11 Drugstore Dupes For Luxury Makeup

11 Drugstore Dupes For Luxury Makeup

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hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I am doing a deep video I took all my favourite products and try to match
dupes for it so I’m gonna do half days of the products that are on the more
expensive side ones that are like really known and a lot of people use and then I
try to match and find something very similar drugstore version and want to
make sure that it is high quality I don’t know this is gonna work let’s see
so first things first we’re gonna start with the benefit of pore fessional this
is an amazing product I know there are a lot of people who love it and use it
religiously and the affordable version is this baby skin I didn’t make this
product which is also and what it does is basically helps to blur all the lines
okay so this one feels really nice it does a good job I mean they both feel
pretty nice next up we are moving to at the brows so my favorite brow pencil is
Anastasia Beverly Hills the brows and I use it in taupe and my affordable
version which is also one that I use is the covergirl ultrafine brow pencil
which I also love dearly and this is in soft blond I find that the covergirl
does a really good job with creating the right comes with the eyebrows eyes a lot
of doing a very quick and feather like and strokes with the pencil to give it a
more natural make sure that I give here at the
beginning a little more to break look it doesn’t have to be filled in to
perfection and then we’re gonna use Anastasia Beverly Hills and then we’re
moving next to fiber gel brow but Bravo luminizing fiber gel that I use so I
have a 1 what is going on I have one that’s from hourglass bought it because
I heard a lot of people like raving about it I mean that allows people like
one person that I really like two eyebrows I’m going to use it here I love
to use these kind of products as it just like adds a little more love to the brow
and just create stronger brow I also make sure that I go against the
direction of how the hair growth fill them up a bit and give that fiber catch
into the hair and make it a little more Brooke Shields II than usual so the dupe
for this one is his essence make me proud I seen it in a
few articles actually that people are like cool loving this product this one
is a little different let me show you what the hourglass it
has to brush sides to it so come on is like fulfilling and the other ones for
rushing this one is much more simple it’s only the brush a lot of people
would say this is also due to the cross see a boy brown kind of looks like I
just micro bladed my eyebrows okay then we’re gonna move to the concealers so
for the concealers we have the everyone’s favorite NARS radiant creamy
concealer that I also used to use a lot and I found that the maybelline
concealer is very very similar let’s put the NARS I didn’t get to grab our
foundation so I’m just gonna use some spots that I want to hide and I
personally love using my fingers and this one is in coior so anything so the reason why I like using my finger
to apply things like concealer and foundation what foundation I will use and what that’s punch that people use to
put their foundation thank you a Beauty Blender i use for foundation
the Beauty Blender but then I will go over it with my fingers just because if
you with the fingers it warms up the product then it just mixes much better
with the skin to be honest with you the texture and everything is very similar
the next product is this Urban Decay Naked palette mica this is a
first-ballot and everybody by the way that’s how it also looks this way but it
served me really well except them have crashed Sam I used but
again been with me for years now I found this one from Maybelline which have a
bunch of different shades that would songs with hangs with greens with so
many different colors I’m going to create a little bit of a smoky eye here
so I’m going to start with the Urban Decay palette Naked palette this is
something I would wear for my night out I’ll get my makeup process it goes like this
it starts and you’re like what is she doing I just keep at it and then it kind
of forms into something so we’re gonna do the same thing with the Maybelline
palette and then I’m gonna use the snakebite
very similar to this one you see this is the part where you’re like oh don’t
worry thanks I really really like the
consistency of it I think that sometimes what happens with the palettes that are
from a drugstore they feel a little more stiff like there’s not enough pigment
coming out but this is amazing yeah this is a little more subtle gold overall I
would say it’s pretty good especially for someone who just like looking for a
really nice palette that you can use for a lot of events and you can go from like
kind of more matte to the more glowy there’s black in here there’s like
brownish and topi so then the next thing we have is the eyeliner so my absolute
favorite eyeliner is the Kat Von D tattoo liner I’ve been using it for so
long now it’s just super easy for me to do I’m not this professional makeup
artist so for me I need like a simple eyeline of it that I can just like and
this works really well for me so I’m going to apply this is the Kat Von D one and it’s also
really really thin so you are not creating any like big thick lines that
you have to do it after the dupe for this one is one by essence so this one
is kind of similar also have like a sharpie type of structure to it so it
shouldn’t be too difficult yeah I feel like this was much more
elegantly done in this essence one but it might be also your technique I don’t
have one so maybe that’s what it okay the next thing is the mascara so we have
