2-3 Week Packing Tutorial

2-3 Week Packing Tutorial

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today and that he had to rely on what to
do and how to pack trichy did three-week trip this is a
visit by my friend pro but that’s not true set aside lightly clues that you can
easily refer then maneuvering to get the airport security filled the small package with small
ivett please heavy items at the bottom each of the charges in here as well you know the medium packaged it with
underwear and socks both underwear and a half bennett half again then draw them into a
small subject separate socks into paris would be easy
to grab reluctant to let them fly inside the q
depending on space with a large packages with shorts and
shirts which shots into the large package in first fortunate to have
bangkok again then brought them into a small subject fold shirts and hats than in half again
enroll them into a small cell filled up for the envelope with dress
shirts and dress lax before the envelope prevents heart creases and teaching nice
clothes wrinkle free you can use that for the board to help
people picture to the to the appropriate size please the bulletin board i’ve talked to
help hold the shape of the planes we pack your organize belongings into
your luggage everything should into place the cheese in a plastic bag by the most
part of your message keep in touch with i don’t have to continue to take out
leaflets for examination more thank you for watching if you got this
is a couple please give me a big oak dr i would really appreciate it if you like
to comment as described by china please contact the low with any comments or
questions you have thanks for watching


  1. how do you go on a 2-3 week trip with only 4 pairs of socks ? In my opinion socks should be chagned daily ( 2 day's max ).

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