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About The Jed Foundation

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He just had this amazing energy. There’s no one who yelled louder for his teammates He was very kind and sweet He was incredibly charismatic He was able to kind of hone in on what was funny about something Curious mischievious There was no better friend than Jed David Satow Yeah when he left for college it was really exciting It was I think a huge adjustment for both of us I was very close to him and I always felt I understood him But I’m sure there we a lot of things that looking back were clues that I didn’t see as clues as a parent I think that if I could if I could go back that’s I wish I could go back um After Jed passed away The only thing that seemed important to me was to try to figure out what happened There was just zero awareness at least on our part What had broken down and what needed to change in the system What is depression in a young person how does it look What can a university president be doing to set policies and I like to think place a safety net under their campus I didn’t know any other reason to start the Jed Foundation or for it to exist than to try to make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore Now I just couldn’t be prouder and I see um really all the positive impacts that we’re having across so many different schools millions of different kids that are being touched by these messages and these programs I work for the Jed Foundation because of the importance of the mission of Jed. So many people deal with this issue and face this issue It doesn’t take a whole lot more resources to do things well so a broken system doesn’t have to stay broken We realized you know from Jed’s legacy that there’s a problem in college and we came up with a framework for thinking about that problem To reach millions of people in such a compassionate way um and such an effective way is something I’m proud to be a part of JED Campus is scaling by one million students each year We’re bringing in a hundred schools each year Over 2500 colleges use at least one resource from JED I think students are the most powerful force on a campus They’re really the ones who can make a change You have to tap into the students in order to know what they’re going through and what they are dealing with This generation is poised to lead the way on mental health and our job is to help them lead the way It helps people to break down the stigma of what emotional mental health is JED’s at a tipping point we’re at an inflection point We’re uniquely positioned to help people There are people out there in need of care There are people out there who are unfortunately at risk and some dying and the slower we move the less effective we are in stopping those things from happening What Jed suffered from is an illness that that with knowledge and with understanding I might have been able to combat I joined JED because I’m excited about the possibilities for the impact that we can make nationally um if we just chase our dreams and run with it

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