15 Myths About Cruise Ship Vacations You Should Know About But Were Afraid To Ask

15 Myths About Cruise Ship Vacations You Should Know About But Were Afraid To Ask

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join me alright let’s talk about 15 myths of cruising that you should know
about a lot of people I think that these are true things that actually are going
on on cruises not really here’s number 1 people think that cruises are crowded
they think that cruise ships are absolutely jam-packed with people and
that you’re stuffed into the thing like a sardine or something like that let me
tell you folks today’s modern cruise ship not uncommon for a ship today to be
at least 900 feet long if not more than a thousand feet long that by the way is
three football fields in length cruise ships have up to 20 decks or at least 10
or 12 that you can go on think about this 12 decks long each one the length
of three football fields and upwards of 120 to 180 feet wide there is no way
you’re kind of feel crowded on a cruise ship you will find instances where there
are lineups from time to time mom look if you’re all going to the eight o’clock
show you know Jersey Boys or or Greece or whatever the Big Show is in the main
the main auditorium it can hold up to 800 people yeah there’s several ways to
get in there but there’ll be some lineups to get in but you’re not gonna
feel crowded even inside the auditorium you’re gonna be amazed of just how
gigantic these things are it’s really number two myth it’s for old and stuffy
people you’re gonna be just surrounded by people that are on their last legs
and waiting to die I don’t think so there’s a lot to do on a cruise ship for
all ages no question there will be senior citizens on these cruises but
they’ll also be 20-somethings they’ll be kids of course there’ll be families
they’ll be people of all ages honeymooners you name it those of us
who’ve been on cruises we know that cruises just are not for old stuffy
people next one I’m gonna be stuck on board you know I I just I’m just gonna
be trapped on board a ship I can’t I can’t do this well think about it this
way folks if you’re on a seven-day cruise out of Miami into the Caribbean
and back you’re likely going to have three days where you’re going to be
getting off the ship the first day let’s say first day Sunday that full day is
taken up with the check-in process getting on board finding your cabin
unpacking all your stuff then you’re going to figure out whether you’re gonna
do the spa package or not so you can go check that out you’re gonna check out
the specialty restaurants you’re probably go to your main dining room
area figure out your dining times uh you’ll have dinner
walk around the ship a little bit and I can tell you right by 9 10 o’clock at
night you’re gonna be done you might spend a few minutes or half an hour in
the casino if you can last that long you’re not going to read what the first
day this the the Monday there might be a C date on that C day there are going to
be probably 50 things to do in ten hours of time you can’t do it all you’ll be
booked right up the next day maybe Tuesday you’re at an island Wednesday
you’re at a stop Thursday you’ve got a C day again 50 things to do the next day
is another C day then it’s Saturday last C day on the way home and Sunday you get
off the ship there is no time to get bored on a cruise ship with 15
restaurants 12 bars the main dining room comedy clubs karaoke bars discos trivia
questions bowling alley so many ships have pumper
gars ice skating rinks you can’t possibly be bored um I’m gonna get the
normal virus that’s another myth I’m gonna get sick I’m gonna be in the
bathroom all the time I’m not true ships aren’t kept incredibly clean you have to
understand if you’re on a cruise ship with 4,000 passengers you’re on a cruise
ship with 1,600 crew to look after you a 1600 crew there’s got to be an army of a
hundred people that are all over that ship at all times vacuuming the floor
working the disinfectants on the handrails constantly replenishing the
hand washers were the buffet and the restaurants are cleaning all the public
toiletry areas taking away the garbage then there’s the 1,500 others that are
working on your rooms keeping your staterooms clean doing the laundry
preparing the food it just goes on and on there’s an army of people you’re not
gonna get sick on the norovirus the odds of you catching a tower very low very
rare cruisers are dangerous well let’s see if a cruise ship were to leave then
go right into the middle of a hurricane I guess it could be a bit bumpy but
cruise ships don’t do that cruise ships have radar systems onboard and they have
their head office meteorologists telling the captains and navigators at all times
what areas of the ocean to avoid they know the itineraries of every ship
constantly monitoring satellite positioning they know exactly the wave
heights of the waters that they’re going into they know the wind speeds they know
them the systems that are coming through cruise ship cruise ship itineraries are
not dangerous at all they’re quite quite boring generally speaking although it
makes for great medium when you can get a nice wave going beside a ship it
always makes for good media because it’s rare another myth everybody’s drunk on a
cruise no that’s not true now if you’re going on a spring break a long weekend
cruise with a bunch of college kids you know you’re gonna be started by a lot of
young people getting drunk I will give you that but not all cruises are like
that at all typical cruises go from 4 days 7 days 12
days 2 weeks and they go to a bunch of different places through the itinerary
and people just can’t keep up that kind of pace there might be one night where a
few folks are putting one on but I decided the next day there trying to
sleep it off and it’s nice and quiet no they’re not drunk all the time
with cruise ships holding up to five six thousand people that would be impossible
to monitor and it’s just not the case I’ll be bored as another myth I’m gonna
be bored to tears being on a cruise nothing to do sorry you’re not gonna be
bored you’re gonna have lots to do lots to see lots to enjoy you’re gonna be
fine the other options the opposite of that one is I’m gonna be too busy III
this is too much to do on a ship I can’t do it all so I’m really not getting my
money’s worth because I’m gonna be too busy no that’s not the case either a
cruise is basically what you make it if you want to be a busy person on the
cruise you can be a busy person on a cruise if you want to be lazy and just
take it easy cruises are made for you as well then there are the shore excursions
which you can either take with the cruise line or discover a cruise
destination on your own or with your travel friend there are a million ways
to enjoy a cruise and it is in effect your call what you want to do when you
want to do it how you want to do it it’s absolutely perfect that way a cruise is
not a cultural experience okay let’s say you’re taking a three-day bender going
to one stop and back well okay you’re not gonna get a lot of culture you get a
lot of alcohol a lot of partying but if you’re gonna take a 10-day cruise in the
Mediterranean starting in Barcelona and working your way to Rome and Naples and
