Affordable Cruelty-free Makeup Dupes  @phyrra

Affordable Cruelty-free Makeup Dupes @phyrra

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– Hey friends! Welcome back, I’m Courtney,
and that’s Phaedra and Nyx behind me, my two standard poodles. Today I’ve got a
collaboration video for you, I’m collaborating with my friend Emily from Emily Wolf Beauty. For those of you who don’t know Emily, she does amazing cruelty-free
makeup tutorials, she’s got a huge following on Instagram, she does a lot of really
gorgeous fashion stuff, she’s just really cool, inside and out. She is a rescue mom, she’s
adopted all of her dogs, she has wiener dogs, they’re very cute. And she’s just a really sweet person. When I went up to California,
I hung out with her, when I was in Vegas we hung out, and she’s just somebody I
find really, really enjoyable to be around, she’s very
calming and very soothing, which is great for somebody
who has anxiety like me, because she doesn’t make me feel on edge, (laughing) so she’s one
of my favorite people. So anyway, onto this collaboration, we’re going to be talking about affordable cruelty-free makeup dupes. So sometimes you’re going to
want to splurge on a product, but other times you may want to
find a more affordable option, especially if that product
is a high end product and it’s just really
not within your budget. You want to see if there’s
another good option out there, that’s what we’re going
to be talking about. So the first item on my list is the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. Now, you know I love this primer, but it is pricey. This tube is $75, you can get it between $54 and $75 and you can get a sample for like $19. So this is a really pricey product. But you know I love this primer, it works really well on my skin. My skin is sensitive, dry, I have rosacea, I have seborrheic dermatitis
around the sides of my nose and in my eyebrows, in my scalp. I also have a little
bit of texture over here from acne and so I
don’t have perfect skin. What I love about this product is it does a nice job of sort of
blurring my imperfections, minimizing my redness a little bit and just making my skin
look nice and smooth. I like the silicone feel of this primer so I like to use it with
silicone-based foundations, so this is my go to primer for that. I normally use this with the Idun Minerals Nordic Veil foundation
in the shade Jorunn, I mix it like 50/50 to make this, to make my foundation
more glowy and more sheer coverage because I don’t like
full coverage foundation. So this is an awesome
product, but let me tell you about the affordable dupe. The affordable dupe for this
product is Nyx Angel Veil and I don’t have it currently, but I used to own the
product, I’ve used the two side by side, I’ve looked
at the ingredients listings. You can pull them up, I have a blog post, I’ll link to my blog post where I show you the ingredient listings side by side. The first five ingredients in this product and the Angel Veil are
like nearly identical, so they’re very, very,
very similar products. So if you can’t afford
this because it’s just not within your budget I highly recommend checking out the Nyx
Angel Veil because it is an excellent dupe. The only thing about the
Nyx Angel Veil is that it doesn’t have the SPF
rating that this product does but if you’re like me, you don’t rely on your makeup products for SPF anyways, so you know, I apply a
completely separate SPF product. So anyway, that’s my first dupe. Now, I used to use any
makeup sponge that I could find or buy that I wanted to try. I would use the Sonia Kashuk sponge, I would use the Real Techniques sponge and I was just kind of like, eh, whatever, they’re a makeup sponge,
there’s not that much of a difference between them. Then I got a Beauty
Blender and I was like, oh my God, blown away. This thing was amazing
and then I was, like, well I’m spoiled, I can’t
go back to the other sponge, even though I think
it’s ridiculous to spend $20 on a sponge, I just
think that this sponge is so much better than
everything else I’ve tried. So then I was poking
around on Ulta’s website one day and I saw that Nyx
had released this sponge which is their Complete
Control sponge thing, or Total Control Sponge
thing and I was, like, well I’ll give that a try. I bought it, it came in
the mail and I felt it and it was just really hard and I’m like, well, I’m going to give
it a try no matter what so let’s go get this guy wet. When you get it wet it is super soft and I really love it. This has basically become
my favorite makeup sponge. I love this so much more
than the Beauty Blender because the Beauty
Blender’s $20, this is $8 so it is way more affordable
and it has this edge that makes it really easy for going around your eyes and your eyebrows. And this side which is perfect
for bouncing on your face. This is just a fantastic
sponge and I think it’s superior to the Beauty Blender. You have to check it
out because it’s one of the best affordable
cruelty-free dupes out there. Next on my list, I just
found this cruelty-free dupe. So years and years ago I
used to buy MAC cosmetics because MAC was cruelty-free. In 2012 MAC became no longer cruelty-free ’cause they started selling in China, so I stopped buying their products. One of the products I
could never find a good cruelty-free dupe for
was the MAC Strobe Cream. I loved the MAC Strobe Cream. It would give you this
beautiful pink pearl hint on your skin and so I actually was looking around and I saw this new product from Nyx. This is the Nyx Away
We Glow strobing cream in the shade Glow-tini, which is pink. And I finally found a
