4 Everyday EASY Curly Hair Styles | My famous CURLY bun

4 Everyday EASY Curly Hair Styles | My famous CURLY bun

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hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to show you about four of my favorite go-to styles that only take about 60 seconds you won't even need a brush for this tutorial you will need a hairband and I use the ones that don't leave indents in your hair some bobby pins and a nice fancy hairband and I'm starting with this is third day old hair to be honest and I did not even refresh it today so I was just having a good hair day without having to wash it and it still looked pretty fresh so for this first style I'm just taking the front section of my hair and I'm going to start twisting it back and as I twist I'm just going to keep grabbing the sides of my hair and you can pull it out a little bit just to make it a little more voluminous at the front and just keep twisting until you get to the back and I'm going to pin that side down with the bobby pin so that way we can do the same exact thing on the other side I personally like to keep my hair out of my face whenever I can that's why in most of my photos and snapchat you see my hair is up but yeah so I'm just doing the same thing to the other side this is just kind of like a fancy ponytail I guess you could say and once you have the other side done you're going to take out the bobby pin pop in your elastic and you are done it's literally that simple this takes me about 60 seconds to do and you don't have to have beautiful perfect curls this is something that you can do when you have second third or fourth day hair and there you go easy peasy ponytail for the second style I am doing the classic pineapple ponytail I mean how easy is this you don't need a brush I literally use my fingers to comb through my curls it actually gives me the texture that I want for my ponytail instead of being slick and smooth and disturbing my curls I can wear my hair like this in a ponytail and then take it down and I can still wear my hair down and it still looks nice so I like to use my hands for this and then you can just pull with your ponytail until you get it exactly how you want it but who else can get a voluminous ponytail like this except for curly girls I love it okay so this next style is basically my go-to on the daily and it's been requested for me to show this a bazillion times and it's so easy that I almost didn't want to show it because it's kind of embarrassing how easy it is so basically I just pull my hair up into that ponytail again like I'm going to do the pineapple ponytail just using my fingers no brush required which is kind of nice you can use some serum or some hairspray if you have flyaways take your ponytail holder put it through once and then when you go to put it through the second time do not pull all of your hair all the way through okay you're going to have this nice little poof on top and it will give you the illusion of having a nice voluminous looking bun on top once you're done so I just kind of mess with it pull it out a little bit make it nice and full and then I take the little pieces in the back and I roll them under and just pin them with a couple bobby pins that way they're not flopping around and then in the front I'll bring the sides together in the front and put another bobby pin right in front to hold that hair together and it makes it look like a big curly bun I mean it's so simple and then I add a headband of some sort because I just love headbands you could totally go without it but it just adds a little Flair and I think it's fun and ready and cute and this is how I wear my hair 99% of my life last but not least if your hair is looking good and you've refreshed your curls and it just looks nice and you want to keep it down but you want it out of your face I love doing this pulling the front back I don't pull it all the way from my ears I just pull it basically from my temples back and I pop in two bobby pins that crisscross so it holds the hair in place and it keeps my hair out of my face and it actually looks like I tried to style my hair when in reality I just wanted it out of my face and that is it honestly it's the simplest hairstyle but it looks like you actually did something so that is it for this video you guys I hope you enjoyed it I hope you are able to implement these easy styles into your daily routine thank you for watching I love you guys peace out


  1. What products do you use? Your curls look amazing. My hair is as curly as yours and I'm always looking for the right combination of products and hair care routine to help my curls. It's hard because alot of products make my hair crunchy which I do not like and then some just dont control my frizz so much. Any suggestions on routine or products?

  2. curly hair… smh u should see mine how long it is and tangle and so hard to manage. Lucky yours is short

  3. I tried the pineapple but with a headband today and LOVED it! Pinning it to the front was a great tip and the headband with it was not only cute but very functional for me as I work outside in the heat and it kept all my hair off my face and neck. Thank you!

  4. My first time visiting your channel and just felt i had to tell you, my God youre so beautiful! Face, hair, body….all perfect/ideal. Girl slaying it in the looks dept. Straight up #GOALS status, in every single area. 😉 Good for you.
    Im just sayin. 💯👌

  5. I love all the looks and can't wait for my hair to get longer. Have you tried wrapping the flower headband at the base of the poof?

  6. I loved the simple bun. I got fed up with frizz and cut my hair short. I have since discovered CG and will be growing my hair again now that the curls are starting to look nice. I am 2 weeks into my CG routine. I am really loving my curls. Your curls look absolutely beautiful.

  7. Do you think you can do a bun for curly haired girls just without bobby pins? I don’t have any and they bother me.

  8. I just found you, yay! And I have been devouring your videos on curly hair as I just transitioned back to my curls after years of blowing it out straight! Thank you for all of these wonderful informative videos, so helpful!! Keep 'em coming!! 🙂 <3

  9. As a curly haired girl I thank you! I do the bun all the time, but I love the last one and will be trying it more often 🙂

  10. Hi! New to your channel.. video is nice..but my hair r curly as well as fizzy.. when wet,they are like it hair..but when Combed ,they fly everywhere..plus biggest problem is baby hair on crown that never never settle down.. suggest me something.. and something for hair fall too..

  11. But I just really lived your curly pony tail… and that flower one…they tooooooooooooooooooooooo. …awesome really..

  12. Dont you think so that first your hairs are curled and doing this it will be more curly and if it is not working however they first only were curly

  13. Your curls are gorgeous! My hair is similar but I haven't had a good cut in a while and it just costs too much to buy many products so I use 1 or 2 cheap ones. Maybe I missed it in another video, what do you do with your hair when you sleep?

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