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Hey guys! Gotta get the little chuckle out. Hey guys, what’s up, and welcome to my channel, today’s video is going to be a Review of Hush make up! I say that excitingly because so many requested for me to do this video So there’s this app called hush. This is not sponsored by it I assure you and I got like a bazillion a bazillion tweets and things of people saying hey They got really affordable, but dupe-ish makeup on there And we sounded like I said douche douche makeup affordable makeup on there And we need to know that make its good because it’s so cheap on the app And so I was like what is this app. so we downloaded that So I ordered the makeup and I will say it came in really quickly and it came in with? Really nice bubble wrap packaging, so there’s that. Um I ordered quite a few pallets ordered highlighters and liquid lipstick? And we’re basically gonna compare it and see what the tea is and see what it’s it dupe for? I’m excited to be testing it out. Thank you guys for the video recommendation Yeah, and if you guys want me to review. We’ll see how this goes nobody You know I can review more stuff off the app I don’t know anyway, so without further ado we’re gonna sing the SUBSCRIBE songs Darling, and then we’re gonna jump right into the video Alright and now we can go ahead and jump right into the video Shall we begin? you saw her Also I didn’t get to announce in the intro because I forgot I’m going to be doing a little giveaway? Here are the goodies in the giveaway if you guys want to enter leave one comment down below and subscribe to my channel That’s all you have to do and you are entered to win it’s open to international And I’ll have all the other information including the end date in the description box down below and that’s where the winner will be announced in the description box on this video, so here’s my hush box I thought I ordered more. Let me look cause girl, did my whole order come in? Here’s the app says hush you know app-ish thing seems sponsored, but I swear you guys just request it So I bought it palettes run about $12 each some are 10 bucks But that’s the price like for instance this retro love palette. I bought was $10 and they sell like NYX and I’m just trying to tell you guys a little T about that um And it said I got a free gift in here like with my order, but the free gift never came which is totally fine But just to let you guys know You supposably get a free gift. I didn’t get my free gift. I’m not upset about it. That’s just tea first Let me just show you guys. Yeah, I paid 12 bucks for some of the palette 12 in 10 bucks so right off I’m gonna start showing you the palettes. I know I’ve jabbered a lot, and we need to keep the party moving I got this retro love palette right when I open it. It’s immediately It’s literally subculture. Subculture looks like a crime scene But if you can see it’s literally what I would almost call a knockoff I haven’t tested the quality I swatched one of these colors to see if there was an explosion of color like subculture and there was not so I Will say that the actual packaging it feels Luxurious and heavy, which i’m so shook about normally with these like knockoff palette situations it feels so cheep and rinky But there’s a mirror in there, and it feels like a heavy nice eyeshadow palette for ten dollars. The next one I got is $10 as well or $12, Aphrodite This one is bad habit now when I open this first of all here’s the packaging again. It feels really nice and heavy Like it’s like a lux eyeshadow palette has the magnetic closure has the mirror all those things cost money What palette do you see here? You see the first Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette because that’s what I see colors are mixed around a little bit But it’s the same palette so if you get what I’m saying They’re kind of knockoff-y because they are the same palette last one or actually I bought two more Athena super luxe graphics on the palettes pretty, this is the desert dust palette from Huda Beauty I don’t have that palette on hand to compare because someone’s borrowin it and I got to get it back or I’ll repurchase it.cause I really do like it. It says that these are cool cruelty-free by the way I don’t know if the quality’s the same, but we’re gonna see in the last palette I bought ‘inferno’ No, yeah, that’s what’s called. It’s called bad habit by the way It looks pretty cool graphics on it super heavy and nice feeling with a mirror in there It looks really beautiful ten dollars Yeah, the price is great But at the end of the day wasting ten dollars is wasting ten dollars if the quality is not good And you won’t find yourself using the palette, so I’m gonna do some swatches, and I’m gonna do an eye look I’m also gonna test out liquid lipsticks and the highlighter, so let me go ahead and show you the packaging of the highlighters Just says highlight this feels a little bit more cheap and lightweight. It’s already missing some coloring on the corner right there It looks cheap the first thing is subculture, swatching the shimmers And I will say this there’s three shimmers in this palette like Subcult- Lord look at the pigmentation, okay, I’m a little shookey, shookey wookey colours are not identical But they are extremely similar And it has just as much pigment especially in the shimmers like I said the shimmers in the um subculture palette are really nice So now let’s swatch a couple of the matte shades and see The difference may be onto something great here party people oh my goodness guys It’s almost identical Um it appears that this palette. Just isn’t as quite as messy as far as like the fallout There is a little bit of fallout with this palette like I would say a little more fallout than in an average eyeshadow palette But nothing like subculture so I definitely think this is usable I’m going to show you guys an example Fallout that’s me dusting my brush around in this color free love. alright this is that rose gold palette I will say that these are a little bit more like a shimmer eyeshadow And these are almost like a little more flaky like a loose pigment packed into the shadow so they have a bit of a different Texture, but the outcome is almost identical as far as the swatches as far as the mattes I swatch them in the matte colors They’re a little more difficult to create such as pinks in red. They’re Identical and I swatched one of the duochrome iridescent shimmers. They’re pretty much identical quality Is there guys the thing that sucks about this? I will say it’s like it is a ripoff I mean It’s the same palette But I mean there there is that? You know do you want to buy the original Huda- the real thing the Huda Beauty or the rip-off palette? You get $10 you get $65? $55 difference there. I don’t know that’s you know you guys it’s personal preference. I put it out there for you guys well You know I do this for my career as far as buying these palettes and reviewing what you guys want me to review I personally like the real thing because I feel like that’s Huda’s original idea and
