5 najlepszych perfum The Different Company

5 najlepszych perfum The Different Company

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Hello my dears Some time ago I made a video on 10 facts about a niche perfume brand The Different Company in which I mentioned there are many interesting aromatic compositions in this brand’s portfolio. Since during last two months I had a chance to test almost all the scents available in brand’s offer, I decided to tell you about five of them which I think are the best, the ones worth knowing and having. Let me start with my personal favourite. ‘Sublime Balkiss’ by The Different Company. Here it is. It’s a modern, skipper, floral-fruity scent with detectable rose and blackcurrant note. I like it in perfumes a lot. Blackcurrant can be found in scents like Lancome ‘La Via Est Belle’ or Lalique Amethyst. Of course I have both of them in my collection. ‘Sublime Balkiss’ was created in 2008 by The Different Company’s creator’s daughter, Celine Ellena. Interestingly, this scent is a bestseller. This scent sells the best from all available in The Different Company’s portfolio all around the world. It would be a problem for me if it wasn’t niche perfume. Even if something is a bestseller in the world of niche perfumes, chances of meeting somebody on a street who uses this scent are small. I like it a lot. Polish stars like Agnieszka Włodarczyk and Joanna Przytakiewicz admit using this scent. I’m not surprised. I believe this perfume is really beautiful. It’s on top of my list for a reason. I fell in love with it immediately, I’ve been using it passionately for some time. You may know it already as I spammed you with this information in all social media. I wrote about it on Instagram, I showed it on Snap, Facebook. I even included this scent in May and June favourites. But that’s just me. If I like something, I like to share it with you, I like sharing and talking about things that are worth trying. This scent is for sure. This scent is outstanding. It’s fresh and green on one side, floral and a bit bitter on the other. It unfolds beautifully on skin. It’s perfect for spring-summer season as a scent for everyday use. Something in this scent builds distance. It’s hard to explain in words, you must feel it on your own skin. Because of the feeling of distance this scent builds, I think it could suit a modern businesswoman perfectly, the one that is stylish, classy and elegant. This scent is really amazing, intriguing. To make the effect stronger I very often mix ‘Sublime Balkiss’ with famous ‘Molecules’. It doubles the effect of being intriguing. I highly recommend this scent to you. Test it, as not many scents cause such emotions. Second scent on my subjective list of the best perfumes by The Different Company is ‘Pure Eve’. This is a composition from 2011, also created by Celine Ellena. What kind of scent is it? It’s milky, floral, almond composition. Almonds are very detectable here. Here comes a problem, I’m not the fan of almonds in perfumes. On the contrary, the more almonds in perfume, the bigger chance I won’t like it. Great example is my “love” to cult perfume ‘Hypnotic Poison’, the red poison. But ‘Pure Eve’ perfume is an exception, in case of this scent I regret I’m not almonds fan, as I’d like to use it, but almonds decrease my mood. But I appreciate this composition a lot, I think it’s beautiful, very delicate, ultra feminine. It’s close to skin, it doesn’t leave a “tail”, mostly we can sense it. If you like almonds in perfumes, but not only, you must try this scent. It gives a feeling of being covered with a warm, delicate shawl. This scent is universal, it’ll be good in almost all conditions. It’s the best for everyday use. I highly recommend testing it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Next three scents I’d like to tell you about come from cologne series, created for The Different Company by Emilie Copperman. You may know her from compositions like Paco Rabanne ‘Black XS’, or ‘Givenchy’ series from Play. These perfumes have a few characteristic traits. Their corks are not heavy and metal but black and bakelite. Secondly, all perfumes from these series have an etiquette with ingredients. Even if we don’t know what’s inside, we can read. Thirdly, all scents in this collection are available only in one capacity, 90 ml. Let me remind you, that we can buy fillers to all 90 ml perfumes from The Different Company. This is how it looks like, it’s a metal bottle, funnel is included. After opening the bottle we can pour the filler through a funnel. Thanks to that we can save money. It’s a very interesting and rare solution. My beloved scent from this collection is ‘Tokyo Bloom’. As you can see, it’s green. It smells the same as it looks, it’s green and fresh. I don’t know how about you, but I like green scents a lot. I feel very good in them. That’s one of the reasons I like ‘Tokyo Bloom’. I fell in love with this scent immediately, though it took me some time to understand why. It seems there is a big dosage of basil in this scent, which as you know I adore it. Both the taste and the flavour. Basil, basil, basil. But not only, it also includes dandelion, delicate floral notes and blackcurrant. Blackcurrant again. You can see I’m a big fan of scents with this note. This all brings to mind children running on a meadow, picking up dandellions, so positive associations, that bring smile to our face. I think this scent is adorable, Everytime I think about it I start smiling, as you can see. This scent is very green, very joyful, but it’s also uncommon. It’s not fresh like sport or citrus scents. It’s a specific composition of different ingredients. It’s increadibly interesting because of that. It’s also very close to skin. I mean it. We need to put our wrist to nose to feel it. Unfortunately, it’s unsustainable. It’s the least sustainable scent among cologne series. Colognes aren’t very sustainable anyway. It stays on my skin for about two, three hours. But I forgive it its ephemerality, as I think it incarnates Japanese approach to scents. Hence the name, Tokyo Bloom. