1. Former esthetician student here. Your eye cream can go between your serum and your moisturizer during skincare! I'm slightly disappointed she didn't mention it, but the more you know!

  2. I agree brushes and sponges get discusting thats why i buy cheap brushes and throw them away evey month even though i wash them everday with soap and water ladies i get cheap 2 dollar beauty blenders through them out cheap dollar tree brushes they even have elf in dollar tree brushes and toss them.

  3. SIS! NEED THE ANSWER! You don't recommend picking breakouts, BUT, what is your opinion on going to get facials every month and the facial lady doing extractions all over your face? Thoughts?

  4. i know that we're not supposed to touch our skin and squeeze etc but how the heck am i supposed to get rid of black heads? those strips that you can buy at the drugstore do not help at all (and i've heard that they also damage the top layer of your skin) what am i supposed to dooooooo

  5. Okie i thought i was watching an old video of yours but seriously its in 2019 …how r u looking so young..and anddd drop dead gorgeous 😍okie ima getting some lesbo feelings damn

  6. I will be traveling one of the things I am doing is seeing a dentist, then a dermatologist, I want to remove the acne scars(mine are dark brown marks) that was from fungal acne. Can you recommend something I can do at home before December that's when I'm planning my trips first the dentist will take more time and I want liposuction for my chin and neck and buccal fat from my cheeks removed I bite my fat cheeks too much lol. I guess I'm doing my mid 40s new life change and I see dermal rollers never tried and I use glycolic acid which works but then the future gal acne comes back. I heard of water sanding abrasion but not sure if that's the name. A video on types of treatments from a dermatologist would be nice in new York or California.

  7. I’m a teen girl who loves makeup and I have a skin care routine most of the products are either from the doctor ( I have eczema ) or they’re natural but I keep getting breakouts. Help please !!! Any suggestions on what products I should use !!!

  8. هدى بيوتي تكتب العنوان بالعربي والفيديو نفسه تحجي بي انكلش وماتترجمه

  9. هدى بيوتي انا من معجبينك ونفسي بمجموعتك الحلووه مقدر اشتريهاااا احد يهديني هديه بلييييزززز نفسي بهديه

  10. صايره كوكتيل من كيم وكايلي يلا كمليهه وزودي عليهن كيندال حته تكمل الخلطه 😂😂

  11. ممكن تثبيت تعليقي من أجل اتمام الشرط الأول

  12. Okay so this is a great video for HER and HER skin. A lot of people’s skin does not react well to oils (mine included) so I don’t think she should generalize her skincare routine as “good skincare”. Everyone’s skin, PH, melanin, and skin history is different so no one should be following the exact same skin care routine or steps. Me not using any oil on my face is not a skincare “mistake” because my skin develops cysts when I use oils. I also have a 4 step skincare routine that totally saved my skin, so using less products for me actually worked better. There are some skin types that need even LESS than that and that is not “bad” skincare because using more can have the opposite effect. Moral of the story, figure out your own skin through trial and error and research. Also your skincare should start with your diet.

  13. Omg I love this video I have been having a lot of acne maybe that’s one of the reason that I’m not usen the right things in the right order. Please do another video and explain a little more 🙏🏻😘

  14. You need to keep doing this makeup look, your no makeup makeup look! Your cheeks don't look as harsh like your everyday contour. You look gorgeous here!!

  15. I am 15 and I would love to get beter skin but I think that those are to much steps and products for me. Ore am I rong ? I need your help🥺

  16. please don't talk fast like that you are literally running and this isn't helping the people who are from middle east and they are the most of your followers, plus it's annoying and confusing everyone.

  17. Can you tell me what system to use? I have tried so many but some just don't work well so what cleanser, toner, serum and oil do you use? Especially with dark skin middle eastern skin it's hard when we can scar so easy from breakouts.

  18. حبيت بس ابي افهم ليش العنوان بالعربي والفيديو كله انجليزية 🤔😕

  19. I so appreciate this info now I'm in my 30s and realize how important skincare actually is I wish I would have had this knowledge in my 20s lol I tell all the younger girls to start now don't wait til ur my age(34) and start but I guess better late than never in my case. I love your skincare videos please keep giving me your knowledge I definitely need it after having cystic acne and scarring in my 30s. I can't learn enough so please please keep these videos coming!

  20. Btw u are so amazing and ur faux filter is my favorite foundation it's all I use and I'm in love with all of ur products u are just stunning and I look up to u so much bc its obvious how knowledgeable u are in so many areas!!!!! Ty so much I can't tell you enough how amazing you are I would love to pick your brain lol fr

  21. I’m sorry, but you’re the last person someone should take skin care advice from. Having facial fillers isn’t a good enough reason for you to own a brand. I’ve reviewed and tried your products and you’re just privileged. There is nothing about you or your brand that is ground breaking. And you also have NO idea what you’re talking about when it comes to skin care. Leave it for the real gurus. I’m not even a Tati fan, but at least she knows what she’s talking about and doesn’t look like a clown.

  22. مرحبا هدى اني متابعتك من العراق شعري يهلس ادعو لي يثخن دعوت الغريب مستجابه

  23. Hey, I have a question. What if I have already popped zits/ touched my face, and now I have scars/bumps on my face from it. How do I get rid of it?

  24. What best suits oily skin..I’m sick and tired of my skin..my whole body is oily I don’t know what to do with my face please help..love you😍🥺

  25. Hello! 🙂 I'm loving your videos, you have such a beautiful vibe.

    I have a question, maybe you may help me. I have rosacea with "acne", I dont know If I can call it acne. But I'm strunggling a lot with that. Do you have some tips about Rosacea or sensitive skin?

    Thank you so much, a lots of love

  26. Can you please explain skin care routine during period what should i do if i hvave any acne wich i do especially when i had previous acne all over my face and i had to go to doctor and i feel anxious about my skin am early twenties 23 help 🥺

  27. اش الترتيب الصحيح بعد غسول الوجه والتونر مافهمت احد يكتبلي الخطوات ؟

  28. Thanx alot for this video bcoz my face is suffering from lots of ance nd pimples marks… nd I'm now… 21 😡😡😡😡😡

  29. Thank u so much huda I feel you are near to us.. I also suffer from dark spots after acnee. When I see ur face. I said to me. Okey enshallah my skin will be better. Even all my conditions

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