it you know that’s her whole palette she created so I like to support Huda. It’s up to you guys not everybody feels the Same way, I feel just put the information out there so now I am going to do an eye look with these and then I will swatch these palettes as well And I’m also going to use the highlighter so you guys hang out towards the end of the video you will see more swatches and More thoughts on all this stuff including the liquid lipsticks, so let’s jump into a eye makeup look right now I’m gonna do a look kind of incorporating both palettes, so we can really see how both palettes play on the eye I’m gonna start off with rebel Which is the yellow shade? This is a E 27 brush by the way you shook to be honest with you like you don’t normally deal with ripoff dupes situations It’s like Extremely similar like what are you guys thoughts? I know everybody has a different opinion on that and that’s okay cuz we’re all different people But I love to hear you sound off in the comments section like what do you think about this? it’s this completely wrong like is this a big no-no or It’s like hey tryin to save a dollar trying to make a dollar like what are your thoughts and do is take this e 43? Brush and just blend this all over gonna try to do something Se- Semi colorful it might turn out real colorful. I don’t know The yellow is blending out so nicely without overpowering I’m gonna take Lord from this palette, which is the orange so much comes off guys Tap that brush honey by the way this is R 39 It’s one of my favorite blenders. Just gonna pop that in the crease. That is so pigmented Testing out a pink I’m gonna take some a flirt And I’m using the exact exact same brush I’m just gonna pop it right into the crease just trying to build up some colorful colors and actually try to play with these and like see how they perform so far honestly I Love it. They’re performing really really nicely which is like shocking honestly I was very skeptical and whenever I started ordering the stuff off the app. I was literally like okay This is gonna be poo poo, but we’ll try it out You know and see what happens Maybe there’s a chance it won’t be and we are falling into that chance that it’s not I’m going to take a little bit of Lust. Lust has a lot of Fallout super pigmented from what I could tell with the swatch I’m going to tap into justice which is the purple loads of pigment? And Press it onto the eyelid hmm Did not show up as well as I wanted it to So this is my floppy color that I’m running into even when I swatch it it just turns to poop so interesting we have a Flippity-flop, and that came out of the one that looks like the desert dusk palette. I’m gonna try out some gleam Which is wildly pigmented and really beautiful geez Louise That’s a pretty color Take a morphe M 139 which has like that tapered end right there adding a little bit of rock n’roll to the outer corner Yeah, that has a lot of pigment so nice. It’s weird how these are hit and miss like some are amazing and some just blend out to nothing which is a Little bizarre to me it takes some a psychedelic and add that to my brow bone into the inner corner This is a E 36 little pencil brush Pink reflective in it which is really cool I’m going to take this Pat McGrath liner pen and just line my eyes On a 210 brush, I’m gonna mix the pink and red and blend it on the lower lash line. I’m gonna take the pink blend it honey blend it in the lower lash line I’m gonna take the red and just blend it on top but keep it a little bit closer to the lashes All right next up we have the highlighter palette I went ahead and swatched these I already complained about the packaging and the swatches are so sad Oh, I’m gonna start with the middle pink one, but this might be the palette This might be a palette to skip there’s just a Little bit of shimmer I don’t love it. I don’t love it. I did buy a six pack of liquid lipsticks. These are for the six I’m a mean besides- oops besides the two on the end they they all look the same. They literally smell like bathroom cleaner Feel really sandy and grainy on the lips, but overall the color looks really pretty going on pretty even alright guys that is it for this video really quick I’m gonna show you swatches of the inferno palette Which swatch just as well incredible pigment And it’s really pretty matte palette the mattes even swatch super nice, Some swatches of it And they look like seriously a high-end eyeshadow palette this palette was $10, so I’m gonna use this in the future I’m really excited about it. There’s another look at that palette really pretty so some of the colors in the palettes We’re hit and miss as you guys saw some of the darker colors Just would not blend they blend into nothing and then some have like incredible pigment this liquid lipstick feels Really really comfortable on my lips not too dry And it looks really beautiful matte and went on so even so I actually like the liquid lipstick I just thought was bizarre that they come in six-packs, and all the colors are pretty much the same Little weird, but hey you get a lot of liquid lipsticks the highlighter palette I bought I highly suggest you skip on and then I mean the eyeshadows are so affordable again It’s up to you because they are kind of ripoff-y if you think it’s worth the purchase Anyways that is it for this video super interesting little situation there. Love you guys Thank you so much for watching, and I hope to see you all my new video lord have mercy my next video subscribe Subscribe before you leave darling Bye Guys Never need to see me this up close. There’s too much. It’s scary


