A Beauty Editor’s Entire 19 Step Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

A Beauty Editor’s Entire 19 Step Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

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– Both of my parents are sort
of balding in their eyebrows. My dad’s, they stop here, and my mom just doesn’t have any, so I’m terrified that I’m
going to lose my eyebrows at any moment. (relaxed music) I am the beauty director at bazaar.com. And so what that means
is that I am in charge of all the beauty content you see. I’ve been doing this
for over six years now, three years at Bazaar, and
so I have tried everything you can imagine. Every weird facial, every product. I’ve had some really good skin days and some really bad skin days. This is sort of my routine of today, so it changes every single day ’cause I’m always trying new products. I’ll walk you through what
I’m loving at the moment and how my routine goes today, but yesterday it was different and tomorrow it could be different ’cause that is the life
of a beauty editor. The first thing I do
is I pull my hair back. I always hate when you can
see like, hair in their face during a video, and I have bangs, so those also need to go back. My skin type tends to be kind of dry. I can get some breakouts. You’ll see I have a couple
on my forehead at the moment, but it’s really combination dry, so I’ll have some oily
spots and some dry spots, so I’m always trying to just exfoliate and keep my skin looking bright and clear, and because I am so fair, I hold onto redness really easily. But I also see a lot of people start these Go To Bed With Me videos
with cleansing wipes. I don’t use cleansing
wipes in my own routine. A lot of people do, and that’s
cool if it works for you. For me, I just find them to be a little harsh and abrasive. There is a lot of preservatives
in cleansing wipes to keep them wet all the time, and I also just don’t love that they’re not super eco-friendly, so for me, they’re not my go-to of choice, but if they work for you, great. By all means, but I would
love to see more people switch to cotton rounds
or reusable cotton rounds. So speaking of that, I have
these cotton rounds here. These are from a company called Brandless. I love them. This is a brand new pack
that I just ordered. The first thing I do
is I take off my makeup and then I double cleanse. To take off my makeup,
I use a micellar water. The one I’ve been currently
using at the moment is this La Prairie one, which
is probably like $80 billion. Don’t quote me on that, but you certainly do not have to spend more than $10 on a micellar water. Here’s one from Burt’s Bees that’s also next in rotation for me, so when I am done with this one, I’ll jump into this one. This one is a rose one. It looks really good and it’s
available at the drug store. But since I have already dug
into this La Prairie one, let’s go ahead, and then I
will take one for my lips. And one for my eyes. So double cleansing started in Korea, and it’s a very cool technique where you use an oil cleanser
followed by a foamy cleanser, and it really helps to get
your skin perfectly clean, get all the makeup off, so while my skin, I don’t wet it because you shouldn’t wet your face when you’re using an oil cleanser. Just like, oil and water don’t mix. And the one I’m using
right now is MALIN + GOETZ Facial Cleansing Oil. I love basically every cleansing
oil, I don’t discriminate. So you just really work it into your skin. Get all that mascara off. Okay, so now once you’re
rubbed it into your face, you go in with water. But as you can see, a lot of makeup is still coming off of my face, and that’s why you do a double cleanse, ’cause you always think
you get all your makeup off but you don’t. So now I do the second step of cleansing, and that is this Weleda
Gentle Cleansing Foam. Again, this product can be
something else every other day. This one I’m just loving at the moment. It’s pretty much 100% natural and I love it, it’s a very clean formula. You can get it I think at
Target, which is great. So then you go in with a foamy cleanser. So then I work that into my skin. I just, God I love a
foamy cleanser so much. They’re my favorite thing. And it’s hard to find a
good natural foamy cleanser. So many natural cleansers are oils. And so now I wash my face again. (water running) And now that I double cleansed, I just pat my skin dry ’cause I still wanna keep a
little bit of water on there. So now I’m completely clean. And another myth, if you
