7 Skincare Mistakes Men Make (And How To Fix Them!)

7 Skincare Mistakes Men Make (And How To Fix Them!)

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7 Deadly Skincare Mistakes
[0:00:00] Antonio: All right, gentlemen. Today, we’re talking about seven deadly
skincare mistakes. Aaron: Did somebody say skincare? What’s up gentlemen? Good to see you, Antonio. Antonio: All right, guys. My special guest today is Aaron Marino. Aaron: I know a thing or two about skincare. Antonio: Yeah. Aaron: Seeing that I am one of the co-founder
of Tiege Hanley, the most uncomplicated and most amazing skincare system in the history
of skin. And so, what do you think? Antonio: Yeah. Aaron: Can we do this together? Antonio: Let’s get into it. Boom! [Music] The first deadly skincare mistake
is not giving a damn not doing anything about your skincare. Aaron: One of the reasons why most men are
a little bit like hesitant to use skincare is they feel like it’s less manly or… Antonio: Yeah. It’s not – it’s not macho. Aaron: Taking care of your skin and doing
something developing a routine using the proper products, it’s about health. It’s almost like fitness for your face. You got to make sure that you’re not only
taking care of your body — that sexy ass – sexy ass body. Look at that thing. You got to make sure you’re taking care
of that handsome face. Antonio: I love that fitness for the face. Aaron: Fitness? Antonio: Yeah. Aaron: You can steal that. Antonio: Okay. I’m going to steal that. Mistake number two, picking at your face. You’re going in you’re popping those pimples
with dirty hands. Guys, wash your hands and you don’t need
to be picking at things. Aaron: Here’s the thing, you’ve got leave
your face alone. So many guys get all in there, you get a pimple
you get something and you want to [say]. That is a surefire way to develop scabs. And if you have scabs or if you’re picking
and you’re popping, you are running the risk of scarring. And so, the best thing you can do is to not
touch your face. The other thing is that people transfer — when
they touch their face they transfer all sorts of…
Antonio: Bacteria. Aaron: Bacteria and dirt and oil. Don’t pop, don’t pick, leave your face
alone so it stays handsome and scab and blemish-free. Antonio: Deadly skincare mistake number three,
gentlemen. The same bar of soap you’re using to wash
your ass you are using on your face. Aaron: Oh, no! That is – that’s not a mistake, that is
– that is – that is destroying that handsome and the potential for handsomeness. The reason did you know that the skin on your
face is very different than the skin on that – that – that sexy body and the reason
is because the skin on your face is much thinner more delicate. A bar of soap destroys like it is really bad
to use it on your face. The Tiege Hanley wash is the best face wash
you’re ever going to use. It gently removes all the dirt all the oil
all the grime, but it leaves all of the moisture and the essential oils that your face basically
has. And so, you need to make sure you’re using
something that’s not drying that’s going to clean without stripping. Antonio: Deadly skincare mistake number four,
not using a moisturizer. Guys, everyday you’re going out there and
you’re exposing yourself to the elements, guess what? This is damaging your skin. Aaron: If you’re not moisturizing, you are
going to age faster you’re going to look older, you’re going to get wrinkles. A moisturizer morning and night. Morning should have an SPF of 20, we’ll
talk about that in a second. But, also at night when you’re sleeping,
this is when your body is rebuilding and repairing itself. You need to make sure that you’re giving
your skin the essential oils the nutrients all the vitamins all the things that come
and the PM moisturizer of Tiege Hanley to make sure that when you wake up, you’re
healthy handsome and looking amazing like you should. Antonio: Deadly mistake number five, gentlemen. Not using sunscreen. Okay. So, we just started getting into it, but I’ll
bring this guy back. Aaron: No, you go. Go. Go. Antonio: I can talk about sunscreen? Aaron: Go. Do it! Antonio: All right. Well, let’s talk about ever heard of skin
cancer? Guys, when you, I mean, let’s just… Aaron: Let’s not sugarcoat it for the gentlemen. Antonio: Yeah. I mean this is something that’s serious
and you can pick it up in your twenties or thirties. Aaron: Think of it this way. The sun is like beating the crap out of your
face, right? All day it’s just pounding on it, it’s
pounding and unless you’re protecting it with an incredibly amazing broadband spectrum
like sunscreen, this is what’s going to stop the sun’s harmful rays from really
destroying your face and ultimately preventing you from developing skin cancer. Skin cancer is the real deal. You need to make sure that you are protecting
yourself every single time you go out. Antonio: That’s what I love about Tiege
Hanley is it makes it so simple to apply. It’s built right into the product. Aaron: The AM moisturizer from Tiege Hanley
does have an SPF of 20. When we were developing this product, most
companies recommend just using a 15. Antonio: What about me? Aaron: You want some of that? [Laughs]