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Japanese don’t like characteristic, strong and heavy aromas. Just the opposite. They prefer delicate, close to skin scents, that are not easily detectable. Though they buy Chanel N°5 very often, but not to use it, just to keep it on a shelf and admire as one of the synonyms of luxury. That was a curiosity. It all suits, the delicateness, ephemerality and elusiveness of this scent. So I highly recommend it to you, I like it a lot. ‘Kashan Rose’ is another scent I like a lot. As you can see, it’s pink. And I’m a great fan of this colour. Not only in the context of perfumes. This composition is simple and unpretentious. This scent opening is fresh and green, probably thanks to salvia. Then we can smell pepper and cardamon that give this scent a character. At the end we can smell floral notes, peony among others. Title rose is delicate, transparent and fresh. It unfolds beautifully on skin. It’s not a very long lasting scent. There is no mark after this scent on skin after a few hours. Anyway, it’s worth trying, because it’s an optimistic, casual composition perfect for everyday use. It’s not Saint Graal among scents, but it’s good for fans of delicate, floral aromas, with detectable rose note, as well as for people looking for an interesting alternative for clones of fresh scents available in chain perfumeries So I higly recommend testing this scent. Last composition I’d like to tell you about today is The Different Company ‘After Midnight’. Unisex composition based on iris. Designed as a cologne to be used at night. Hence the violet colour, which refers to noctural name and to iris. I must say I’m not a fan of iris in perfumes, as it usually means a scent will be powder. I don’t like powder scents, as they give me a headache. I was afraid it would be similar in this case. As soon as I noticed there is iris in ingredients I thought I wasn’t going to like the scent. Fortunately, I wasn’t right. I’m positively surprised. Instead of a typical, powder iris, I received a very interesting, sensual, floral- fruity mix, which I like a lot. Opening of the scent is fresh and juicy, it brings to mind freshly squeezed citrus juice. Refreshing bergamot and angelica mix here. With the passing of time, it becomes more dry, then you can sense floral notes like jasmin and iris. But not powder and puffy iris, but cool, as if it was just picked up. Of course you can also sense resin, which gives ‘After Midnight’ peculiar depth and sensuality. They stay on our skin the longest. It all makes ‘After Midnight’ light but also sensual, warm and enveloping. Though ‘After Midnight’ is unisex composition, I believe it’s much better for women. But men can use it as well. It all depends on the skin, on appropriate skin it can smell beautifully. Contrary to the name, I wouldn’t say we should use this scent after midnight. I would rather say it’s perfect to use during the day, and during summer, warm evenings. It’s perfect for a meeting with friends, but not for a date or night voyage. We reached the end of my subjective list of the best perfumes from The Different Company. I trust you learned something more about these scents. I’m curious which of those compositions you like the most, which are you interested in. Maybe you have some of them and would like to share your opinion. Please let me know in the comments. I wrote a text about five best perfumes from The Different Company. You may find a link below the film. I described a few other scents in this text, apart from my five favourite ones worth knowing. If you’re curious and would like to systematize your knowledge about The Different Company scents, I recommend you this text. Let me remind you that you can buy The Different Company perfumes in Polish online perfumeries, Tagomago.pl perfumery has a very wide offer of these scents in attractive prices. Why am I mentioning it? Together with Tagomago.pl perfumery we’ve prepared a special discount for you, 20% off for the whole assortment of The Different Company. It starts today and lasts till the end of August. You may find all the details on my blog in the text about five best perfumes from The Different Company. I higly recommend you this text. I wish you great shopping. I’d also like to say a few words about Tagomago perfumery. You often ask me about an online perfumery worth recommending. Here’s my answer. One of such perfumeries, checked, credible, that sell original products is Tagomago perfumery. It has been on market since 2006. It’s one of the biggest and best known online perfumeries in Poland. In its assortment we may find make-up and care products, but also fragrances. Fragrances from different brands, starting with chain brands finishing on niche and luxurious ones such as The Different Company. If you were looking for a checked perfumery, I recommend you Tagomago.pl Let me tell you one more thing. I visited Tagomago headquarter located outside the Warsaw, I had an idea back then, I thought that maybe I should create a material in which I could tell you how such an online perfumery works. I had a chance to observe a few interesting things. I think that if you’re interested in such a topic, I could prepare such a material for you. So let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in something like this. Maybe you have some questions concerning functioning of such an online shop. I’m waiting for your comments and suggestions. My dears, this is all for today. Thank you very much for your time and attention. In the description below the film you may find links to articles and films mentioned about The Different Company, as well as links to all the social media I use, especially Instagram and Snapchat, since I’m there the most often. I highly encourage you to subscribe to my channel. See you in the next film. Bye bye.


