3 Simple Tips to organize your skincare collection! | Singapore Skincare Addict

3 Simple Tips to organize your skincare collection! | Singapore Skincare Addict

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Hi friends I’m Edwin and I’m a SkincareAddict! So a short Intro about me –
I used to suffer from very bad acne And after years and years of going to Dermatologists, Facials and using skincare I sort of cleared up my acne When you have a lot of skincare you need to arrange it in such a way that it is Visible and also Accessible So you can see that my shelf I arranged it in just one row so that I know what I want and I don’t have to find it For the bottom shelf, it’s skincare that I have not opened yet After you open your skincare There’s this label at the back which tells you how long it has before it expires *Edwin being crazy* So you can see on the packaging, there’s this small box thing right, jar thing right here. Which says 18M So what it means is that after you open it for 18months you have to discard I try not to open too much skincare Because I don’t want to waste it. So that’s how I arrange my skincare Tip number 2, for cleansers You have to keep it in your shower When you’re showering you’ll just like cleanse your face. Very tedious to come inside here Then go to the bathroom and wash your face And come back and then put (it down) and then layer on your skincare So for the cleansing step usually I’ll put it in the shower Then the rest (of the skincare) I’ll just put it over here So on top are my spare cleansers and micellar waters If my skin changes or I’m feeling more acne prone I’ll switch to a salicylic cleanser rather than a normal cleanser Tip number three, okay, so I’ll bring like a Facial Spray so that I can mist throughout the day and I’ll also bring a lip treatment or a lip balm and I also bring a sunscreen I love this sunscreen from Krave Beauty It gives me a very natural glow *UNDER* makeup But I’m not wearing any makeup now So you can see some redness but it’s okay because this is skincare channel 😀 So remember to Like comment and subscribe


  1. 👏👏👏 Awesome idea on the shelf arrangement. I finally stopped opening everything right away. Lol I keep all the stuff I'm reviewing and using on a countertop organizer in my bathroom. If I can't see it I forget about it.

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