Africa Education Nonprofit – Educate a child, save a life! – Anike Foundation

Africa Education Nonprofit – Educate a child, save a life! – Anike Foundation

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My name is Segun Ige, President and
Founder of Anike Foundation. We are a nonprofit corporation based in Western
Massachusetts in the United States. Our mission is simple: provide educational
resources to needy people in Africa. We have a strong volunteer base with more
than 30 volunteers in 12 countries. We pride ourselves in bringing people of
diverse backgrounds together for a common goal. We focus on Africa because
Africa has the highest illiteracy problem in the world. These statistics
are staggering. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, more than
one in three adults– that’s 180 million people– cannot read. 50 million youths
are illiterate. More than one in five primary aged school children are not in school. Our
biggest challenge is fundraising. Our most effective way to get educational
materials to Africa is sending money directly to our partner organizations.
Our second biggest challenge is the transportation of educational materials
from the United States to Africa, which is very expensive, especially for books.
We give help directly to those who need them.
What makes Anike Foundation unique is that we have established a large network
of grassroots nonprofit organizations and accredited institutions of learning
in Africa. To date, we have more than 150 such organizations distributed across 20
countries. It is this large network that allows us to deliver help directly to
those who need them quickly and efficiently.
Some of our successful projects include launching of a multimedia resource
center in Cameroon. The center is used for giving computer lessons to youths and
members of the community. Provision of computers and video display units to
a Tanzanian training college. Provision of knitting and sewing machines to a
women’s learning center in Uganda. Some of our projects are more mundane in
nature. We realize that students cannot have proper education if they do not
have an environment that is conducive to learning. A Ugandan primary school approached us and
told us that the most urgent need was a pit latrine, and that was what we
built for them. Some of our current volunteer opportunities include program
coordinators, writers, bloggers, grant researchers, and fundraisers.
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