notice, I didn’t talk about like warm water or cold water or anything. I just use lukewarm water, and that’s because the biggest beauty myth that bothers me so much is when people say that their pores can open and close. Your pores do not have
muscles around them. They’re not like individual muscles that can open and close,
that’s really not true, and the water temperature
does not affect that. What’s really happening is that the sebum inside of your pores
can react to the warmth and sort of melt away, since it’s oil, and so it can give the illusion
of smaller or bigger pores, but really your pores
are always the same size. So the next step in my routine once I am completely clean is a toner. I’m obsessed with toners, you guys. I have like seven here that
are currently in rotation, but really the one I’ve been using since I got it in Korea, and it’s actually now available at Target, which is really cool, is
this AHC Aqualuronic Toner. And it’s a hydrating toner, but it still has a little
bit of alcohol in it, so it still gets you that
really clean feeling, but it won’t totally strip your skin. I love an exfoliating acid. It works so well for me. I don’t typically ever use scrubs or anything like that ’cause
I just find them to be incredibly abrasive for my skin. My skin is already so prone to redness. As you’ll see, I’ll probably turn red, and then it goes down quite quickly. And that’s because I have reactive skin, but not necessarily sensitive skin. So then my next step is also from AHC, and this one is called an emulsion. So what an emulsion is, if you have dry skin I think
you’d actually really like it. It’s the step sort of
in between cleansing, toning, and your serums
and your moisturizers. So it adds some of that
hydration back into your face to sort of prime your skin
for what comes afterwards. Because hydrated skin
tends to absorb products better than dry skin. So then I give that a moment to settle in, and then I always rub anything
that’s extra on my hands. So at night, I only use
sort of retinol serums or exfoliating serums. I don’t use vitamin C at night. I just think vitamin C
works better in the morning when you are going to get sun exposure. It helps to sort of protect. I have always loved and
continue to love the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I go back to this every couple of months. It’s just really good. It’s one of those products
you put on your face and then you wake up the next morning and you’re like, oh I
actually look better. That’s awesome. This La Mer, The Concentrate, it’s so good. It’s like one of my Holy Grail products. In fact, it’s almost empty. Like I could show you. Like, there’s nothing in here. I just feel like when I use it I notice that my skin feels calmer and looks calmer and doesn’t look as red. Take a little bit of that and I’ll work it into my skin. But you certainly do not have to spend however much money that is on La Mer. I just think it’s really great. I love hyaluronic acid. It is one of my favorite ingredients, especially as somebody who has
sort of combination dry skin. This is from a company called Versed and at Target, and it’s all
vegan, pretty much all natural, and it’s a little booster
with hyaluronic acid. So you can take it and add it to an existing skincare product, so any product, you can add a little boost of hyaluronic acid to it,
which I think is kinda cool. I just will put it on my skin, as is. So then I’ll just pat that on. Hyaluronic acid holds, I think, 1,000 times its weight in moisture. So especially after you
just washed your face, it’s really good to put it on and pull in that moisture from the outside and keep your skin really hydrated. There is also a myth that
oils hydrate your skin. That is not true. Oils, hydrate, hydra
water, oil is not water, so what it does is it protects sort of the lipid barrier on your face and it protects your face from drying out. It can lock in some of that moisture from the steps you’ve done previously, but oils do not hydrate. If you wanna hydrate you need
something like a humectant, like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, and so for me with dry skin, hyaluronic acid is my go to. You know, I hear all the time from people, when should I go to a dermatologist and when should I go to my esthetician or a doctor for my skin issues? And it really depends. If you want a prescription for retinol and you’re serious about fighting acne or fighting wrinkles, then of
course go to a dermatologist. Get your yearly skin
check while you’re there. And if you want Botox or
fillers, I have had both. I’m in need of both. Look how much I can move my eyebrows. It’s upsetting. If you just want to take