Florence and other European stops you’re gonna get a lot of culture now the only
way you’re not getting cultured is if you’re not paying attention you’re gonna
be surrounded by it so pick the cruise that you want for what it is you want
from it another myth too many kids there’s just too many kids on these
cruises I can’t stand it well uh yeah there are ways to avoid cruise
with too many children go on a cruise line that doesn’t allow anyone under 18
on board Viking ocean cruises as an example adults only no children
whatsoever the other way to avoid kids on a cruise greatly would be to take a
cruise that takes place when the school year is on when kids are in school
that’s when you go on a cruise if you’re gonna go on a cruise an Easter weekend
yeah there’s a lot of families out there taking cruises with their children you
may want to avoid that time of the year another myth I’m gonna gain a lot of
weight um well you know what people tell me that they gain weight when they go
and visit their relatives at Thanksgiving
people tell me I gained weight over Christmas hanging out at my house
because of all the food we were making you’re gonna gain weight if you abuse
yourself of course but on a cruise it doesn’t have to be that way you can use
the jogging track on the top of the ship you can walk around the ship like crazy
on the promenade deck just watch your intake but hey if you’re gonna have
three big meals a day on a cruise ship because after all it is included and
you’re gonna drink like crazy because after all you’re on a cruise ship and
then you’re gonna have ice cream and desserts every chance you get you can a
gain weight that myth might not be a myth that might be a reality it’s up to
you to control yourself though it doesn’t have to be that way I’ll get
seasick that’s another common myth people are convinced that the minute
they got on a ship there’s gonna get seasick that is not true it is not often
anymore that people are running into a really bad stormy seas these ships have
stabilizers the ships are in effect looking for the comest waters to sail on
you’ll find that after a couple of days you’re having a tough time even noticing
that the ship even moves at all keep in mind of course when the ship is sailing
you’re sleeping it’s the middle of the night you’re gon wake up the next
morning you don’t realize that you’re already docked at your next port of call
and the ship isn’t moving whatsoever yeah a whole day out on the on land
coming back in the afternoon you’re slowly coming out of the dock at 3:00
miles an hour then into the calm waters it’s unlikely you’ll get seasick but if
you do feel queasy don’t worry in the core in the stores onboard the ship they
have all kinds of remedies for motion sickness you can eat always visit the
Medical Center on board they will take care you you’re not gonna have a tough
time or that uh I have to get dressed up this is another myth I don’t wanna go on
a cruise because I don’t have a tuxedo and I don’t want to wear a suit and tie
and the women are saying I don’t have enough evening gowns to handle all this
stuff not true cruise ships today are not like the kind of cruises we see from
the movies you remember the movies when people went on a Titanic when you saw
the guys in black black suits with the with the black tie events and the
butler’s everywhere folks today’s cruise ship vacations are free
for all do what you want when you want how you want you can eat casually every
night you can eat and especially restaurant every night and for guys you
want to go into the most expensive restaurant they have you can go in a
jacket and a polo shirt and a pair of slacks you’re good to go just don’t wear
flip-flops ladies you do not have to go all out although you know guys generally
don’t mind if you do but you do not have to go all out to go out every night
especially depending on the kind of dining you’re going for if you’re
heading for the pizza stand or you’re heading for the buffet go casual enjoy
yourself think about Vegas you dress on a cruise ship like you dress for Vegas
sometimes in Las Vegas you are just hanging out the casino hanging out in
the hotel lobby area and what the slot machines other times when you’re in
Vegas you’re gonna go to a show you might get up you might get dressed a
little bit but that’s exactly what you could do in a cruise ship it’s exactly
the same kind of dress code it’s very casual it’s very easygoing I have to eat
dinner with people I don’t know that is a myth that for some reason just won’t
go away if you’re a single traveler you could
travel on your own if you’re a couple and you want to be by yourselves you can
go into the restaurants any of the establishment restaurants any of them
and say to the to the person who’s going to seat you we just want
see sit by ourselves now it’s possible that at the exact moment in time you
come into the main dining room and you want a table for two
there aren’t any available at this moment in time but in the next 15 20
minutes one will open up they’ll give you a little tracker one of those little
things that you hold in your hand if the lights go off when it’s time to go on in
you can sit on your own or with the two of you if you like or you can go the
opposite direction and say no no we do want to sit with other people we want to
sit with six other people and hear stories and stories you will hear no
question about it it’s totally up to you and the last myth is I can’t cruise
alone that’s not true even though cruise lines do offer a lot
of their fares as a double occupancy thing a number of cruise lines are now
building specialty cabins just for solo travelers and they sell them only to
solo travelers at a special rate it’s not uncommon now for Norwegian to have
ten or twelve solo cabins as a cluster of cabins where they have their own
little Lobby and they have their own coffee making area tea making area iced
tea iced tea snacks all that kind of stuff but know you can sail alone uh but
it is true that in the older ships it used to be that you had to take a room
for two people pay double the fare because you’re after all taking up two
spots when there’s only one of you doing it but nowadays no a lot of cruise lines
are offering the cabins on a single fare basis you just have to call the cruise
line talk to them directly and let them tell you what they’ve got otherwise do
what I do call the travel agent call amber and travel you’ll see the link
below we have a travel agent for this channel Chuck talked to the gals at
ambient they will help you if you’re a solo Cruiser if you’re also a handicap
cruiser you have disabilities they can also handle any disability cruise you’re
looking for for motorized scooters or wheelchairs or that type of thing give
them a call they’ll take good care yeah there you go
15 myths that have been proven to be untrue I hope you enjoyed it if you did
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  1. I usually loss weight because I eat my normal portions but I’m very active. I enjoy dressing up. Just love a man in a tuxedo. I just can’t think of a better vacation. you can do as little as you want or as much as you want. And you meet the nicest people. Thanks for the great info Bruce.