Antonio: Thank you. Aaron: Perfect. Antonio: Face massage. Aaron: 15, and we said, no, we wanted to have
a skincare product that was more preventative and so, we went with 20. The technology that goes into our AM moisturizer
is ridiculous. Guys, if you’re not using anything, use
this. Antonio: Deadly skincare mistake number six,
gentlemen. Your diet sucks. You need to eat better food, you need to drink
more water, you need to take care of your body by paying attention to what goes in it. Aaron: It really does start with your diet. You’ve got to be making sure that you’re
hydrated. If your skin is – if you’re not hydrated,
your skin is going to reflect that. It’s going to be drier, your wrinkles are
going to be more set in. It’s not going to be as elastic. If you’re eating a lot of saturated fat
and bad fat and fast food and a lot of sodium and processed foods, your skin is going to
become more oily. More oily skin equals more breakouts more
blemishes. You got to make sure that you’re eating
a healthy diet. The diet and what goes in is going to be a
direct reflect on the way that that skin looks. That was – that was… [Laughs]
[0:05:07] Antonio: Yes. Aaron: That was seductive. [Laughs]
Antonio: Yes. Aaron: And, last, but should be first deadly
skincare mistake number seven. Antonio: You do not have a routine. And here’s a thing with routines is if you
have a routine, you can actually adjust it, you can see what’s going on, and you can
change things up. And if you have no routine if you are a random,
you know, you wash your face sometimes, use different products all over the place. Aaron: We have a term for it at Tiege Hanley,
it’s shopping commando. You sort of go in and you’re like, oh, I’ll
try this and let me try that and maybe I’ll use this, but the fact is you need a routine. So, here’s the thing about Tiege Hanley,
the most uncomplicated and amazing skincare system in the history of skin. Guys, there is a link down below because Antonio
has been so gracious as to let me come and take over his video with my big mouth, we
are going to give you guys a special crazy deal. There’s a special link down below if you
want to try Tiege Hanley. The reason why Tiege Hanley is so incredible,
we take all of the guesswork out of looking incredible. And each system, you get this card, morning
and night it’s going to tell you exactly what to use in what order. Also, we show you how much. We have taken all of the guesswork and then,
we give you the products you need and nothing extra. All these skincare companies, they’re just
trying to sell you a ton of products. You need certain products. You need to wash twice a day, you need to
exfoliate twice a week, moisturize morning and night. You need that AM moisturizer to have an SPF
of 20. And then, for you guys out there that are
a little bit older, maybe you want to try Tiege Hanley Level 2. It comes with an anti-aging eye cream or take
it to the next level and give mother nature a kung fu punch to the throat with Level 3
which comes with our super serum which is super amazing, really keep your skin as healthy
as possible. Guys, there’s a link down below. Go check us out, Tiege Hanley. We also have recently launched an ACNE system. We’ve got Level 1 and 2 depending on you,
your skin. If you’re more severe, probably go ACNE
Level 2. If you haven’t tried it, it’s an amazing
system and amazing product. And, this guy is – is amazing. So, thank you. Antonio: Yeah. Well, thanks for being here. And, guys, I will link… Aaron: This sponsored by the way. [Laughs]
Antonio: Yeah. I’m going to link to another video in which
actually you go in and you walk through a pharmacy and he basically goes in and tries
to put this together because he hasn’t talked about this, but the price of Tiege, it’s
a steal for what you get. Aaron: Oh. Antonio: So, you can go out there and try
to price this together and make your own little Frankenstein and you are going to be – you’re
going to end up paying a lot more money for it. Aaron: Tiege Hanley, we’ve taken the guesswork
out of it, made it super affordable and the quality and the products, you’re not going
to find better products out there on the market. Antonio: I agree. I agree. Guys, I’m linking that video plus Tiege
Hanley down in the description. Go check it out. That’s it. Aaron: Thanks, guys. [Bleeping sound] Blah. Why can’t I talk? You need to use – you need to use a wash. Sorry, I can’t – it’s the [babbling]
– that is – see, I get so excited I can’t even stop. [Babbling]
Antonio: [0:07:59 inaudible] Aaron: You’re the one with the pool, I didn’t
know what you’re doing with the pool. Antonio: I didn’t know what I was doing
with the pool. Okay. Aaron: [Laughs]
Antonio: The next deadly skincare mistake, gentlemen. That same bar of soap… Aaron: You didn’t say number three. Antonio: I don’t have to say number three. Aaron: I think you should say number three. So, we just jump into it? Antonio: All right? So… Aaron: [Laughs] Deadly skincare mistake number
three. Antonio: No. No. I’m… Aaron: Okay. Do it. Antonio: I’ll intro my own video. Aaron: Okay. Do it. It’s got to be done. It’s going to be great. [0:08:24] End of Audio


