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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. If
you are new here my name is Nicola Jane so if you haven’t already joined our
spooky little family then go ahead and click that subscribe button because I’d
love to have you here every video. Today’s video is a little bit different
from anything that I’ve really done before. My channel has kind of been sort
of like hauls and you know DIYs and stuff but it’s never really been about
beauty. I have dabbled in beauty stuff before, but I
never really got that into it and now I kind of have. Since becoming vegan I have
been going through all of my things and you know clearing out all the things
that aren’t appropriate anymore and one of those things is obviously makeup and
beauty products. I kind of wanted to use going vegan as like a springboard
opportunity to sort of get into cosmetic things and stuff again and share with
you guys all the products that I find that are really cool. So this is going to be
a brand specific video if you haven’t already guessed by the title this is a
Haul from a brand called VE Cosmetics here in the UK. Also known as Violet Eyes
cosmetics I think. I think the lady that runs it goes by the name of Violet Eyes and
I think she used to be an alternative model over here but then has now since
retired. I’m not going to lie I’ve already had a good played with a few of these
things and I’m so excited to buy more items from her because every item is
hand made. Every item is made with love. It’s cruelty free, it’s vegan and as of
this year I think as well she’s also trying to phase out products that have
palm oil in them so she’s trying to reformulate those as well which i think
is absolutely amazing. I’m really really excited for these products and I can’t
wait to share them you guys. First off can we just appreciate how gorgeous this
envelope packaging is. I have never received a holographic package before.
This is definitely a first for me I am so excited by it. Look how shiny! So in
this haul I have one Eyeshadow palette, two liquid lipsticks and an item which
I’m super excited about but I haven’t actually tried yet but I will insert
some footage when I do. So what I will do is I will start with the Eyeshadow
palette and this is the Mermaid Tears palette. Each item came individually
wrapped like this I’ve already opened it but I’ve put it kind of put it back
together for you guys so you can see what it comes as. How gorgeous is that
palette? It comes with the plastic protector on the top and
it’s a little bit messy because I’ve already played with it. I’m actually
wearing a few of the colors on my eyes right now. You get 30 shades in the
palette and I paid £21.99 for this so that is unreal and these are good
quality eye shadows let me tell you. I have already used if you couldn’t
already tell I have already used this one here this one here
no. That one here. This one here, this one here and then the shimmer which is my
highlight on my cheeks and my eyes today and I absolutely love it.
I am going to swatch a few of these for you guys now please bear with me I am NOT an
experts watcher I don’t think I’ve ever done this before
on cameras so please bear with me I will try my very best. So I’m going to try out
the black color, the shimmer color to show you how beautiful it is and I think
I’m going to go with the orange color just so I can show you what it actually looks
like. I’m hoping I can actually show you what it looks like but it’s absolutely
beautiful. I’ve never really worn orange before but I really want to start
wearing orange. I’ve become suddenly obsessed with that color. I’m going to try
and put some of this concrete minerals primer on my arm and then we will swatch
with and without. Okay so now I have a very multi-coloured arm I was going to swatch one of the green ones but you’ll kind of get the gist of this. The
colors are really great. Okay so on the left hand side are the shadows without
any primer on as a base and then on the right hand side is with the base and
as you can see they are so pigmented either way but obviously with a primer
the colors pop really really well. My favorites are the shimmer obviously and
the deep purple and the orange are amazing and the black is actually a true
black I’m not going to lie, it might not show up very well on camera but the black
is a true black. I’ve already worn the shimmer today as a highlight and I have
managed to get the black on my favorite blanket. So these are very very pigmented
guys do not do what I do. The greens on here look amazing and
I would definitely want to experiment with the blues and the yellows as well. The formula of
it it’s very smooth it’s not chalky it doesn’t itch my skin like some other
products that I’ve used have done like cheaper products. They’re really really
cool for an indie brand that I’ve never really heard of before. Well done
girl. You’ve done amazing and that purple is awesome, as is
the orange. I’m really excited to try using that Orange. The next two items are
the liquid lipsticks and I’m actually wearing one of the colors right now and
it is gorgeous. I’m not really that clued up about liquid lipsticks yet. I’ve been
watching a lot of videos about them and about the different formulas and the
drying things and all that kind of stuff so I’m very very new to liquid lipsticks but
I’m trying because they look so cool and I’ve used like conventional bullet lipsticks for a long long long long time but since I was cleaning out
all of my stuff I was like you know what give stuff a go that you’ve never used
before and I’m just so glad I did. This color is amazing. So I have two of them here.
This one is the one that I’m wearing. This one is called goblin City and this one is
awesome but we will leave that for a minute.
So goblin City as you can see it has a David Bowie Jerath from the Labyrinth
character face on it and then the text here. I like it when something feels
homemade and but also professional at the same time so this is very sleek and
simple and I love it and these liquid lipsticks range from about, I want to say
£10 to £12 depending on what colors they are and whether they are
limited edition or not. This one is called goblin City and it is, in the
packaging, a gorgeous color. In real life it actually looks lighter than it is but
when it goes on your lips and it dries like it’s this gorgeous chocolate color.
