3D Champagne Flute with Gel Polish Bubbly – Quick and Easy Accent Nail

3D Champagne Flute with Gel Polish Bubbly – Quick and Easy Accent Nail

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Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a champagne flute with champagne inside. I have seen this kind of design all over Instagram and Facebook, so we’re gonna give it a go. Let’s get cracking! Can I have a glass of champagne, please? Adam: Ha! So, I’ve got a nail that I’ve already painted with serious black and I have top coated it with the urban graffiti top coat. Before I add any artwork, I am going to buff this nail to make it matte. That’s because I’m gonna paint on this nail. So, we’ll use a combination of paint. So, we’ll use the poly colour paint and we’ll also use gel polish. So, because I’m going to paint on this nail, I need to take off the shine. It’ll paint a lot nicer, you know, flatter and smoother. I’m gonna wipe over with some gel residue wipe off solution just to really clean that nail. I’ve got a sculpting form here. Just the backing off it, so I can use that as a palette. You can also use like a bit of tin foil or a tile, is also good. This is just a little bit more disposable. Just gonna add a little bit of water. You don’t want it too thick, the paint, because you want it to glide on really smooth and fine. I’m gonna start here. So, add a little bit more paint. Because you’re doing a champagne flute which is long. Adam: What’s the other kind of champagne glass called? You know where it’s like a bowl? Kirsty: That’s a gin balloon glass.
Adam: No, it’s not. Adam: It’s not, because you can have champagnes served in either flutes or like a very shallow bowl. It’s only about that deep. Kirsty: Oh, like when you have a cocktail? Adam: No! Kirsty: Oh, like when they stack it up and make like a pyramid? Adam: Mm-hmm! What’s that called? Kirsty: I don’t know. Adam: Decent. Kirsty: I’ve never actually seen one of them for real life. I’ve only ever seen it on pictures or films. Adam: Really?
Kirsty: Hmmm. If you want to neaten anything up, you can just damp a brush in acetone and just rub that across and it’ll tidy it up for you. Now, we’re gonna do the stem. Tiny little bit of shading and highlighting in that. Then, we’ll do the top rim. So, this is your guide now because you’re gonna fill the champagne flute with some gel. I’ve got two gel polishes here. I’ve got this glitter one, which I think is like a champagne colour. Do not drink that, it’s not champagne. It will not get you drunk. Then I’ve got this pinky one because I want it to make it look a bit like pink champagne. Take some of this gold, pop it on my little palette and do the same with the pink. Take your detailing brush, pick it up. And you want the majority of it at the bottom of the glass. Then we’re gonna start to bring that up and sort of fade it. So, you’re just tickling those glitter particles up as if they are bubbles floating up the glass. Then we’re gonna use the pinky one. We’ll go over the top of that, just to make it a little bit like pink champagne. I like pink champagne. I like gin but I like pink champagne a lot. Adam: What does gin have… something to do? Kirsty: It’s just alcohol. Adam: Alright! I don’t really like champagne to be quite honest. I love red wine but I’m not a big fancier of champagne. Kirsty: Hmm. Adam: I love a bottle of veuve every now and again.
Kirsty: Oh darling, will you darling. Adam: That’s about it really. Kirsty: I’m gonna pop that into the lamp and cure that. I’m gonna topcoat this now, but this isn’t the last bit we’re gonna do. I just want to topcoat everything in, so I know it’s sealed and it will actually last. This would be nice if you’re celebrating a birthday, I think. I’ve told you I’m going to Vegas to celebrate my best friend’s birthday? Adam: You talking to me or them? Kirsty: I’m telling everybody. Adam: Alright! Yes, you’ve told me, several times today and yesterday and the day before and last year. Kirsty: Just in case you hadn’t…you might have forgotten, you see? Adam: Alright!