better care of your skin, generally, you want a
really good cleaning, deep cleansing routine, then I would go to an esthetician. I have been going recently to Glowbar, which is a new facial concept in Tribeca here in New York City. I’ve gone twice now. It’s like 30 minute facials, in and out. I’m somebody who never really
liked facials that much ’cause I feel like I always
left with my skin much redder and more irritated than when I came in, and it felt like my moisture
barrier was super disrupted for like a month afterwards. I have not had that experience here. I did a microdermabrasion
about a month ago, and then a few weeks
ago I did dermaplaning, so they shaved the entire
first layer off of my skin. But my face feels so soft,
so dermaplaning was fun. I highly recommend it. But really, that’s when you should go. If you are noticing serious
issues with your skin, serious dark spots, hyperpigmentation, acne that just won’t quit no matter what product you’re using, how many times you wash your face, then you need to go to a dermatologist and set up a game plan, but otherwise I think
estheticians are great for just general maintenance and learning about cleansing. Next, once my face has
all these serums on, sometimes I’ll use moisturizer
and sometimes I won’t, and I think that’s kind of funny. I’ve heard from people that it’s odd that I don’t always use
moisturizer at night. I just think with all the
other products I’m using, like my skin feels really soft and bouncy, and I don’t necessarily
need something else. A lot of times I think my skin
looks better the next morning if I haven’t applied
too many products to it or haven’t applied a super heavy, occlusive moisturizer on top. So this is a super lightweight one. It’s from Belif, it’s called
The True Cream Aqua Bomb. You can see I’ve used a
good amount of it already. It’s just a very dewy
hyaluronic acid-based formula. So I’ll use a tiny bit. I try to avoid my eye brows too because I’ve had some
brow people tell me that when you apply too many
products on your eyebrows it can make your eyebrow hairs fall off, and I don’t know if that’s true, but both of my parents are sort of balding in their eyebrows. My dad’s, they stop here, and my mom just doesn’t have any, so I’m terrified that I’m going to lose my eyebrows at any moment. So I’m a little bit cautious with them. So then once my skin is hydrated, I take this thing. And I know it looks super funny, but it’s my favorite
thing in the entire world. It won a Harper’s Bazaar
anti-aging award this past year, and it’s the MDNA, which
is Madonna’s skincare line, face roller and body roller. So it’s giant, it’s not like
your typical jade roller that has like a tiny little wheel. This one is giant. It just feels so good,
especially after a long day. If you carry a lot of
tension in your face. I carry a lot of water
in my lower jawline, so I really like to work my lower jawline. So once I’m done rolling my face, you can also use this as a body roller. I workout six, seven days a week. I do a lot of strength
and resistance training, so I can get incredibly
sore, so this helps a lot. I can roll it down my quads or hamstrings or like on my arms, on
the side of my neck. It feels so good, and that’s why I love that these are oversized, so
it’s not just for your face. So then, I’m gonna brush my teeth because I read your comments and I hear from people all the time that you think it’s weird that people don’t brush their teeth. So I’m going to brush my teeth. I know it’s not sexy or anything, but it’s very important. I think there are people
who don’t brush their teeth twice a day, and that’s crazy to me. If I could brush them
15 times a day, I would. (brush scrubbing) So I just wrote a huge package and feature on clean beauty products, which is why I have some clean picks
throughout my routine right now. One of the most interesting things I reported was about toothpaste. I’ve been sort of convinced
that I don’t need fluoride in my toothpaste anymore. We have fluorinated water
here in New York City, so I’m just trying to reduce
my exposure a little bit. It’s not for everyone. If you have cavities and issues, keep going with the fluoride, go for it, but I’ve been switching to
a fluoride-free formula. So right now it’s Tom’s
but it changes everyday. I’ll go to Whole Foods and
see something and order it. I don’t know, I like this one. You don’t have to sacrifice
taste or texture or anything for a natural toothpaste. Then I’ll floss, and I know
flossing isn’t sexy, either. But it’s important. My dentist says I do a good job. So I’m proud about that. So these are from Moon, and
