๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ Tutorial Makeup Cantik: Makeup Pesta | One Brand Makeup Inez Cosmetics (Bahasa Indonesia)

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ Tutorial Makeup Cantik: Makeup Pesta | One Brand Makeup Inez Cosmetics (Bahasa Indonesia)

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Hello beauty babes! Back with me Erlina and in this channel I will cover beauty review, beauty hacks makeup tutorial and beauty tips If you have not subscribed don’t forget to hit the subscribe button down below and don’t forget to check the description box for notes and mentions in this video This time I will make one brand make up tutorial And this time I will be using local makeup product the product od Inez Cosmetics and in this tutorial I will make this look for ball room party Let’s get started! So, I have used moisturizer and also contact lenses The first thing I will do is I will draw my eyebrows I am using Colour contour plus eyebrow liner the dark brown color, from Inez I have got my eyebrow embroidered But I wil define the shape with the eyebrow pencil If you are the first timer with eyebrow drawing I will share the link here How to draw eyebrow for beginner and I will share the link in the description below This in my first time using this eyebrow pencil The color is dark brown But sometimes you have to press to apply So, sometimes the color is not visible Now I will apply on the eyebrow When I apply it, the color is a little brighter that my eyebrow So my eyebrow color is more towards grey-black While this is more towards brighter brown Maybe if you have brown hair this will suit you better The texture is soft but the texture is a little dry So when you apply it the color is not directly visible So now I will blend it Using brush from Masami Shouko Professional number 46 This is my favorite eyebrow brush You can get it from kaycollection.com And you can use my voucher code – KBAERLINA I will writ it down in the description So you will got Rp. 50.000 discount With every minimum purchase of Rp 150.000 or 250.000, if I am not mistaken This is how I applied it I swiped it like this, towards the rear I blended it with the color that I have applied inside I’ll tidy it up and make my left eyebrow Finish, look the same now Now I will continue to eyeshadow I’m using eyeshadow from Inez Color contour plus, eyeshadow collection Number 5, Venice Inez has many kind of eyeshadow palette But I’m choosing this 4 shades, the color is like this So I am choosing this color Because four of this colors are the colors that are versatile Can be use daily or special occasion All these three colors are shimmer the only matte color is the brown one Before applying the eyeshadow I will use this shield Because I have tried the other day The eyeshadow is easily falling out under the eye This to prevent the eyeshadow falling out on the skin and mixed with the foundation I open the top part This time I wanted the smoky brown gold look Because this will be used for ballroom party Firstly, I will apply the matte dark brown color I take the color and then I taps I will apply it on the end and I pull towards the middle So I didn’t use eyeshadow primer And this eyeshadow is quite pigmented, so the color is immediately visible But in this part right here, close to the eye fold is a little hard to blend But in my opinion, by far it is still okay I blended it lightly towards the upper So the color on this upper part will be lighter, so there is gradient This time I will use the gold color I am using this shimmering gold color to give the eye a brighter impression I apply it from the corner, and I dab it just a little I swipe it towards the middle I blend the middle section, just a little This gold color is very pigmented I didn’t need to apply much I just did it once and it was set Moving to waterline, I am using the same color This gold color For under the eyebrow, that is under the brow bone I will apply this shimmer cream color I was expecting for this color to be matte Turns out this is also shimmer But it is a good thing, this can be used as a highlight I apply it just under the brow bone From the end up to here, the middle Turns out the falling out is quite much There is also brush mark, luckily I got the shield on So the brush went right here So I have finished the other eye But in this part, there is a quite visible line because I was using the shield I will blend it Next I will continue to eyeliner I am using fine line eyeliner, black color The brush is on the cap For me, I like the small eyeliner brush just like this Som this time I make the wing liner not too long and thick So I’m making it natural Bacause it is already smoky if I make it to thick My face will look too fierce For this eyeliner, I liked it, the brush is very nice Because it is pointy, when I did the wing corner it was very easy So it didn’t smudged, one line and it is there Okay, I will finish the other side So, I have done with the eyes I really like the eyeshadow The gold color is very niec and the color is visible in just one application Next I will apply the eyelashes But the eyelashes is not from Inez I don’t think Inez sells eyelashes So I will use the eyelashes from other brand but, I will use also the local brand From Silver Swan – DIor So, this is one of my favorite eyelashes And this type is one of some That I used to wear for a party So it looked like this For you guys who are still struggling on applying eyelashes I will share a link right here You can follow the step by step guide Now, the eyes look pretty So, I liked this fake eyelashes This suits the ballroom party It is not as stormy like celebrity Now I will continue to the face, that is foundation Using Inez Satin Smooth Liquid foundation The shade number 01, natural This bottle package is very simple It is plastic and the cap looks like this Don’t forget to shake before using this foundation I have never used this, so I will try it now When I choose the foundation, I was helped by the store lady there to pick the shade She recommended this one for me OK, let’s see how it goes I felt this is full coverage This foundation is very creamy Seems like it has to be blended quickly, or it might go cakey Because I didn’t buy concealer, I will also apply this under the eyes It doesn’t smell The color is a little lighter than my skin tone It is not too heavy on the face It is satin finish I applied it slowly, so I doesn’t mess with the eyebrows And don’t forget to apply on the neck for even color This foundation has pink undertone And my skin is actually yellow undertone For this foundation, because I applied it just once So there is no cakey But I think if you applied it twice, it will be cakey But, for my under eye, because it is actually very dark So it is still vague, not completely covered Next I am using powder Inez satin smooth face powder, 01 natural I was suggested by the store lady To pick a lighter color But I thought that it was to bright for me So, I ended up choosing the one that is more towards yellow undertone Hopefully this can balance my pink undertone foundation I see the color is brown yellow I apply with the puff provided This is powder is more like foundation powder For loose powder, this is too heavy, way off my expectation My smile line is starting to crack On the side of the nose also starting to get cakey for this time, I will skip bronzer, but I will continue to blush-on 08, Gold Dip Brick This is Color Contour Plus Blusher With Brush Peach color Don’t forget to tap The blush-on is very pigmented So, you have to tap And then blend it very lightly In circular motion, very light Not bad! Then I will apply highlight But I am not using highlighter, I use the eyeshadow The cream color Because of its creamy-ness , it is nice to apply I will apply it on the cheek bones Wooo! Hello! This is money saving Then I will apply on the tip of the nose So my nose looked sharper Then on the cupid’s bow or the tip of the lips This is very good alternative for highlighter Not ideal, but okay And lastly for the final touch I am using lipstick from Inez The color is fiery orange The color looks like this This lipstick is matte finish Because I have a very dry lips, so it is stripy So this is the final look guys Bonus tips! I often match my makeup with the outfit of my hubby So when I wear orange colored lipstick like this one I will match it with my hubby’s suit with orange colored lapel pin For my brown gold eyeshadow I will match it with a pocket square Ta-dah! So we didn’t wear couple outfit, but we are complimenting each other For myself, I am choosing a simple outfit And I am also wearing cream colored heels So the overall look is soft, bold just on the eyes Okay, that’s all for now Thank you for checking out this video Please thumbs up this video and share to your friends If you have any feedback or questions for this video And wanted me to make certain tutorial or makeup product review You can leave a comment below Please, check out my other video And see you in the next video Bye!!!


