12 DIY Edible Makeup Ideas / Funny Pranks!

12 DIY Edible Makeup Ideas / Funny Pranks!

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[Applause] [Applause] geli AOS and chocolate lipstick sponge sandwiches and a marshmallow makeup bag watch the weirdest edible makeup for a tea party in our new video a picnic is always a great idea you can take selfies fly on the grass and fresh air is good for your skin as well as our foundation you can cover a sponge with it and have a snack take a clean container out of a travel makeup set and pour sauce on it cover the top of the container with acrylic paint of a cream color attach a printed-out foundation label makeup sponges are also edible let's make a whole sponge sandwich cut circles out of a slice of cheese and bread we use a big Kinder Surprise container add the cutter squeeze some sauce out of the foundation container onto the cheese and bread sponges we've come up with a whole new recipe of sandwich this is a sponge which after eating this snack you'll get a boost of energy for having fun outdoors my friend is chewing on bubblegum I want some too but why does she give me lip gloss snip off the bottom of an old lipgloss container clean it thoroughly squeeze in liquid bubble gum wrap it with parchment paper and seal the tube using an iron bubblegum hidden and lipgloss who really nice conspiracy moreover chewing on lip gloss is weird but delicious it's a sad love story a sober drama about my friend Bell has broken up with her boyfriend and now she looks like a lonely panda she will hardly be able to find a new love with this smudged mascara my friend needs urgent help clean a makeup remover container thoroughly pouring drinkable yogurt Bell wants to remove her mascara oh no it's no makeup remover but stress reliever drink tasty yogurt and feel calm now let's fix your makeup and you are as pretty as ever the blue eyed girl is putting on her mascara there must be something sweet in her makeup bag but her foundation is just regular makeup and her eyeshadow isn't edible either yes at last I find what I've been looking for a mascara top turns out to be edible take the top off of mascara tube add food colorings into white sugar paste use gloves we are going to make a purple top this is why we add red and blue colorings mean the sugar paste nicely so that the color blends smoothly without stains cover the mascara with paste shaping the top cut off the excess let the sugar paste harden my dear friend redhead can swipe all of my makeup she can eat everything even mascara bail is a real queen of us lip balms she's got a huge collection of them she just adores them it isn't a good idea to give this collection to me Belle expects me to look after it but I'm going to use it for pranking her I want to make an edible yo s she doesn't have it in her collection add gelatin and sugar to hot water and let it cool down to become lukewarm cover an EOS top with coconut oil and attach colorful sprinkles put on the middle grid pour in the gelatin solution and place it in the fridge to cool down pop to close the container when the jelly iOS is ready Belle comes back and reaches out for her precious lip balms how she's missed them but what is it her friend bites off an EOS right in front of her how does she dare my thank you for us what are you doing and why I calm her down before she gets a heart attack the real us is at its place and this is just an edible replica red head can't take her eyes off her book and her marshmallow but the blue eyed girl comes with an amazing makeup bag it is all covered with mini marshmallows attached little marshmallows to a plastic makeup bag use edible glue or gelatin with water mixture interchange the colors red heads completely forgotten about her book and sweets her friends edible makeup bag is way more interesting but the blue eyed girl doesn't want to share eat your plain marshmallows and don't touch my makeup bag morning is time for beauty I've got a bronzer for my friend she opens it up and asks for a brush but I give her a spoon what is it a new method of makeup application no it's just your beauty breakfast fill an empty bronzer container with dark and light cereal balls apply gold powder dust to the cereal balls using a brush I pour milk into the bronzer mmm it's actually delicious I will glow from the inside with this bronzer and I will get energy for a new makeup endeavor redhead keeps putting something into our mouth it is lip scrub this time it's actually sweet mix coconut oil and honey melted in a microwave for 10 to 15 seconds add sugar so that the scrub turn is thick put in a little pearl pink food coloring put the scrub into a small pot decorate the top with plastic sweet embellishments you will never get hungry with this lip scrub it will keep your lips smooth and your mood cheerful there is something missing in our tea party yummies perhaps then I take out my eye shadow what does the makeup have to do with the yummies pay a cardboard chocolate package black you don't need to paint the front of the pack attach a printed-out I shadow palette like a magician I take out a sweet fire of chocolate out of the palette the chocolate has finally stepped out of the shadow and our Tea Party certainly will be sweet and tasty the blue-eyed girls gotten hungry but regular cookies and apples do not sit well with her redhead is even going to share her cherished sandwich with her but the blue-eyed girl turns her nose up at the regular food on the other hand she apparently enjoys eating lipstick out of her makeup bag take a 3d makeup shaped mold melt white glaze drops in a double boiler add yellow and gold food colorings and one drop of dark glaze cover the bottom of the lipstick mold with the gold glaze using a brush repeat for the other mold half put the mold into a fridge for 10 minutes after applying each layer melt pink glaze drops for the next coat add a bit of red food coloring and use it to make the lipstick itself fill the top of the mold melt dark glazed drops use it to make a lipstick tube put it into the center of the mold then fill the entire mold with the glaze smooth it out with a spatula put the mold into the fridge for 20 minutes this time fill the second mold half in the same way cover it with the hardened glaze so that they attach put the joint halves into the fridge for another 20 minutes take the lipstick out of the mold when it hardens cover the bottom with the gold food coloring powder redhead is worried about her friend is she ill it must be a symptom of a lack of Beauty syndrome nope this lipstick is made from chocolate and the blue-eyed girl just feels like eating something weird and sweet I can't find my face powder anywhere here you are take mine you will certainly find it good for your taste clean a loose powder container crush brown sugar in a mortar add some cinnamon powder mix it and put it into the face powder container paint a round cookie with food coloring gel let it harden and put it on top I open the face powder this puff is so hard how should I use it it's easy you need to put a bit of powder onto it and put it into your mouth you can yummy did you like our edible makeup then write in your comments which beauty product you like the most foundation sauce bubble gum and lip gloss bronzer for breakfast and don't forget to give your thumbs up subscribe to our channel and click the belt so that you don't miss new edible makeup ideas on the truth room channel


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