8 Alternatives To Plastic In Cosmetic Products

8 Alternatives To Plastic In Cosmetic Products

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I’m here in Vancouver…. Roaming around the city. I found this gem of a store called The Soap
Dispensary (Vancouver, BC, CA) and I thought I’d share it with you guys because it’s
really cool. They’re called a zero waste grocery. What does that mean?!? It means they don’t sell any products with
plastic packaging, anywhere in the store. I asked the store manager to give me alternatives
to plastic in personal care. #1 Toothbrush We have different toothbrushes
that are plastic free. We do have with animal hair. What sort of animal did it come from? It’s pig hair. Oh! Okay! It is sanitized, but it’s fully biodegradable…. Okay! And then for vegetarians and vegans there
is a nylon bristle so it does very much reduce plastic waste. Okay, got it! #2 Toothpaste Tubes. It is really difficult to recycle toothpaste
tubes so we do refilled toothpaste, that is made in the US. It’s a clay base, and it goes into a jar,
so it’s a little bit of a different style, but you’re able to actually have a reusable
container. #3 Makeup Containers. The most exciting thing is the makeup! They all come in bulk and there in these cute
little bamboo containers. There are absolutely gorgeous! They do these cute little magnetic palettes. They have eye shadows, they have blushes. And then it can just pop into a palette and
you can do a little mix and match thing. #4 Razors. So instead of buying a whole head, that’s
held together with plastic, and metal and impossible to recycle, you get just one single
blade of metal that drops in. This is an American brand (Parker), and it
just opens up. It’s called a butterfly. And you just drop your blade in, close it
up. So you buy a little pack of razors, and then
you can just use a new razor every time. Umm! 4-5 shaves. #5 Hard Soap. A lot of them are wonderful. They work to be packaging free. So you can come in and just get the straight
soap in cute little vancouver stickers. Yes! I actually bought this one on a previous visit
to the store. And a lot of them do really wonderful things
like she gets lard from a local from a local farm. So instead of it being a waste product she
actually turns it into soap and it makes the soap really hard, rich lather and longer lasting #6 Lip Balm. It’s a fully compostable tube, it’s locally
made by Plenty + Spare. Vegan ingredients. Gorgeous oils and it’s a little push up! So you can push up your lip balm and use it. Once it’s done, you can put it in your compost
bin. #7: Brushes/Combs. This is a wooden comb, which we have tons
of beautiful styles of. Wood again, less plastic. Beautifully soft ones for baby heads. Aww! It’s so soft! I love this! #8 Refills. So we refill. We have lots of locally made options, and
we have moisturizers that are also refillable, or if you have a bottle from something else,
you bring that in and then we can fill that up for you. So we’re also trying to prevent waste that
could go into the environment. So it looks like I’m going to walk away
with a razor. Some refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles,
as well as the shampoo and conditioner to go in it! And I am also going to get one of those really
cool compacts that I swore I was going to get! I’d like the loose powder! Sure! So I have Parker light (name of razor)…. Here’s my loot! If you like the tour of the Soap Dispensary
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  1. 2 days later, I am still jazzed about the butterfly razor. Which product was your fav? Do you have any other eco-friendly alternatives to plastics that I don't see here? One I noticed was lotion tins!

    If you want to check out the store, you can find them here: https://www.thesoapdispensary.com/ The shop owner and staff were amazing!

  2. It’s coming! 😀 What started my research on plastics was the question…. If plastics are made of petroleum and petroleum is biomatter that’s a few million years old… why doesn’t plastic decay like other things? The answer to that question is very interesting and makes bio plastics seem extremely cool!

  3. That razor looks like the kind my dad used when I was a kid. I remember playing with it in secret (so naughty!).

  4. I understand the concern about plastics, but aren't the carbon emissions from flying from California to Vancouver arguably a more pressing issue?

  5. So do you still use the razors on your delicate legs and ummm what nots or have you switched back to conventional?

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