  1. I buy most of my makeup from Sephora most of the time. But I’m currently paying for a wedding and saving for a house, so my makeup budget is definitely not there at the moment. So I may buy some of these palettes for sure.

  2. Laura I still love you and support you all vthe way. I get it. I am not proud of my past either. We make mistakes. I am sure you wont even see this, but I am here to talk.

  3. I like/prefer the real thing, too. But I like $55 even more. I have Athena and Aphrodite, and I love them. I just can't justify or afford $65 on one palette, and even if there wasn't an Athena or Aphrodite palette dupe, I still can't justify or afford $65 on one palette. I love the look you created!

  4. I save up my coins for the original palettes I truly want. For example, Hush carries a palette called Sugar that is a dupe for Too Faced's Peach palette. I wanted the original, so I refused to buy Sugar. I save for the really important releases.

  5. I do understand that not a lot of people have the money to splurge on a $65 palette (I don't either…). on the other hand I also get that she would be kind of annoyed at the "rip off" companies since they don't really need to come up with original ideas. As a struggling artist of sorts I COMPLETELY understand that. I once made a piece of art that I spent a year on and finally managed to sell it off at a decent price. A few months later an almost identical copies of the art shows up for a fraction of the price and people are buying it and I felt so upset by it. Then again I suppose if I were a big successful rich artist it won't matter anyway lol.

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  7. Lol. "Rip off dupes" i love hush. What's a rip off is paying 129+ dollars for a Natasha demona susnset palette when i can get Bad Habbit Solstice palette for 14 bucks. Big names are rippin off us little people. Solstice is better than demonas palette too. You're better off in bama anyways. Remember what it was like to not live the fancy life and make a name, make your money, and get your pr. We are the 99% and hush is smashin it. ♡

  8. I wonder if she's still gonna be supporting the "real" companies when they aren't sending her free shit anymore because let be honest her career isn't exactly booming right now 🤷

  9. in my opinion i think that making a similar version isn’t bad for ppl that can’t really throw that much money out on the real thing but i think it would be better tho if these companies were to say what they were “inspired” by when they create these pallets

  10. Question for customers that shop offhush!!!
    I’ve bought items from there so many times! But now when I put in my card number at checkout, it’s saying “not registered with stripe” . I’ve tried to do this on a laptop, iPhone, iPad. Put in my other card numbers and it’s still saying “not registered with stripes” .

    Someone please help me, I was going to buy over $200 worth of makeup and I’m just so upset!

  11. A rip off is when it’s the same packaging and calling it the same color names and the palette the same name . These brands have their own name and named the palettes different, I would call them dupes not a rip off

  12. I bought one of their earlier palettes for ten dollars then I splurged on a 60 dollar tarte palette. I prefer the 10 dollar one more. I would buy more but they no longer ship to Canada which breaks my heart tbh.

