A Real Surgeon Performs Surgery In Surgeon Simulator • Professionals Play

A Real Surgeon Performs Surgery In Surgeon Simulator • Professionals Play

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– He keeps bleeding. I should probably give him
something to stop the bleeding. Here we go. Let’s just dab his carotid. That always helps with bleeding. (upbeat music)
(heart monitor beeping) My name is Dr. Johnson C. Lee, and I’m a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I decided to become a plastic surgeon because a plastic
surgeon is one of the few types of surgeons who
can operate head to toe. When you train in plastic surgery, you train in a lot of the
core surgeries as well. So, general surgery, trauma surgery, cranial surgery is where
the brain is exposed. When I was training, we
didn’t have virtual surgery. I’m pretty excited. So, where’d everybody go? It’s just me by myself? No problem. You’ll be alright. I’m assuming I’m supposed
to expose his heart with this handy Home Depot device. I’m gonna create a window in the ribs. Oh, whoa. I guess that’s not very sterile
anymore, so that’s alright. And I’m not even wearing
any surgical gloves, but it’s okay, it’s an emergency. So I’m just gonna grab his bones
and just save em for later. Okay, he’s got a nice heart rate. Should I just take his
lung out of the way? Oh, oh. Okay, I accidentally ripped his lung out. So, I’m just gonna put that here. Can I just grab his heart? No, that’s probably not the best idea. I was always taught that one
of the most important things to do is have adequate exposure, so I’m gonna make my
window a little bit larger. Okay, I can’t do that. Am I supposed to take out all the ribs? Oh, oh, shoot. I did not mean to drop that. Oh, (bleep). Can we call an emergency
cardiac consult? (laughs) Okay, let’s get this one. We need at least one, we can keep a liver. Alright, and then now I’m going to not… I don’t like this blade. I’m very picky. Oh, this is okay. We’ll use a 10-blade, and I’m going to just go
ahead and do an esophagectomy. Take this esophagus out. Take this stomach out, gastric bypass. Oh, I think I just impaled it
on a rib, but it’s alright. And now for the tricky part,
getting rid of this heart. Okay, cut that one.
(heart beating) (intense music) Am I not cutting the wrong… Oh, there we go. Okay, heart, saved. Oh, that… He’s losing a lot of blood. Okay, I don’t have time for this. I’m just gonna open this. Someone watch my blood for me. Here’s the heart. Here you go. Oh, I got a D. What they teach you in surgery
is that you should not… You should never rush. You should never try to be faster, you should just try to be better. I’m gonna do what my mentors taught me and try to improve and
not worry about speed. I’m gonna first create a wide exposure to make sure that I have adequate access to the surgical field. My goal here is minimum blood loss so I can get the best grade,
just like in real life. Grab the sternum. Oh, and a lung, very efficient. Take both of them out. Take this lung out, oh. This lung out. (mumbling) floor, alright. And now I’m going to take a knife and also pickups or forceps and gently cut the esophagus. Oh, there we go, and here too. Oh, I poked the heart. It’ll stop. There we go. So, last but not least is the heart. Maybe I should try the
smallest scalpel blade, which is cutting me in the finger. Okay, cut that one, cut that one. Cut that one. There we go. Alright. Oh, clipped the heart out. Should I maybe give him some blood? No, it’s alright. Then… Whoa, that literally almost just dropped the heart on the ground. Not the best thing to do. Careful. There we go. Yes! Okay, this is how you should do it. Got an A, did it in record time. That one was a lot better. There wasn’t so much blood loss this time. When physicians are training,
especially surgeons, that’s exactly the way it’s done. In the beginning, no one’s great at the
surgery that they do. That’s why there’s always a
master surgeon or instructor who’s standing there and
assisting the whole time, kinda teaching you how to do it, and then once you’ve done
one or a thousand of ’em depending on the complexity
of the procedure, you’re gonna be able to just do these as easy as you can drive a car. No. I mean, I could. Yeah, why not? Oh, okay. This is the wrong position to
do brain surgery, by the way. Did the power go out? Is this supposed to happen? How do I turn the light on? Oh, I see. (drilling) (bleep) He keeps bleeding. I should probably give him
something to stop the bleeding. Here we go. Let’s just dab his carotid. That always helps with bleeding. Alright. Now, does somebody have
a third arm I can use? So, I’m supposed to
just to this in the dark because I have no assistance
and no one helping me? And now my laser’s burning my table. Okay, I guess I’ll just
have to do it in the dark. Okay, I just took out the brain. I think everybody missed that,
but there, the brain is gone. Oh, there it is. I don’t wanna replace it
with the old brain, right? Oh, that must be the new one. Here we go. Here it comes, woo! Gotta put it in the right way. That’s not bad. Come on, a B? Two minute neurosurgery’s not bad. I thought it was really fun. I thought it was very innovative. If I think of this from a game standpoint, I’m just trying to get through
the game as fast as I can. When I think of it from
a surgery standpoint, my priorities are the
actual patient’s status as well as the quality of the surgery that’s actually happening. And if you actually focus on the patient and you focus on the surgery, you’re actually gonna end up
doing a very efficient surgery. So, in the end, you’re actually are as fast
as you possibly can be. (mysterious music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new
channel, and now your turn. – [Both] Subscribe here. – That was my part.


  1. I really want to be a medic or a doctor cuz I want to help people out one day but how will I when I’m only 11 years old ._.

  2. I dont get it. How u still alive with longs out heart out to long and the other stuff. Not a trauma, shock? blood loss and stuff?

  3. I'm not smart enough to be a Surgeon. But if I'm one, and I was getting invitation to play a Surgeon game as a Surgeon, I would serious consider that it is an insult

  4. I love how none of the organs but the heart were In any shape or form connected to the body and they are just like balloons jostling around

  5. Man this game is hard to play without VR. I literally can't get the guy's heart out without taking out the entire ribcage thing.

  6. Imagine having a surgery by this guy and looking up his name and find this video the night before. Even if you know it's a video game you're not gonna be good

  7. ah yes, i too remember being in surgery and the surgeon abolishing my very needed organs for me to keep living healthily and shoving it to the mighty and blood-flooded floors. good times

  8. This patient was the Luckiest patient in the game cuz he got a best doctor compared to other player (sorry for bad grammar)

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