  1. kereen kak, aku juga punya eyeshadow sma blush nya kayak yang kakak punya. emang dua duanya pigmented parah. aku pernah pake blush nya nggak kekontrol jadinya malah kayak abis digampar gitu wkwkwk

  2. Garden party makeup dong kak…. Atau outdoor party makeup.. kan lagi musim pesta nikahan di luar ruangan tuh.. Tapi pake produk drugstore hehehehe
    Btw, aku jg pake eyeshadow Inez bwt highlighter kalo kepepet ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

  3. ini keren si.. eye look nya bisa di pake buat make up wisuda sendiri.. karna gampang gt. makasih ciii๐Ÿ˜˜ next bikin make up untuk wisuda (drug store) dong cii siapa tau bisa nambah ilmu yg mau bermake up sendiri waktu wisuda. makasih ciiโค

  4. Kak foundesen nya bgs ga si?? Kulit muka ku kerung jdi klo pke foudesen apapun pasti hasil nya jlk garis halus di bwh mata digian hdng bibir keliTan

  5. seneng liat makeup tutorial pake produk lokal gini hehe karena mudah buat ngikuti dan belinya..btw itu eyeliner nya waterproof enggk ya kak?

  6. Saran kak. Reviewnya terakhir aja abis makeup sekalian kasih berapa bintang. Biar fokus ke makeupnya. Btw aku suka videonya

  7. kamuh kok ngomongnya ada logat jawa2 gituh…jawanya mana non….akuh suka bngt cara ngomong kamu lemah lembut gitu..kalem๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  8. video nya simpel dan gak berbelit2 dan enak mudah ditangkapnya.. hasilnya bagus bgt.. ga makeup pun, cantik banget+kulitnya bagus bgt mulussss+rambutnya halus bagussss..

  9. Eyesedow ny sama dg punya q yg warnanya jg sama semua sekotak itu no 5 bagus dipakai dikit udah keluar warnanya hehe awettt bgt udah 2 th q belom
    Abis2 pdhal dipke ngantor trs . Maen dan kmn2 sampai kacanya udah patah dr tempatnya wkwkkwkwk

  10. Cantik amaattt. Kebetulan punya eyeshadow ini dan bingung mau pakenya gimana but you help me. Thankyouuu ๐Ÿ’•

  11. Pinsil alisnya aku pake n emg bagus tpi consealer inex nya gak suka, beli tpi gk kepake ๐Ÿ˜ข

  12. Sukaa bangettt tutorial beauty vlogger dr cici erlina dr awal sampai akhir rata"videonya mudahh di nanggkep terus tutorial makeupnya natural tp kelihatan wow๐Ÿ˜ btw pgn bangettt punya rambut lurus kaya cici๐Ÿ˜ณ

  13. Cc shanchaiii sukakk sm glamour makeupnyaaa glamour tp gk terlalu boldd tp ttp keliatannn gilss kereeenn

  14. Mau tanya ka… Itu klo foundation yg Qt pakai udh telanjur cakey gmn y cara ngatasinnya?? Q sering bgt bgtu.. Krn wjh q jg berminyak pori2 besar bnyk bekas jrawat

  15. Dari Inez maah kesayangan banget ciik.. waktu kuliah pertama kali makupan dan belajar makeup ya pakai produk Inez. Makeup panggung untuk tampil dance, traditional dance ataupun modern dance ataupun contemporer tuuh meati makeup yang nyala dan warna warna dari inez beneran manteeep

  16. Q suka logat ngomongnya gak kebarat baratan…enak di dengar….gmpang dipahami…maklum q wong ndeso..gk ngerti bahasa ne david bekcham….hehehehe

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  18. Slam
    I just find your vedio
    Its amazing you give English subtitles so i can understand
    I want to ask is this brand inez long wear and face oil and heat resident?

  19. Ayo cik buat konten lagi lonceng nya udah di aktifin ๐Ÿ˜ paket unlimited nih siap 86 tok pokok e ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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