Kirsty: Okay! Just gonna pop that into the lamp. The pink stone actually looks really nice with this design. What I’m gonna do now is take the mega gloss and [incoherent babbling]. What I’m gonna do now is take the mega gloss. It’s okay to use the mega gloss over the top of this because it’s gonna be a small amount. I know you guys might be thinking, “but it’s gel polish, you can’t put mega gloss over the top of gel polish.” You can if it’s only a small amount. You wouldn’t want to cover the whole nail. So, I’m using it because it’s thicker than the urban graffiti topcoat, and we’re using this to to make it raised. So we’re gonna take it and do the shape of the glass to make it more 3D. And I’m gonna cure that first. One of the Nail Pro Competitions in America, the theme was Cocktails and I did loads of glasses. All different kinds of glasses like crystal cut glasses with all different cocktails in and I did like this lady in the middle. I’ll find a picture and we’ll put it in somewhere. And I loved doing it. I loved doing the glasses. This is not the first time I’ve done glasses. However, that was just hand painted, it wasn’t 3D. What I’m gonna do now is do the stem. So we just float down and do the base. What I’m gonna do now to finish this off is add a little bit of bling. Kirsty: Bling, bling, bling!
Adam: Bling. Kirsty: And I’m gonna do that by using the mega gloss to just hold them on. Adam: Someday, I think you gonna go “I’m just gonna add a little bit more of… nothing at all! Because it is perfect as it is.” Kirsty: Oh, it would be nice! But it wouldn’t be perfect without the bling. These are our AB stones. Adam: Aurora Borealis.
Kirsty: Aurora Borealis. Kirsty: These are my favourite coloured stone. I just love it. I think they’re absolutely stunning. Adam: Have you ever seen the Aurora Borealis in person? Kirsty: Never seen it in person. Adam: You need to go to Iceland. Kirsty: I know, I do. Adam: I mean, you can see it from, if you go far enough north, especially during the summer. Ermm, but yeah Iceland’s just wicked. Kirsty: Can you only see it at certain times of the year? Adam: What it is, do you know what it is? So… Kirsty: No! Adam: It’s radiation from the sun bouncing off the magnetosphere of the earth. Kirsty: The what sphere?
Adam: Magnetosphere. And… Kirsty: I’m gonna act like I know what that means. Adam: So, it’s been deflected by our atmosphere. Kirsty: Right! Adam: You know how we’ve got the poles. Not Polish people, as in The Poles? Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: Like North Pole, South Pole.
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: So, that’s like different ends of a magnet, so they create a magnetic field around the earth. Kirsty: Yeah, I’m agreeing. Adam: Okay.
Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: And what happens is, when that solar radiation bounces off it, it creates these amazing colours. Kirsty: I can’t believe that’s even, that’s how it is. That’s amazing! And I did think that somebody said to me, you can only see it at certain times of the year. Adam: No! It depends what activity that the sun’s kicking out because we always have a magnetic field around us. Kirsty: Yeah! Adam: And if the sun’s kicking out a load of radiation, and it’s bouncing off the things, so it just depends on what’s happening in sun really. Kirsty: You are such a geek! Did I learn this at school once upon a time? Adam: Probably, but I mean, that was a long time ago that. Kirsty: And for you, how did you remember that? I did like school. I did attend. Adam: Was it fun going to school on a horse and carriage? Kirsty: Oh my God, you’re so rude! I’ve got enough stones now, I’m happy. I did think about putting some there as well. Yeah, we’ll just put some there dead quick. Now I’m happy. So, you can see that that’s raised. We have some pink champagne. Adam: A never empty glass. Kirsty: Yeah, that’s a kind of glass I like, a never empty glass. I am not an alcoholic, I am a nail artist. There you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that video that was inspired by what I’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram as well. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye bye!