  13. I think that it definitely is the original brands idea and the dupes shouldn't really get credit at all but I still think some people should buy the dupes because there are people with money problems who really love makeup like me…But again I also think the original brands should get the credit.

  14. Let’s just be honest if you rip that packaging away I’m pretty sure 99% of people would be confused and not sure which shadows belong to which person/company. Nothing is original nowadays. People put their name on something and everyone goes crazy. That’s just branding. The fact that these palettes are sold for $10 confirms that it doesn’t cost a lot to make the palette itself… it just boils down to.. are you going to support a celebrity or save some money? When you walk out in public no one will know what you’re wearing! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Does anyone else think the highlighter looks like a dupe for a revolution highlight pallete 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  16. I know this is an older video but I need you to do a video of the Paradise Enchanted Platte by L'oréal. And dupes for the Naked Cherry Palette. Please and Thank You. By the way Love you!


  18. Meh, so its a ripoff. That simply means people who cant afford a 65.00 palette can experience a kind of luxury palette. Fans of the brand are going to buy the real deal. But knockoffs give people who cant spend that kind of money a chance to enjoy some luxury in their price range. I seriously doubt it will affect sales for the actual brand. People who CAN spend the money are going to buy the real thing. And is it so wrong to make something affordable for the less fortunate makeup lovers? I dont think so. I mean did they infringe a copyright? If so, then I guess the hrand could sue…Knock offs have been around since the dawn of fashion. Knockoff handbags, clotges, shoes, skincare, makeup. Its just the way it is. I cant afford a 65.00 palette – I get my lux palettes from boxycharm, and I did get a 45.00 Japonesque palette from Amazon. That was before I discovered boxycharm. And honestly Laura, I love you so dearly, but I was not a fan of your Party Animal palette. The colors were gorgeous, the fallout was INSANE. And it was really hard to blend. Maybe I just got a palette that had been exposed to extreme temperatures, I dont know. The lady I gave it to really loved it, though, so there ya go. Thanks for all your videos, I am truly a fan, even though my skin is much more mature, and I have to do things a little differently, your videos are still truly inspiring to me. Thank you so much.

  19. I’m so sad I can’t buy eyeshadow pallets because “they are expensive” anyways love you’re videos, who ever isn’t subscribed they should subscribe and if they don’t they don’t know what they are missing out on

  20. Dont mind dupes not everyone can afford high end but would love a similar look
    I'm just gutted we cant use hush in uk 😥😥

  21. As much as I agree with you that Huda actually created the pallette and was her idea, ( and I would love to own her pallettes) but her pallettes are exorbitantly expensive for the commoners. So I personally really appreciate such dupes!

  22. On these kind of videos you should do one side original the other dupe so we can see the difference. 🤷🏻‍♀️😊

  23. Here’s the issue with using the term “rip off” they copied pigment. I’ll give you that, however, there is not a trademark on pigment. They can use similar pigments but totally different formulas, one that you may even prefer over a “name brand” ABH got A LOT of flack over their subculture palette being a dusty mess. If another company remedies that issue, they didn’t rip it off, they improved on it. We all know people are gonna buy it for the brand, but most other people who need to remain on a strict budget can really appreciate it.

  24. I prefer the real thing. The only “fakes” I’m okay with, is if another affordable company carries a product that is the same concept, but not identical coloring. Example: BH Cosmetics eye lights (liquid metallic eyeshadow) VS the Stila ones. Tati reviewed some BH Cosmetics and tried the BH eyelights And was surprised at how good they were!

    Also, if you ever have some shimmer shadows that are hard to pick up with a brush, I’ve found that the BH Cosmetics silicon eye brush works well. I NEVER have good luck with getting the shimmer/glittery/metallic shades to pick up with a brush (mainly I just suck at it and usually use my finger), but the BH silicon brush has been my savior.