better than sex mascara which everyone knows is an amazing product this is by
Too Faced I’m going to use the better than sex here this is definitely my
go-to mascara for events or times where I really want to bring drama to my eyes
I personally love it when it’s a little bit more dry and use because if you like
it sticks better I hate new mascaras sister product for it is this luminous
lash paradise from L’Oreal oh I like this brush a lot it looks like it’s
going to bring a lot of thickness to the lashes which is something I prefer over
length I don’t really care about length as much just give you length as well so
this is the better than sex this is the Loreal one next thing is a
blush so for me I’ve been a huge lover of the NARS orgasm one I think that’s
just kind of a hero product that a lot of people use and love and this is it this is it it has a beautiful tone it
really does feel very orgasm II the product that is kind of a dupe – it is
this bone in mine healthy mix it’s from boar Joyce I don’t know how to say I’m
not even gonna attempt it has kind of a similar pigment to it oh it smells a
little bit like my grandma’s makeup it has like a little vintage II feel to it
the smelled oh wow okay the dupe for highly liquid lipstick which a lot of
people buy any love I don’t have the kind of lipstick with me right now but I
got kind of a very similar do to it it’s also from Kat it’s not a dupe actually
very similar version of it from Kat Von D it’s all about the madness of her
lipsticks this one is a really pretty color actually it’s called Lolita I
would probably not pair it with this eyeshadow and then and equivalent to
this one would be this L’Oreal Paris lipstick I kind of tried to match the
shades they’re a little bit off this is a little more pinkish while this is a
little more earthy this looks interesting I actually prefer the Loreal why not
only the color but it feels much more moisturizing and I did see that it’s
getting mattified feels really nice this is definitely more matte I think this
may be dry up a bit but I kind of like that it’s a little more watery in a way
if that makes sense I want to try another lipstick which is one that I
always always mention on my social it’s like my Holy Grail and that one is the
Charlotte Tilbury pillow-talk which is the best nude ever actually really
resembles my lip tone at the moment but it looks amazing on everybody every skin
tone there’s two dudes that I’ve found for this one one of them is from pixie
and it’s called honey bear VAR e I couldn’t find it because we’re just
moving so everything is in boxes but that one is probably the closest dupe I
found from a drugstore otherwise I also found this one which is a L’Oreal one
and it’s varnished rosewood color which it also gives a really beautiful color
but this is definitely more shinier where this one is a little more matte
and a little more subtle okay then last but not least is a setting spray
so this one is urban decay I see a lot of people use it the long-lasting makeup
setting spray but I also saw this one which is my next dewy finish long
lasting setting spray so I’m just gonna use that okay so now let’s do dupe of
versus original contest and I’m gonna tell you what I pick there’s a dupe I
thought was amazing the baby skin versus the professional both amazing products
but I mean if you’re looking for an affordable version definitely pores of
the brow pencils I would definitely give the covergirl the point
because it is so much more affordable than this one and I really like the
color and it’s available everywhere yay between the eyebrows I prefer the
hourglass I just felt like my eyebrows was a little more fluffy but now that
I’m looking and the camera this feels like very nice like the brow feels more
of ranged and pretty this has kind of a soft fiber to it where this is a little
more gel like I don’t know I’m kind of digging this so I would give dissapoint
just because the price is so good unlike this one and then the concealer I
thought that the Maybelline concealer did an amazing job versus the NARS one I
mean the NARS one is unknown amazing concealer if you like this one did a
really good job so I definitely think that this is an amazing deal between the
Naked palette and the nude Maybelline palette it’s hard to say just because I
feel like this is very very good option for someone who doesn’t want to spend as
much but this is still an amazing product but again this has been with me
for years and I’ve been using it so I can’t decide both get a point between
the two eyeliners I think it depends on what you get used to I feel like I’m so
used to the Kat Von D that I just prefer to use this one it felt like I’m more in
control rather than this one but I guess it’s a good option if you’re just
looking for an eyeliner pen but I will take the Kat Von D between the mascaras
I have to say I was very impressed with this Oreo voluminous / paradise I was
really impressed but if you do have better than sex mascara it is really
good but if you’re looking for an affordable version it’s good between a
double lashes I would say that this is kind of a cult product and it’s amazing
this has a little bit of a grandma smell to it
the color is really nice so it kind of depends I definitely like the view from
kind of thick Ivy style and the Kat Von D to the Loreal one I don’t know the
name of it this shade is Explorer but we just found that it’s a little more
moisturizing and it sticks I think I prefer the color better so this one for
sure between the dual finish and this just price-wise that’s it you guys I
hope you enjoyed this video and discovered some new dupes let me know
what you think let me know what your favorite dupes and I’ll see you guys
next time you


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