9 TEENAGERS Life Saving HACKS – Makeup, Hair & Beauty | #Fun #Anaysa

9 TEENAGERS Life Saving HACKS – Makeup, Hair & Beauty | #Fun #Anaysa

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Want to buy Makeup Products and Pocket Money ended too… so what we should do for Makeup for this follow our these hacks and hit 1,00,000 LIKES Anishka…. Come fast yes coming… who has entered !!! who’s is here?? I don’t have highlighter brush why are you beating me?? oh.. No.. telling you what you can do for this fix these hair pin in your makeup brush like this got that fan brush like shape now apply the highlighter who’s there? My mom’s lipstick got broken by mistake & can’t ask to anybody as all of my friends are here and there….. & If ask question to anybody would get notifications from so many applications give me your phone I’ve downloaded the hike app in your phone All your friends are here Now you ask whatever you want ask from your friends made a mistake My Mom’s lipstick got broken by me they are sending you amazing stickers No need to type anything here I am dying and you’re talking about the stickers by the way I know a hack for this warm your lipstick a little on candle flame it got fix by itself after melting can’t believe it got fixed this also save from multiple application your nail paint didn’t get dried yet get ready within five minutes we are getting late for the shoot Add a little thinner in your nail paint now shake it well before applying your time is over and you’re still gossiping you both sit apart from each other what he thinks can’t we talk if we sit apart from each other..:-) lets criticise about him I saw both you are criticising me on Hike where?? I’ve just saw it where? show me your phone have you got mad!!! Hike’s hide feature is so awesome Do you’ve an eyeshadow what Eyeshadow?? Give me your Eyeshadow ok you want eyeshadow I don’t have it you always roaming around applying eyeshadow and refused to me to give your eyeshadow Actually I apply Kajal on my eyelid Smudge it with the help of a brush and done with my Eyeshadow she has so many fly aways fix a wet wipe on hair brush then spray a little hair spray over it now do combing Wow.. Nail Art only at RS. 50/- Are you do Nail Art ?? Yes come in get me done beautiful Nail Art want Nail Art on your Toes too?? return me the left amount what amount!! Rs 50/- Written on that board outside See here it 50/- its Rs. 500/- kids did that paste chewing gum on that zero its too affordable to do Nail Art at home this saves money and you can do your favourite Nail art so first apply the nail paint then apply shimmer remove the excess and repeat it on all the nails fix stars or glitters with transparent Nail paint done with your Nail art and rest you can buy the stuff once and can do the nail so many times Smudge Kajal are too expensive do you know anything affordable ok I’ll tell to Aunt about your boyfriend don’t you mind it dear!! I apply any Kajal on Water line area take a little powder on a Makeup brush remove the excess and then gently blend it with my Kajal We are getting late for College How should I roll my hair its getting wet Apply the serum on your hair Now divide your hair in two parts Now lets go now just keep rolling your hair your hair got rolled and we reached our college too there are black heads on her nose i too want to get rid of these black heads Add a little glue in half a spoon of Charcoal and mix till we get a thick waste and apply it wherever you’ve blackheads and let it dry then peel if off after drying this removes your blackheads & whiteheads how awesome these hacks are & this Hike app too gave an hack You can hide your chats so did you download the Hike App did you send the stickers to your friends ?? I too send send the stickers Now you hit LIKE to this video & do SUBSCRIBE to our channel “Anaysa” press that bell icon too Now I am going to do gossips with my friends


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  5. You should refrain from placing glue on your face due to it is only a temporary relief from blackheads. Glue can actually clog your pores and can cause skin irritation.

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