  25. Took a look through the Hush app, and saw that they have dupes or "rip-offs" for the Pat McGrath palettes. So getting those, since there's no way I can buy a $125 palette, but $25, yep. 😍💟

  26. Of course I would love to have the original palletes because they’re all people I love and follow, but being in college and experimenting with makeup and not really having all the money to purchase all the base makeup and then the expensive eyeshadow palletes I would definitely go buy a cheaper dupe of them if they had great quality just like the original only because I don’t have the extra money to spend on the original palletes

  27. I agree w u that they stole the idea but like I can't afford the real thing so it's nice that those of us have a less expensive option

  28. I have bought high end palettes and they are great but really expensive. I am in college and I didn’t realize Hush did dupes. They aren’t rip-offs and they actually make sense for people who can’t afford $65 on an eyeshadow palette. So like why are you hating them? Laura Lee I know you have lots of money and don’t care how you spend it. But like I’m in college and still by high end makeup because I’m afraid of being judged by people who know their makeup and stuff. So like if beauty gurus on YouTube keep pushing the original palette they just want you to waste your hard earn money on the real thing. When there is a dupe they can be just as good.

  29. I don't see them as rip off makeup I see them as an opportunity to try a similar product so down the road u can know if you want to save up for the real thing or not

  30. I appreciate your honesty when comparing the products.
    I’m at home with my babies. My husband works hard to support our family.
    Bad Habit just had a sale, and I got the dupe for subculture, renaissance and norvina palettes……. for 23 dollars……. 23$ OVER 140$ ish. I don’t care if you have 140$ to just piss away. It’s moronic to spend that much IF you don’t have to. So so thankful for the great quality dupes! ❤️

  31. Say what?! I love 💘beauty bargains! Saving money to buy other things is what I live for! Thanks for sharing dawling!

  32. I love your channel but don't act like these palettes aren't great quality and wayyyyy cheaper!! They also stay on all day especially if u wet the brush! And are very bendable.

  33. Love Shop Hush. Great quality and great prices. I would never spend over $40 on any eye shadow palette anyway. You get the same looks with a much better investment range. These name brand cosmetics should take notice. Yes, there are people who will absolutely spend the money on high end cosmetics…however, a mid price edition in some of the top lines would get them a bigger demographic. Just my opinion!😉

  34. I have seen ads for Hush, so I decided to download it to check it out. But while I've never personally ordered anything from online (like from wish or hush, for examples), I'm still a bit eerie about if a company might be fake and/or they might sell my information (e.g. my address or my credit card number). Then on the other spectrum, what if I don't get what I wanted. I guess I've heard too many online horror stories about how products don't look/work like they're supposed to and the customer spent money on something that they didn't even get. But I'm sure that happens rarer than the other way around, a lot of people probably have no problems with getting an amazing deal on a product that was exactly what they ordered. I just don't want to be one of those that it didn't work out for.

  35. Here's my thought on dupes… I would never, EVER, spend $65 on a palette. So Huda is not losing any business by me buying the dupe. I'm not spending the $10 instead of the $65, I'm spending the $10 instead of $0.

  36. As a mom but love doing different looks. It’s a blessing for me because I don’t have $60 to throw on a pallet just to find I can’t use or hate it. I love bad Habit and Face Candy eyeshadows

  37. Watch your videos everyday… making me laugh all the time… would love to win something for you.. want your makeup palette so badly… !! Love the Athena palette which is my name!! Lol

  38. By the way girls you guys have til the last day of march .. seems like hush is closing the online store and everything is selling for like 2 dollars for the palettes after the discount.. i got 21 palettes for 50. Good luck

  39. I love you and I understand what you mean but Poor people would probably disagree. It’s not fair to have to spend $65 so it’s nice to have the same thing for way cheaper. I mean huda isn’t going to lose out because everyone that buys huda is buying for for the brand name. Let us buy the cheaper version since we couldn’t buy the expensive ones anyways

  40. I mean I appreciate the reviews but why are you so salty and stuck up about these pallets? First review I've seen from you and I'm not too impressed with your attitude. Kinda glad I'm not subscribed to you, I feel like this is your normal attitude towards everything. Not everyone is super rich and not everything is a "knock off" or "rip off"

  41. Haha! My phone froze at 13:52 which was your O face reaction to the highlight 😂 😱. I couldn't get it unfrozen for a few and I was crackin' up!! You are truly refreshing and the leader of the pack…go on girl!!

  42. According to me these palette are absolutely fine cuz not everyone on Earth can afford Huda or ABH and what Huda creates is hers and no one can create that quality.

  43. I think that if a $12 pallet can be created to duplicate a $65 palette that Huda making a shit ton of money by selling her name.

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