🕸️SPIDER GEL Nail Art Ideas

🕸️SPIDER GEL Nail Art Ideas

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Spider Gel You can create thin and thick lines by dipping your tool deeper into a gel Base colour Cure in a lamp It’s a good idea to apply liquid latex all around your nails and underneath your finger tip remove sticky layer warm cold It’s so satisfying to play with this product transfer foil *I’m trying not to overdo it* Regular top coat Flash cure for 3-5 seconds Transfer foil Place the foil on top of the uncured top coat Remove sticky residue


  1. im still undecided whether or not i wanna get this spider gel for my clients, im not sure if i like the designs one can make, however you did some really creative stuff, especially the chrome powder addition, ps loving the new marble background 🙂 pps, longer videos rock 🙂

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! You just gave me so much ideas for the spidergel! What brand was the jelly gelpolish?

  3. SO pretty. I got some from Born Pretty Store and it doesn't work as good as these. Just ordered these also. TY so much for the video.

  4. Lovely tutorial and as always we are so grateful for sharing your insight with us. Your videos rock, didn't really care if it was the longest video, thinking of downloading the video to watch for some of us that are in countries that data is not so much. Thank you again for this video

  5. I'm not gonna do this but still it feels good watching the video. The art is beautiful and put first, nice comments, not too many, not trivial, you say how you feel, very soothing music. Thank you. Ps: i love the choice of colors too.

  6. Great. Ideas. I noticed sometimes you topcoated the spider gel and other times you wiped the sticky layer. So it's not essential to topcoat? Thanks. @luxnailsbyleah ⚘⚘⚘

  7. I know you’re not supposed to get it on your skin but I already have and I don’t think it did anything🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. Hmmm. Nice on plastic tips when you can go round and round the entire nail but how does that work if you have a real finger under that nail and can't go round and round?

  9. Excuse me, adk the question, can i do it on my regular Nail polish? And i must cure in lamp to? Because i get 6 spider gel but i don't use gel polish nevera, and i can retire with acetone or removedor regular this spider? Thanks for your answer Kisses

  10. YOu are sooo talented with this gel. I am not very good with nail art, let alone something tedious like this. But I AM going to get some and TRY IT! Im the one that told you I tried and tried to stamp and cant do it.

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