1940’s Makeup & Hair Tutorial for Army Girls (1943)

1940’s Makeup & Hair Tutorial for Army Girls (1943)

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Never use makeup as a mask. Use it to
bring out, not to hide the natural freshness of your skin and use it
conservatively Make up goes on smoother and looks more natural with a
foundation cream or liquid It provides a lasting makeup and protects your skin
against wind and Sun. The wrong use of rouge can make a woman look hard or
clownish Cream Rouge is applied directly over the foundation. Dry Rouge is used
only after powdering. To be effective, rouge and powder should not be
detectable. Never use too much rouge. You can always add more. Cream rouge should
be applied with the fingers. and blend until no line of demarcation is
noticeable. Never use an elongated field of rouge on the Oblong face ! Always use a
circle Never use a circle on the round or
square face. Use an elongated field to create the illusion of length. When in
doubt for placement of rouge, Smile and place it on the highest part of the
cheek One should always choose a powder that
gives warmth and brightness to the skin. In powdering, start at a receding point,
such as under the eyes, hollow cheeks or receding chin. Never powder a large nose
first. it will become a highlight ! Follow the natural line of the lips, and
don’t use exotic lip shades. They’re not cheap, and they’re certainly not GI Bite gently on a piece of tissue to set
the lips and remove excess lipstick. Lipstick smears on handkerchiefs and
lipstick rims on cups are not appealing. Don’t tamper with the natural line of
your eyebrows. your eyebrows as nature made them give expression and character
to your face and are functional. They protect your eyes from strong light and
dust. These are the only articles necessary for good nail
grooming especially when you’re in the army. Talons are out, when you wear a
uniform, and so is exotic nail polish. If you use polish, see that it’s
conservative She’s learned a lot. See how smoothly and
skillfully her makeup is blended ! She can be proud of that job. “If you’d pardon the
suggestion!” “a good brushing might be in order” “Gently .. gently.” “I didn’t say scalping!” If you’re looking for a change of hair-styling to suit your face shape and Gi regulations, There’s the pageboy The Roll The Bun The up sweep If you wear your
hair short, it should be cut and shaped often Snip away the hangovers from the
last permanent. Yes, men are simple creatures. It gives them a lift to see a
girl looking her most attractive on the job. Although to most of you, it may seem
too obvious to mention, Daily bathing is the first must in the rule book for
feminine attractiveness Since many women are allergic to depilatory ‘s , shaving is
still the most effective way to remove superfluous hair. If you use a facial
cream or oil at night, be sure to remove the excess grease before going to bed. For that rosy bloom, a dash of cold water is the best astringent and for chapped
lips, use lip pomade or cream. Scalp lifting is in order to stimulate
sluggish circulation. but for oily hair, do it in combination with an astringent Foundation garments have their place, but the best foundation garments in the world is right inside your own body your muscles ! Any foundation garment wears out with use. but your muscles do just the opposite . they gain snap-in elasticity
the more they are used Proper exercise will save you the
embarrassment of being called one of those attractive from the neck up girls. and I don’t mean the intellectual type Consistent daily planned exercise can be
all things to all people It can put inches on the thin girl and
fill her out it can take inches off the fat girl and
slim her down. It can re-proportion the girl with the unsymmetrical figure so that her curves fall in the right places.


  1. Omg I’m korean boy! 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷
    Love your video 🙋🏻‍♂️❤️
    I’m a big fan 😭👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. I guess this narrator never heard of corn fed girls. Ya know, girls who grew up on a farm bulky. Lol and wtf a woman put astringent in her hair?!? My natural curls are saying hell no.

  3. Foundation garment really are helpful. If you don't want to wear the old school type,you can get Spanx or something similar. Rago has great old school type foundation garments. What Katie Did, Secrets in Lace and Kiss Me Deadly are some others that have old school foundation garments. I have one What Kate Did garter belt. I have not tried the others.

  4. I love how this made me see the good side of makeup.

    Not a mask or us being a sl*t.

    It’s just to bring out and make the best of what God has given us. To appreciate the natural beauty we were given.
    To express and to create art as some people call it.

    So ya’ll, next time you see a girl with makeup. Don’t go sl*t shaming them or go all out ‘not like other girls’, Appreciate and just let them be them.

    After all. We’re all beautiful🥰

  5. 6:54 Apparently exercise can add 5 inches to your legs and shrink your torso length and completely change your bone structure! Who knew?! #TheMoreYouKnow 🙄😂

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