very rose shade, right? Let me blend it a bit. Absolutely stunning! Aaaand done! What do you think? I’m glad to see you being so excited. I missed it. !! *Kiss* I… What was that? …Why? It’s not that… It’s just… I live here, and you live far away… we shouldn’t. Don’t look at me like that, please… !! *Kiss* This will be our secret, alright? Hmm, This balm tastes like cherry, I don’t mind it at all… But hey, now it’s all over my lips! I’ll have to apply it on yours again! Don’t laugh! You little… Even after all these years, you will never change, huh? Come on, come here. We need to get ready, you promised me a romantic walk after all~ [THANKS FOR WATCHING]


  1. YES!, MI WAIFU N1!!!!!


    Good job !!♡♡♡

  2. 😌 make up with Sanae Chan hmm interesting. And also thank you Remmy Touhou. And also thank you 🙏

    Request 1: Mouku ASMR ( talking fire sounds humming drinking whispering)

  3. まさかのモーニングコールのASMRとは(#^.^#)

  4. 10:58

    Ahh, yes.

    Giving more beauty to my already beautiful eyelashes.

    [Funny enough, family and classmates alike said I have good eyelashes for a boy that they'd want to take it from me :^)]

  5. エッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッッビス瓔花


  6. Oh boy the echo fighter for Reimu! You think we can get Yukari next? I think it’s long over due for Yukari-sama to train her new Shikigami. (Inb4 it’s just a 30 minute video of snoring sounds)

  7. Of course Sanae would be the one to do a makeup ASMR. And now that she has, we have one for all of the playable human cast. All that's left are those unfriendly youkai she warned us about. How will we ever survive?

  8. Hahaha, I try to sort these in my playlist in a sensible order for a single narrative. Some were hard to string together but I think this one definitely throws a wrench in next to Aya and Junko.

    When do we get the Seija ASMR where she reverses the listener’s gender?

    Anyway I love the sounds and the dialogue in this one, even though I’m not big on makeup normally. Honestly wasn’t sure whether it was gonna be some kind of Yuri romance until the end (and definitely loved it). This video definitely didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to more.

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