6 LIFE & BEAUTY Hacks You Must Try … | #Skincare #Makeup #Fun #Anaysa

6 LIFE & BEAUTY Hacks You Must Try … | #Skincare #Makeup #Fun #Anaysa

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your choice is too good Wow!!! But how did you know Mom he is working in a Wow Company You were true your Mom is …. a magician!! she get to know about everything Bring something for us too for free… have you brought something what’s shame in this , after all he is my son in law anyway there’s occurs lot of issues on your skin with weather changes Yes Mummy You’re my own Follow this four step treatment suits to all skin types So first wash face with this Wow Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Wash this cleanses your skin so well then apply this Wow’s Aloe Vera Gel Peel Off mask All knows about the goodness of aloe vera removes dirt and dead skin cells then apply Wow’s After sun soothing gel this soothes your face and at last… I know last step is with Aloe vera sleeping pack it rejuvenate your skin over night and these four steps will solve our almost all skin issues and sleep wash your face in the morning How much your earn monthly 20,000 per month just put it back in the plate but… but I got promotion now and I am Company’s Manager and 1 lakh is my salary now My child…I was saying to reheat these Samosas don’t make me fool you Greedy lady what Mom… he has gone and thats free stuff too I keep on buying these products regularly and you’ll get all of them easily on flipkart and what are you waiting for?? hit 1,00,000 likes & watch more life hacks need to charge it better to this take spring from a pen and wrap it around the corner like this this saves wire from breaking just let it be even I am in stress have you too seen that ageing nightmare even Bharti too were looking old but didn’t found Jeetu stress causes Wrinkles but I have this just need to apply it well before sleeping this repairs skin and cream penetrates well into the skin during overnight but won’t you get caught in this situation if you too have these same type of keys colour each of them with different colours and make a similar colour mark each lock & key pair and in need just match the colour and done so weird smell might its of someone’s sweat smell this body odour is from her why don’t give her body Cupid perfume let me order it for you these perfume solve my body odour problem you’ve ordered eye lashes again recently bought a lot as I am beginner all got waste trying one by one can’t be able to apply it properly and that glue get sticks on the lids always Ok bring those lashes never apply lashes directly divide them into two parts like this and apply one at outer corner of your eyes so as with the other one this hack help to apply lashes easily have you got all that products Ordered from flipkart especially for you I know there was a sale going on there


  1. Main na dandruff se boht pareshan hu 😩 har saal mere na dandruff ho jate h winter m or itna jyda ho jta h na ki mre head pe ghav ho jta h

  2. madam sardiyo me mota hone ke liye kis trha se food khaye taki belly part mota na ho aur check mote ho jaye plz plz plz koi hack Batao na

  3. Hello anaya di I am kanishka me apni Mummy ke phone me apke hack dekti hu Aap Anna number mujhe dal do please I love you anaya di

  4. Di first hack me to apne bataya Ki
    Night me sleeping pack lagake soye
    Aur wrinkles wale hack me Apne
    Bataya Ki Ratt ko body cupid Ki cream lagalena
    Ek Saath do tezz kaise lagayege🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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