  1. http://www.tiege.com/rmrsmistakes – Click here to check out Tiege Hanley's awesome skincare line. Enter promo code RMRSMISTAKES at checkout and get a great deal on your first box!
    WATCH NEXT: 10 Unattractive Habits (And How to FIX Them!) – https://youtu.be/v6JjZhqY634

  2. This is full-proof guide for amazing skin and overall health, happiness, confidence:
    1) Shower everyday using natural shampoo (and conditioner) free from harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates
    2) Wash your face twice a day (morning and in evening time) using COLD water and natural face soap (olive oil/coconut soap) no chemicals.
    3) Put a night-time moisturizer, and SPF50 broad band spectrum against UVA(ages, wrinkles) & UVB(redness, cancer) sunscreen moisturizer.
    4) Change your pillow covers every two days, and bed sheets every five days. Dont want bacteria and oils left on pillow case from days ago rubbing in your eyes, hair, and face overnight. Keep everything fresh and clean.
    5) Do face masks! No, its not feminine. It will keep your skin looking young, tight, and smooth.
    6) Dont touch your face or scratch. Wash your hands frequently.
    7) Shave face using clean razor/blades/electric shaver. Dont shave your privates then shave your face using the same unit/razor. Yes, some men do that.
    8) Eat 7 cups of veggies EVERY DAY; spinach, broccoli, cabbage, kale, onions, cucumber, green peas and beans, carrots.
    Best fruits: all berries, avocado, banana, orange, pineapple, tomato, kiwi, peach, apricots.
    Make sure your fridge is stocked with these, you could buy frozen berries/fruits, frozen peas and carrots, etc. But always have these fundamental veggies and fruits. Trust me, eat a combination of these everyday for three months and you will see a bright change in your face (and overall health). Most of your daily carbohydrate intake should come from veggies and fruits, the fiber and nutrients will keep you full longer than a cup of rice or pieces of bread.
    9) Exercise!!! MOVE MOVE MOVE. Walk at least 30 minutes EVERYDAY, and do weight lifting 3-4 days a week.
    10) Water, hydrate throughout the day. Dont drink a liter in one go and think you got your water intake for the day. No….drink two cups of water in the morning, then a cup every two hours throughout the day. If you sweat or exercise, make sure you up your water intake.
    11) Hands down the most important piece: Sleep. Sleep resets your body, rejuvenates your body, and heals cells plus muscles. 7 hours of sleep every night CONSISTENTLY. This will be the biggest challenge for most people, but if you master sleep, you have mastered your hormonal balance and in turn that balances your body's overall health. Sleep heals you from the inside out. Sleep anytime between 10-11pm and wake up around 5-6am. Wash your face, put sunscreen moisturizer (get high quality ones, dont be cheap because it will make a difference) and go for a 30 minute fasted walk with water. Get back, shower, and have a nutritious breakfast.

    Follow this religiously and I guarantee you will have the greatest looking skin and health you ever dreamed of. This is EASIER SAID THAN DONE, but the benefits is you live longer, happier, more confident, and a great catch!! Make it habits for 21+ days and it will stick. If you want great health, start by mastering a few of these at a time. I recommend mastering sleep, water, and washing face twice a day plus use of moisturizer night and day. Then slowly get in habit of walking daily, eating more veggies, fruits, then add weight lifting. This will take time, consistency, and commitment.

    ps. Copy, paste, and print this out, stick it on your fridge and bathroom door. Dont give up, you will thank me in a year.
    I studied Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, & Medicine.

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