5 Minute  Drugstore Everyday Makeup Tutorial Transformation

5 Minute Drugstore Everyday Makeup Tutorial Transformation

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Hey everybody, welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if this is your first time here so today I am doing my everyday makeup routine and As you can see I’ve started off doing my eyebrows. I’ve already primed my face and moisturizing and all that good skincare stuff and I just use a regular Eyebrow pencil that you can get from the beauty supply store now I’m gonna be taking my concealer and just cleaning my eyebrows up. I use the colors fine And this concealer, I just got from the beauty supply store as well Most of the products I use in today’s video are from the V supply store. Well, Who am I kidding all the products I use Period are from the beauty supply store So in a couple of seconds, you’ll see me take my two setting powders one is banana powder and the other is like some labeling Setting powder thingy. I don’t know I got it so long ago and I’m using both of those to set my eyebrows and under my eyebrows now I’m taking my foundation, which I got from Dollar General So I can’t even tell you the brand of it But it’s a lightweight foundation and I really like it for everyday use. So after that, I take the same spray and Spray it, you know and I like to use my Mac powder to fill in any spots I missed I’m going back in with my concealer and concealing under the eyes a little bit on my chain in my nose So now I’m taking this red eye shadow from one of my colleagues and using it as a contour slash blush Because I don’t have any contour and it gives me the look that I want. It’s a really cool trick and if you don’t have any contour you should try it now I’m Taking that same red eyeshadow and I’m using it on my legs and I’m using it as a base This eyeshadow look that I’m doing today is very simple, very basic. So anybody can do it and you can do it yourself you should Try it out I’m going in with this pink color from this other palette I have and it’s like a Shimmery color it’s really pretty and I love it. the eyeshadow look I’m doing today is a mixture between pinky red So now you’re about to see me take another pink shimmery color and apply that on top of the pink I already have on just to give it some more definition to make that color pop I’m taking my liquid eyeliner and defining moles because of all that makeup and powder it Covered it up and I like to show off my mole’s cause I think they’re cute So now I’m setting my face because you can never have enough setting spray, right? It’s mascara time(yayyyyyyyy) I’m sorry guys, I did a horrible job of me showing you me applying the mascara sorry lol Now I’m taking some more eyeshadow and using that as highlight don’t judge me guys we all do it I know you guys do it too and I’m just applying it to my nose the bridge of my nose and my cheekbones Wow, come on highlight I Almost forgot about my lips So I just take my two brown lip pencils and outline my lips Because it just makes the pop once you add the lipgloss That completes my everyday makeup routine I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did leave a like and if you’re feeling generous Maybe a comment too So don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye

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