1. For 20 years I've gotten my nails done every 3 weeks and I have never seen the owner of the salon who does my nails use a Nail form. I have never even seen one in the building but even professionals on YouTube are using nail forms.

  2. I ordered a few of these today but i just cancelled the order thanks to your vid… this is not polygel at all… too bad 😔 would be nice for such a low price.. so thanks for showing us!

  3. You don't use any solution with Venalisa. When using with nail forms, apply a thin layer of Venalisa on the form, press on nail and cure. Pop off the form and apply another layer of gel back on the form and apply directly over your cured nail and cure again. Using a thin layer initially prevents gel from oozing out underneath the nail form. I saw this technique on Suzie's videos…I tried it and it works. I'm new to this but it works! I did get an electric nail drill to clean out my "oopsies" underneath. Hey, it happens!!😀

  4. Usually clear gels you get heat spikes (unless stated cooling gel). You can Never get heat spike with cover pink, any opaque coloured gels.

  5. This looks like a fake venalisa. Aliexpress is full of fakes. Sorry this happened to you hun. It's not fun getting ripped off.

  6. I'm glad I found this video..I literally just ordered a 8$ polygel off eBay..I was a little sceptical, but this video put my worries to the side. Seems legit and pretty good for 7$ ! Thanks ! Can't wait to try it !

  7. I dont understand the acrylic nail thing.peoe with bitten nails put them..mits understandble but people with beautiful nails like yours put them…i dont understand this

  8. This is gel not acylicgel. It's great but you dont know how to use it. We are not using cleaner to brush and its going fast and nail is perfect bilding.

  9. You just have to file the nail tip and shape it then go directly to applying the gel? No primer or bond first?

  10. This brand doesn't seem to cure for me. At all. It has been cured many times so I gave up. It's been two months and the original gel nail is still tacky.

  11. I use this kind of gel and i am veryy happy with it.It is very strong and it dosn't lift.Btw nice video😘😘

  12. thank you so much for your help. I order from aliexpress and waiting for my products.. and this video was so helpful and clear to follow.

  13. I have heard that they’ve reworked their formula to make it more like a real polygel, but I’ve not tried this brand. I think If I got one that soft, I’d add some acrylic powder and colored pigment to it to make it more like a sculpture gel. One brand that’s cheap (11 bucks for sixty ml!) is Mshare on Aliexpress. It’s my favorite. Very thick and won’t run anywhere. I’ve even made a second order of it. Offered in five colors too. I’ve got some other cheap brands that are very good too. Cool Girl, and gelike are both very workable.

  14. I’ve tried all these polygel too and it’s strange how we all get different results I find this gel really easy to apply and the staying power of this gel is fantastic I have no lift at all even after 6 weeks ,,yet madam glam was terrible to apply I found u could not play around with the gel to perfect the nail ,and after just a few days it would crack and lift

  15. I really appreciated this video. I’m very scared about buying inexpensive poly gel, but now I have hope. 😊

  16. I know some people are saying this was boring but I really appreciate you showing the consistency and giving use your opinions on the product in depth. That's what alot of reviews are missing

  17. Thank you so much for making this video it was actually very helpful (google wouldn't give me answers on how to use polygel)

  18. can you mark the time you actually start using the damn thing… oh.. 5 minutes.. you are playing with that for 5 minutes… time well spent

  19. I don't know why when I was watching you play in the polygel I thought if Willy wonka and the chocolate factory

  20. Hello, I’m having a problem about the dry of the gel on my nail. The gel gets out of the nail very quickly after puting it twice on the UV lamp about 2 minutes. Could you pls help me? Does this happen because of the lamp? because my gel is the Same as yours the only difference is that the gel is on a Bottle.

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