this is Kendall Jenner’s new oral care brand. These are like, charcoal,
I think, charcoal-inspired. The whole line is charcoal. These are black. I don’t know, I think they’re kinda chic ’cause they’re black. But they’re just regular flossers. And I try and floss every
single day if I can remember. So then after my teeth are
brushed and I’ve flossed, I move on to eye cream and lip balm. Eye cream is one of those products that I’m kind of convinced
doesn’t do anything, because if there was an eye cream that truly healed dark circles, everyone would be buying it. They can help, I just don’t
think they’re miracle workers, but because I am prone
to darkness under my eye and some puffiness and wrinkles,
I use a lot of eye cream. I get Botox in my crows feet, and sometimes I do that
and get incredibly dry in that area, so I’m really all about keeping my under eye area moisturized to prevent wrinkles
from forming over time. This is the new one from Tatcha. I’m obsessed with everything Tatcha makes. This is the silk peony eye cream. If something Tatcha comes to the office I take it home immediately. I love Tatcha. So then I use lip balm. I have two at the moment
that I’ve been loving. Of course you could use Carmax
or ChapStick or anything, but these are cool. This one is from Laneige. It’s a lip sleeping mask. And it lasts for like 100 million years. I think I’ve been using, it’s probably expired at this point. I must have been using this
one for like eight months. And this one smells like
cupcake icing or something, which is the most delicious
smell to go to bed wearing. I’m obsessed. So I’ll just take a little bit. Oh my God, it’s cupcake icing. I don’t understand. It tastes so good. And my lips can get really, really dry and really chapped, especially
when you get lip injections. Nobody tells you that. Then I have sort of two final steps, and they’re more wellness focused, ’cause wellness is part of beauty. So I said that I strength
train, resistance train, six, seven times a week. I love it, it’s my form of therapy, but you can get incredibly
sore when you do that. I have had serious DOMS,
delayed onset muscles soreness, and to help that I have
become obsessed with CBD. I never thought I would like it. I thought it was all complete BS. Thought it was the placebo affect, but it really does work
for muscle soreness. One I’ve been loving at the
moment is this from La La Leaf, its Tru Athlete Sports Gel. It has 550 milligrams of CBD. It’s 87% organic, and it
also has ginger in it, which is so delicious. It smells like spicy, delicious ginger. So this is really, really great for really light muscle soreness. Just like general soreness, I’ll put it on my arms, whatever. But if I’m having serious issues, then this is my Holy Grail product. Lord Jones Royal Oil. It is 100% pure CBD suspended
in I think grapeseed oil, if I’m correct, and it’s
1,000 milligrams per dropper. It is intense. It smells like weed. Like this is weed smell. It’s unbelievable. It’s kind of disgusting, but I like that it’s so incredibly pure. And so I’ll take a
dropper full and put it, like I’ve been having some
issues with my forearms so I’ll take some, and rub it on my forearm. And within 20 minutes, the pain is gone. And then if I’m feeling
particularly anxious or like I can’t sleep,
I’ll take a dropperful, put it under my tongue, hold it there for like 60
seconds, and then swallow, and then it makes me
just feel really relaxed. And then my final step in my routine is Sugar Bear Hair Sleep Vitamins. I wouldn’t say I use
them every single night. I’m a pretty good sleeper,
but if I’m feeling anxious or can’t sleep for whatever
reason, I take these. As you can see, I only
have two left in here. And they’ll give you a
little bit of crazy dreams, like you’ll feel like
you’re tripping a little bit in your sleep, but they
help you to go to sleep and stay asleep, and they’re
also incredibly delicious. They just taste like gummi bears, and they’re vegan, which is
exciting ’cause I’m vegan. So I’ll take two of these gummi vitamins and I’ll fall right asleep. So thank you guys so much
for watching my routine. Again, this is not the way my routine is going to look tomorrow and it’s not the way it looked yesterday because I’m always testing
and trying something new, but I appreciate you guys following along. If you have any questions about my routine or being a beauty editor, let
me know in the comments below, and have a good night. Bye. (relaxed music)


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