Let me tell you. I swear it actually smells like chocolate I’m not sure if
it’s meant to or not but I’m appreciative that it does. It’s an absolutely gorgeous
color and I was a little bit nervous putting it on because it’s such
a dark colour and I actually swatched it on my hand before I did it and then tried
to rub it off. Coconut oil was the best thing that I could use to get this off,
so if you have other makeup removers that you can use use those but I’m going
to try using coconut oil because it seemed to be the best one to get off my
skin. It’s amazing and the applicator is wicked. It’s not too big. I’ve tried lip glosses and stuff before where the applicator was so big
especially with something like liquid lipstick you want precision so rather
than having to use a lip brush all the time this is awesome so I’m really
really happy with this and it was just really really easy to use to get the
detail on the Cupid’s bow and stuff so I’m really really happy with this and
the formula I’ve been wearing this probably for about three hours now and
it’s a little bit drying here but I think that’s just my lips and I also
didn’t put lip balm on before this so maybe moisturize your lips before you
put this on but overall, it’s dry but it’s not drying. It doesn’t feel
like it’s cracking my lips like some other ones I’ve used have and it is kiss
proof so probably not smooch proof but probably peck on the cheek or peck on
the lips kiss proof so that is what you want and I haven’t tried it with food
yet but I think it should be okay I will try it though and I might let it know.
How cute and just very very simple I love the packaging it’s very
glam and I am so excited to get more of these colors. I’m addicted now, I’m already hooked and I’ve
only worn one of them. The next color I picked out was
definitely because it was the Halloween season and it was autumn time and the
name just. I was just like I have to get it. This is the packaging that
this one came in and it also says the ingredients on here as well which is
really good so this one is Jack-o’-Lantern and… are you ready for
this? BAM!! How awesome is that orange color. It’s even brighter than this
one. I’ve had an orange lipstick before where it was really bright but it was more like
a red tone this is a proper orange color of a red tone. This is a proper orange colour. It’s just beautiful. Have I smelt
this one? This one smells like fruit. I was expecting the lipsticks, if they
had a scent, that they would all smell the same, but no they actually smell
completely different. I am so excited for this and I will swatch this for you.
I’ll swatch another one of the goblin for you the Goblin City and also with
this this was a one coat application and this is the color that
you get and it’s so opaque. I was so excited about it because I ain’t got
time to be messing around with layers and layers and layers of liquid lipstick
One thing I really like about these is they actually seem to dry pretty fast.
Well they seem to dry pretty like it’s already started to dry on my
hand but look at those colors. Are they not gorgeous together? I
don’t even know if my camera’s going to show up the orange again I don’t know
what’s going on with my lighting but I think it’s because I have like a cooler
setting on my camera. I may have to do a lip look with these together and
then maybe a little bit of gold or something I don’t know but they are just
absolutely gorgeous and they smell really good together.
That would be another reason why I should experiment with them because then
you’ll get all the different chocolate orange scents. Oh! Chocolate Orange. Oh
my goodness I didn’t even think about that. The last item is limited
edition to October I think she sold this last year as well from what I can tell
from the website and I think it sold out last year as well.
I couldn’t leave this because of the packaging and I was super excited to try
something like this because I’ve never bought this kind of product before.
All of her products on her website are vegan and cruelty free including all of
the bath and face products as well and she actually also does a few men’s
products as well.There’s a beard oil and I think there’s some other
products that would be appropriate for men to use as well so that’s really
really good. This is the ‘Essence of Noir’ bath oil and can we just say, look
that packaging. If Ad gets hold of this and thinks it’s some kind of whiskey
it’s not gonna be funny. When have you ever seen a coffin packaging that’s like
metal? I haven’t seen that in any product before so I was super
excited when I saw this. This is a black bath oil which is supposed to have like
sparkles in it and I will be inserting some footage when I actually use this.
I’m gonna have a bathroom tonight and actually use this and show you what it looks like. It looked so pretty on the website and I was like do you know what if
it’s limited edition to October I need it in my life. So as you can see there
are the ingredients you probably can’t see, there you go, there are the
ingredients on the back and then the directions of how to use it and also
how to be safe with it and once again it is vegan and cruelty free.
Seriously this is just gonna look so cool in my bathroom. Regardless of
whether I use it or not, I’m actually kind of not wanting to use it just
because I like it’s so much but I’m just gonna keep the bottle anyway but how
cool is that though? This was £10.00 and even before I’ve tried it, already
worth it just for the packaging. Just saying. (Haha) That’s it for this haul guys. I really
hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments what your favorite product was
and if you’ve tried any ‘VE Cosmetics’ and which products you would recommend
for me to try. Also if there are any other brands out there that you think I
should make videos on, being sort of brand specific videos and then I’ll go
more in depth into products then please let me know if you have any suggestions.
I would really really appreciate that. So if you haven’t already please subscribe
to my channel and until next time guys, BYE!!!

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