good cruelty-free dupe. It basically gives you this
iridescent pink pearl shift when you put it on the skin. I don’t know if that’s going
to show up on my camera but it’s just like this subtle pink glow and to boot, I think
this is actually better because it’s supposed
to be hydrating all day. Now I guess that I just got this, I’ve only worn it twice,
so I can’t tell you of anything other than I’ve worn it twice and it felt like it was hydrating and really nice on the skin. I love the fact that this
gives me that iridescent pink glow and it’s hydrating for the skin and while the MAC Strobe Cream
is something like $34 now, this product is $15.99, so
it’s less than half the cost. So this is a perfect
affordable cruelty-free dupe. So the next item on my list would be the Anastasia brow pencils. So I used to be obsessed
with Anastasia Brow Wiz and then I started
looking for an alternative because I was tired of paying so much for the little mechanical
pencil and I was just, like, this is ridiculous. So I finally found the
Nyx Microbrow Pencil which was great and I’m like, oh, is it ever going to get better than this and then I found the Colour Pop pencil. So while the Nyx pencil
is great and really easy to get a hold of, Colour
Pop is only available online, but the Jet Set Black pencil is my perfect brow pencil color because I love a black, or either like an ashy gray black, like a charcoal type color,
or a black black pencil. And this pencil’s actually black. So many pencils basically are just brown or warm brown and all
of those types of colors turn orange on me and I hate them. But the Colour Pop Pencil
is very affordable, it’s like a third of the cost
of the Anastasia Beverly Hills so if you’re looking for a new
pencil that is the way to go. So next on my list, you
know I love Urban Decay, but I also understand that not everybody can afford Urban Decay
and one of my favorite products by them is the Chill Mist, which is like basically the hydrating mist that’s more for dry
skin tones or it’s more for during the summer
when you want to refresh and cool off, so it’s a great product, but if you’re looking
for a more affordable version of it, Nyx has their Dewy Spray, which is great and there’s also the Milani Make It Dewy
Spray, so there’s two affordable dupes that you can check out. And between the Nyx and the Milani, the Milani is actually my
favorite but either one of those will do well for
you, you can’t go wrong with either one and they are
definitely easy on the budget. Next up is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Now you know the Too
Faced Shadow Insurance was my holy grail eyeshadow
primer for years and years but I know a lot of people
don’t like the price tag on it so I was looking around for a good dupe and the best dupe that I could find is the Jesse’s Girl Eyeshadow Primer. Now it does come in a
different sort of tube, it comes in a tube with a little wand, but that primer is nearly
identical ingredients wise and the second ingredient in this primer and in the Jesse’s Girl
is talc, which is actually really good at helping absorb oils, so that’s why I think this works so well for oily hooded lids like
mine and the Jesse’s Girl works just as well, so if you’re looking for a more affordable swap
that is a great one to pick. So next on my list is the Kat
Von D liquid liner in Trooper. This is my favorite liquid liner pen and I just think it’s great. I know some people feel
like they dry out too fast, other people feel like they’re too pricey, so the best affordable
dupe I have found for this is the Nyx Epic Ink Liner and that liner, for me, works just as well. I have to make sure
it’s a fresh pen because I do feel like the Nyx
one is a little more prone to drying out faster than the Kat Von D but that’s just been my experience. I think that they are both great products, so that if you don’t
want to splurge on this you should definitely save by
buying the Nyx Epic Ink Liner. I did just recently buy
the two new eyeliners from Sigma, one is a liquid eyeliner pen and one is a black
eyeliner pen that I will be trying out soon, I forgot
to put them on today when I was putting this look together, but I’ll let you know how
that compares to this pen and to the Nyx Epic Ink soon as well. So before I found a foundation
that matched my skin tone I would always have to
add white to my foundation to make it a better match. The number one recommendation
people always made to me was to buy the Face Atelier
Zero Minus foundation and it’s basically a
white foundation formula that you can mix into other foundations so that it will still
stay like a foundation as opposed to getting watered down. So it’s a great product
but it’s really pricey so I was looking for a good
cruelty-free dupe for that and for me that affordable dupe would be the Manic Panic Dreamtone White. That stuff works really
well if you have to add white to a foundation. Now if you don’t like the Manic Panic there’s also a Nyx Pro white
mixer which is excellent and I do recommend that
and I have a bunch of those actually in my drawers, I
have Nyx Pro white mixer, I have Nyx Pro opalescent
mixer, love both of those. And they even, Nyx even
makes a mixer for olive skin and for golden, they have
like a ton of Pro mixers that you can check out. I definitely feel like the
affordable dupe is better than the high end one, at least for me. So anyway, those are my affordable cruelty-free makeup dupes. Make sure you head over to Emily’s channel to check out her dupes. Let me know your thoughts on this video in the comments below. If you like it please give
it a thumbs up and share. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