  1. Please tell me how come u cant add glossy gel top coat over gel nails? And PLEASE HELP WHAT DO U USE TO adhere the fake nail to the stand

  2. Make one with a pinkish background and put a few of those tiny crystals in the glass as bubbles rising to the top. Gorgeous

  3. Bonjours my name is Martine I view your videos since France I find that you make some kept silent remarkable work is very talented bravo .Désolé for my English which is not top thank you.

  4. The name of that Champagne glass you were talking about is called a coupe. Great design. Looks fabulous darling, lol. Lee x

  5. Adam, I understand what you’re saying, it was a good explanation of the Aurora Borealis! Haha keep trying to explain haha…

  6. Nothing wrong with being a geek or a nerd. Good going Adam for teaching us a little bit every time u put in ur two cents

  7. Lovely design for New Year's Eve, or maybe a bridesmaid.
    BTW, the "saucer" style of old-fashioned champagne glasses came into vogue when Marie Antoinette was queen of France. It's shape is said to be modeled after the size and shape of her breasts, poor girl. Everyone in the royal court knew what her breasts looked like because the haute couture ball gowns of the era were often so low cut that the breasts were fully exposed. That style of champagne glass has gone out of style because the wide surface area allows the champagne to go flat much more quickly. The more you know, eh?

  8. Aurora borealis or northern lights, as I call it – is it ALOT of in Norway, all the year, but it shows the very best in the winter! Its sooo amazing! 😍 ive seen it like a thousand times. In ‘north-Norway’ you might see it several times a week. Again, it shows up best in the winter when its dark at night 😁

  9. What is the tool using to pick up
    The gems? Looks amazing I didn’t find in it on your site. I use wooded dowels and that’s a pain

  10. In Spanish please subtitles that the one that does not know English thanks you for kissing little sand from Cadiz Andalucia muack 😜 I love your art girl! 😘

  11. You can get champagne in a BOOB glass as well. It's the same glass as a few different cocktails. Pornstar martinis usually come in one. It was modeled after someone's boob! X

  12. She is a nail artist….with a drinking problem😏😝😘. just teases. Love you loads girl you are an inspiration to all artist, lots of happy thoughts being sent your way.

  13. This is another stunning nail that i would have displayed in a cabinet with the amazeballs confetti nail your work n designs are just the best n wow ur cockatail nails are mesmarising the work that has gone into them. well just amazing ❤❤❤💅

  14. There are 3 types of Champagne Glasses.
    1. Flute is a stem glass with either a tall tapered conical shape or elongated slender bowl.
    2. Tulips Glasses that have a wider flared body and mouth.
    3. Coupe is a shallow, broad-bowled, saucer shaped stemmed glass Legend has it the shape of the coupe was modelled on the breast of French Queen Marie Anroinette. The glass was designed in England over a century earlier especially for Sparkling Wine and champagne in 1663.
    @Naio Nails

  15. Would like to see you work with builder gel a lot more as I do my own nails and sometimes my apex messes up! Be great for you to show us how it’s done 👌🏻

  16. Hey seriously I have an idea for a new nail shape
    Never been done before as far as I know
    I will give it to Kirsty if she wants it
    It is very cool

  17. Hi ☺ I live in Norway. So if you come here and to see the northern lights 🙂 Had been very nice to meet you 😉 Love nail art. Love form Norway, Martine 😍


  18. Not gonna lie, Adam's snarky comments are my favorite part of this channel. Although it's Kirsty's talent that brings me here.

  19. Hi Kirsty. Could you please consider doing a video covering gothic, Russian almond and Monroe. As struggling to find info/ conflicting info about structure and profile of these shapes. Pretty please with a cherry on top. 😊

  20. How something so simple as adding topcoat inside that flute glass has such an amazing effect.
    You make it look easy lol stunning.
    Kind regards Sharon xx

  21. I can’t stop watching your videos. I wish I could get my nails done by you. But I’m sure it would be an expensive nail appointment trip. But people around here aren’t nearly as talented.

  22. This is my fifth time trying to watch this video, i cant make it past 2 minutes cause she has the best unintentional asmr voice 😂 love it

  23. The other champagne glass is a Saucer Glass or a Champagne Coupe.

    It’s been a long running anecdote that the coupe was modelled for Marie Antoinette’s breast.

    Of course there is no actual proof of this, and historians tend to agree that this is no doubt 100% fake news (sorry couldn’t resist) they do agree that most likely it has a touch of truth in the story.

    So they believe that it was probably modelled on the breast of a prostitute, not the Queen.

    However the Queen was despised for her decadent ways, while most of the country struggled to even feed themselves.

    Marie Antoinette was called many names including ho! So it’s thought that it was like Chinese whispers, “it was modelled on the breasts of a prostitute” became “a ho!” to “the ho Queen” to “it was modelled on the queens breast!”

    People believed this as it sounded like something the debauched nobility got their perverted jollies.

    Of course this all lead up to a date with Madame Le Guillotine.

  24. I think he means a babycham glass. Look it up, you are way too young but I loooved it probs when I was way too young to drink. Dad got be one every new year and I had my own glass.

  25. That champagne nail polish was gorgeous. I think she was wrong tho… don’t drink it bc it’s not champagne, but it would prob still get u drunk lol just for a short period of time tho, then u would most likely die. So it’s a catch 22 Lol jk.

  26. Awww man! I was under the impression she was going to put real champagne in the glass on the nail! It was rly pretty, but awwww man! She should do that! PLEASE DO THAT! ya know, like build it up with builder gel or something and put real champagne in it like u would a snow globe! That would be AWESOME!

  27. You both are too much! I was laughing the whole time Adam was explaining even though he knew you weren't really listening. Hee hee. Love the nail design!!

  28. I think the other kind of glass is called a champagne saucer. I could be totally wrong, but that's what we called them when I worked weddings at a banquet place about a million years ago…

  29. I love the way you two are with each other. I have a blast watching you guys lol !!!! And Adam you are one smart guy, how do you know all this stuff ??? love ❤️ you guys. 🥰🥰

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