  2. Ur right Bruce, it's a blast , it s Vegas, on the water!! Ur next 1 going to Hawaii, in January. Were 40 ,s love .Some people r just jealous!!! # Much success from Vegas!!👈🌞⛳

  3. The only thing any of my co-workers who have not ever been on a cruise mention to me is their fear of sea sickness. Nothing you mentioned ever comes up as a concern from any of them. Lol! The sea sickness part I tell them the ships are designed to be stable so it is possible to get some ship movement in choppy seas most of the time you cant feel the ship move at all. Plus I tell them they should just wear a sea sick patch as extra insurance. The question I get asked most is which is the best ship to go on 1st. I tell them the ship doing a 3 day cruise to see if they like it or not.

  4. I do think the days at sea are BORING. I only cruise so that I can get to many countries in a short time. The ship is just a vessel. My opinion anyway.

  5. Weight Gain LOL use the steps! Last 3 cruises I have gained but it was water weight gain and quickly disappeared when I got home. Still trying to figure out what is causing the water problem. It happens so quick I can't blame the food/drink. Maybe the air travel?

  6. ROLLER SKATING!!! WOWOW I have never seen roller skating on any of these cruise channels!! That looks so much fun!!!

  7. sorry, lol again, on my 1st cruise in JUNE on NCL DAWN, I was NEVER BORED!!! there was always something to do, something to see, and PLENTY of food to eat! you will never go hungry!! I also WALKED the entire ship! LOL that was so fun!

  8. There are always big lines on the bigger cruise ships, I cruise for the destinations and the salt water, not bumper cars and laser tag lol geez, yeah its something to do on sea days, however vacations are for unplugging and relaxation. /hug

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