  1. Do you have a video about cruelty free skin care? I'm slowly trying to transition to cruelty free products as I run out of things, but I haven't been able to find skin care I love as much as my Aveeno products.

  2. I've still never tried the ABH brow whiz and still want one soooooo bad. I'd try the Couloupop one though if it were in stores. The Nyx one didn't work for me because of the packaging. The end caps aren't tight enough to leave the pencil in a makeup bag, they just fall off and then the products breaks and is ruined. Colourpop would be a great option ! They had shown up on a few months ago then quickly disappeared πŸ™ Hope it comes back!

  3. I'm definitely going to look through my local NYX display when I go to the store πŸ˜€
    Also since you mentioned SPF, do you have any recommendations for good CF/vegan SPF products? I need help lol

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  6. I love dupes because I’m cheap AF. πŸ˜‚
    I definitely think it’s becoming easier to find cheaper alternatives to high end products. Drugstore and Indie brands have really been stepping up their game. My wallet loves it.

  7. Thank you for doing a high-end dupes post!!! While I'd love to buy all high-end brands, I don't see why I need to when I can find excellent products at the drugstore. I try to save my pennies for skincare. I'm thrilled that you and Emily have done this because I follow and respect both of you.
    I love the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, too! I have a few deluxe samples that I only use sparingly. lol. Had no idea NYX had this beauty sponge. I used Anastasia Brow Wiz and Pomade but then I found the NYX and WNW brow pencils. (Never buying Anastasia brow again!) Making my list for the products I'm picking up next!!

  8. All hail NYX!! I've been meaning to ask you (even though you've prob mentioned it in a hundred videos) but what sunscreen do you wear for your face?? I need to find a good strong one that won't break me out and when I think of sunscreen, I think of you lol. So whatever you use, I'm gonna use 😎 Any suggestions? (sorry I always ask you so many questions on your videos 😐)

  9. Great video! What I love about this is not only do you show dupes that are more affordable but all of the products are cruelty free. It is also quite helpful that you are letting us know what you like about each product you mention. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  10. After everyone raved about the Hourglass Primer in the last makeup wars I had to buy it. I could only afford the $19 one though. I'll definitely look for the NYX one though and also their sponge. I switched to Manic Panic white too after seeing you review it. The price is great compared to my Face Atelier one.

  11. I'm surprised at how NYX is killing it in dupes! A little pricier than drugstore brands, but I love going into Target and seeing all of these there! Glad I came over from Jen's channel last week! 😊

  12. I love seeing the more affordable alternatives, those are for sure the best option for me! I need to spend some time checking out some new Nyx goodies it seems!

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  14. Loved this. I've been transitioning to cruelty free (as and when I use things up) for a while. Nyx full coverage cream concealer jar (Β£6.00) a good dupe for the EstΓ©e Lauder "double wear stay in place" high coverage concealer (Β£23.50). To think I was dreading when the EL one runs out! The ingredients are pretty similar and consistency as well. I buff in either with a Real Techniques stippling brush – the Nyx one is fractionally stiffer to blend but the difference is minimal.

  15. aaah nyx is so dependable for dupes and the such! they're definitely one of my favourites. they're drugstore without feeling cheap, and most of their products are amazing quality. thanks for the video <3

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  21. Hi Courtney! This was a great video! It's always nice to hear about less expensive dupes. Have you tried the Flower Beauty 3-in-1 Blending Sponge? It gets really good reviews and is comparable in softness and sponginess to the Beauty Blender. It's also your favourite colour….Lavender purple!! I wish I could tell you I've tried it, but I can't get Flower Beauty here in Canada. I just thought it was worth mentioning based on the positive reviews.

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