  1. Trafiłam tu całkiem przypadkiem, mam zwyczaj włączanie filmików na YouTube np.podczas malowania paznokci, pakowanie się, sprzątania, szperania w internecie. Jakie miłe zaskoczenie tym,że jest osoba w sieci, któa nie ma posklejanego filmiku z miliona części po jednym zdaniu każda. Nie gniewam się, że nie masz słowa przyjaciółka w swoim słowniku i jestes snobką. Lubię dobrze zmontowane filmiki z konkretną treścią, wyróżniające się od pozostałych. Na razie oprócz Radzkiej jesteś drugą taką osobą na,którą trafiłam ! Pozdrowienia Z Torunia !!!

  2. A czy orientujesz się co do opakowań tej firmy ? nieraz są białe, czarne lub w kwiaty w zależności od zapachu ? Pozdrawiam

  3. Sublime Balkiss są cudowne! Chyba staną się moimi numer 1. Właśnie do mnie lecą 😉 A Pure Eve też są bardzo ładne, mają taką kremową, delikatną nutkę. Bardzo przyjemne.

  4. witaj. Nie wiem czy tylko ja tak czuję, ale mając na nadgarstkach sublime balkiss oraz narciso Rodriguez for her edp po jakiejś godzinie czuję, że stają się bardzo podobne. Czy w wolnej chwili sprawdzisz?;) ps. dziękuję za rzetelne recenzje!

  5. Dzień dobry:) Proszę napisz mi gdzie można powąchać te zapachy?:)że tak bardzo dobrze znasz się na zapachach mam do Ciebie jeszcze jedno pytanie a raczej prośbę:) marzy mi się taki zapach, że spryskana nim gdzie nie wejdę jeszcze długo będą o mnie pamiętać gdy wyjdę wszyscy Ci co tam zostają;).Tylko w miarę przystępnej cenie:) Dziękuję

  6. Dzięki Twoim vlogom poznałam kiedyś markę TDC, zaciekawił mnie Sublime Balkiss i zauroczył na dobre Bachmakov.

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