10 Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

10 Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing

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ten haircare myths that must be busted almost all of us are ready to spend a bunch of money or follow any advice to make our hair healthy and shiny some say don't wash it every day or it will get greasy faster when you try it you still have oily hair the very next day the others say unity is Mayo for the hair volume but no matter how many jars of Mayo you have to put on your head the hair is still flat as it used to be but now you look great lying on a sandwich we are going to bust the most popular hair care right now watch the video till the very end we've included a small bonus for you counting down myth number 10 the more you cut your hair the faster it grows well you've probably heard this advice a lot of times and it's not true cutting your hair will refresh your hairdo but it won't make it grow faster why hair grows from the roots and not from the ends the average speed of hair growth is a half an inch or a centimeter per month so if you cut your hair every month it'll just keep the same length or even become shorter also contrary to popular belief shaving your head doesn't affect hair density since the number of hair follicles is a genetic trait myth number 9 natural hair drying is better than a blow dryer when you hear the word better in any advice always question it better for what or for whom if you have short hair that dries in a few minutes then probably you don't need to use a blow dryer however if your hair is long it is on the contrary to the belief preferable to blow-dry why water molecules penetrate the hair structure and literally wash out keratin making them brittle and dry myth number eight hair gets used to shampoo that's one of the most popular beliefs which doesn't have any scientific proof hair like nails consists of dead tissue which simply cannot get addicted in other words if you wash your hair with the same shampoo for a long time your hair won't get dirty or faster or grow slower most factors can influence this but not the addiction of your hair to any particular brand myth number seven a dry scalp is the main cause of dandruff well this myth is the most ridiculous the truth is actually the opposite dandruff occurs in people with an oily scalp so when this problem appears stop using hair oil which contrary to your expectations only worsens the situation myth number six frequent combing heals hair this myth originates from old times when women simply didn't have hygienic habits combing was considered a peculiar substitute for washing also they never had their hair lips so why is this belief not true overly frequent combing distributes the skin oil along the hair and it gets dirty much faster however combing doesn't affect the hair health and can even do much harm by causing split ends and breakage therefore it's better to comb your hair only when it's necessary in this case a small amount of oil will be distributed along the hair which will help it look shiny but not dirty myth number five proper care will make your hair thicker No don't be fooled by false TV commercial promises the thickness of hair as well as the number of hair follicles is a genetic trait so the quality of care cannot affect it in any way myth number four the more often you wash your hair the oil air it becomes if something works for others it isn't guaranteed that it works for you why is that because just like color thickness and curls the amount of oil released by fat cells is laid genetically therefore frequent or rare washing doesn't affect how fast your hair will get dirty however properly selected care can adjust the work of the sebaceous glands and your hair will get dirty more slowly myth number three if you tear out a gray hair you'll get two or three in its place really let's apply logic here this belief means that gray hairs possess evil powers because the same thing never happens to healthy hairs otherwise there would be only one recommendation how to get thick hair tear them out but it doesn't work this way does it since the quantity of hair for each person doesn't depend either on care or proper nutrition several hairs cannot grow instead of one however don't tear out grey hairs because you can damage the follicle or cause an ingrown hair myth number two cool water closes the cuticle and hair becomes smooth if you think it helps you why not keep on doing it cold showers will make your body tough and healthy as or your hair this belief is also a myth hair consists of dead tissue neither cold nor hot water can affect the cuticles condition and myth number one hair ends can be recovered also having its origin from TV commercials this belief is just not true yes you can close split ends for a while with the help of special masks or oils however to get rid of them you need to cut your hair from time to time you have now watched the video till the end so you deserve a little bonus from us when washing your hair use the right amount of shampoo the amount of shampoo may vary with hair length and density a dull up the size of a quarter is usually enough too much lather can drive the scalp if you get a full rich lather on the first wash you don't need to repeat the shampooing and it's not a myth yes you should see my long lustrous hair right now it's quite something have you enjoyed the video if so hit the like button and click subscribe to join us on the bright side of life


  1. Omfg, I hate it when people with straight hair try to make it seem as if their hair is so difficult to take care of and never looks right. Like GIRL, you don’t even wanna know what curly hair is like smh

  2. I know hair doesnt grow
    from the down but cutting split ends makes hair accually grow faster+ Healthier

    When I use a hair dryer my hair gets frizzy for a week later and annoyimh

    You CAN get your hair thicker. I used olive oil and it helped me sooo much

    But I When I whash my hair with cold Water it gets less frizzy once its dry then If washed it with warm water

    This is not meant as a hate

  3. If you wash your hair everyday it will get oily faster because the scalp produces the oil not the hair itself and because skin is a live it can get used to things.

  4. Was I the only one questioning my whole hair existence and what to do with it after I watched this video🤣

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqQkrcgugpk
    Look at your previous video and see how much stuff you actually debunk with this video,
    So what is the truth if you say in this video that half of your previous video is total myth…

    At least follow your own lies or that just making videos on youtube without any evidence or proof is your job.

  6. cold water stimulates blood flow. So true that is does not closes the cuticle and makes your hair smoother but it has other benefit.

  7. 3:44 isn’t that true I use to have insanely thin hair and I started to take care of my hair also using some oils and my hair is no pretty thick. But it probably depends on some people too

  8. Trimming your hair DOES HELP IT GROW!!! It gets rid on any dead ends and with dead ends your hair won’t grow!

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