5 Minute Face: Hailey Bieber’s Makeup Routine

5 Minute Face: Hailey Bieber’s Makeup Routine

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Hey, I’m Hailey Baldwin and I’m going
to be taking you through my every day makeup routine using some of my favorite bareMinerals
products. To start we use a tinted moisturizer that
I really love – it’s called complexion rescue and it has SPF in it, super light. You don’t want to use something heavy for
everyday use. So, I use this brush and put it all over super
light nothing heavy. The next thing I’m going to do is put a
little bit of concealer on my eyes. I’m going to use the bare skin concealer
for this. I don’t ever like anything too thick under
the eyes and this is a really nice consistency. Just going to tap it in, put it on the lids
because I do that. Next, I’m going to do bronzer because I
like to try to match my face to my body as best as possible even though my face is so
much lighter than my body. I’m going to use the invisible bronze. It’s actually a really nice color. It’s not too dark. Just going to take it to the cheeks and a
little bit over the nose so it looks a little sun kissed, that’s the point. It’s all about blending. And not messing up your hair while you do
it. And then I’m going to take the invisible
glow highlighter because I want to look fresh, glowey and dewey. That’s the most important part of my every
day makeup. Put a little on the nose, I like to put it
right up above my cheek bones and temples. I also like to take a little bit and put it
right in the corner of my eyes to make me look fresh and awake. And a little bit right under my nose. That’s a personal preference, you don’t
have to do that if it’s not your thing. I don’t really like to do too much on the
brows because I like them to look really natural and just full and brushed. Again, I like for everything to be super natural
and really minimal. Cool. Alright next I’m going to do some mascara
so I’m going to use Love Every Lash micro defining mascara. Again, I don’t like mascara that’s super
thick and gooey and this one is really light and really gets the job done. You don’t have to use too much to get what
you need. I’m going to use the mineral veil – it’s
just a nice translucent powder. I’m going to put it in the spots where I
get a little oily and sweaty. Usually on my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin
and jaw. And then for my final step, I’m going to
do a lip. I’m going to use the Gen Nude Gloss. I usually like to use something that’s similar
to the color of my lips and this is a really good color. I don’t like for lip gloss to be too glossy,
too sticky. This is a really nice consistency and it just
goes on really nice, feels moisturizing on your lips too because sometimes lip gloss
doesn’t help with that but this does. And it smells nice, which is important. Alright well there you have it! Now I’m ready to start my day. I feel beautified and I feel good, I’m ready
to go.


  1. at first i didnt like hailey cause of selena and justin but come on hailey is so cute pretty and sweet
    why would anyone hate on her ?
    selena and hailey are diff. and both are amazing
    lets forget about justin and selena
    its hailey and justin now
    lets support selena
    i love selena hailey and justin

  2. Already make up on your face before you applied anything cuz u r sooo ugly without makeup not even half of selena

  3. you are scheming,opportunistic and fake you look like a dude and you pissing us off with your horrible commercials and you was already maked up at the beginning of the video…NEXT !

  4. Tout le sais très bien que Selena est plus belle que hailey même Justin Bieber le sais ! Mais svp laissez la tranquille, arrêtez de l'insulter.

  5. Idk why her features seem masculine to me. She could totally look like a guy if she wasn't wearing pink. No offense.

  6. For everyone saying she had makeup at the beginning let me tell you that if you take care of your skin you can look like that, it is not impossible. She is a model, she has to use a lot of makeup so of course she takes care of her skin to make it look healthy and beautiful ♥️

  7. Bruh if this girl is tellin us having dark circels or sleepy eyes, what do we have? I wouldn‘t even use any concealer if I had her ‘dark circles‘

  8. Its funny how these butt hurt little fatsos can even compare a 15 year old looking mouse like Selina to this girl. No comparison.

  9. Who gives. Shit for your training u stupid with your messy unwashed hair go take care if your messy hair first before come infront of camera


  11. u have make up before you started. nothing happened. no matter how much make up you put on… you still look like a TRANSGENDER!

  12. Why r you hating on her i mean maybe yall jealous she has perfect skin and you dont and comparing her to selena, i mean seriously she and selena are botu beautiful and she is soo kind maybe thats why justin chose her

  13. 🤮 hailey need to do something on hair…..her hands like guy 😎 wrong MODEL, even don't know how to do makeup 🤣🤣😁

  14. It's funny when celebrities promote makeup or do these tutorials when they've obviously had work done on their face. Everday average people won't look the same wearing the makeup.

  15. You are a fake Hailey Baldwin. Stop pretending you didn't get plastic surgery because you did. Sad and pathetic.

  16. Why are people always asking why everyone hates her duh because she's thirsty AF and always trying to compare and be better than Selena and she's definitely not facts

  17. Did she seriously start with bare skin?? Looks like she already applied foundation? And agree, can't see any difference really besides a bit of brows, lips and lashes. I honestly have nothing against Hailey Baldwin, just seems like they could've been more authentic with starting with a bare face. Or maybe she uses a self tanner on her face? Just doesn't seem like a helpful video for viewers.

  18. she was literally wearing makeup before she started how is this a tutorial when you’re already wearing makeup i’m-

  19. She already has makeup on. She's absolutely beautiful, and probably doesn't need makeup. But she definitely already has makeup on.

    Big fan of the products! But would have liked if they kept it real and authentic. No shame in bare skin bare minerals.

  20. We need to see videos of your products being used on older women with wrinkles, please!!

    This young lady has absolutely perfect skin to begin with! If you believe in your products, show us how your foundation can truly make our skin look flawless as you advertise!

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