AirFit F20 ResMed Full Face CPAP Mask Fitting and Review. Best Full Face Mask?

AirFit F20 ResMed Full Face CPAP Mask Fitting and Review. Best Full Face Mask?

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not even looking at it hoped it hold it look how easy that is you have to like stick your finger up in it hey there my name is Jason I'm registered sleep tech and the founder of PC 5 advise comm if you want to support us please check the description box for how to do that and visit our website vc pep for sasha form if you need more help alright we're gonna do a review of the ResMed air fit f 20 just for comparison so you're like you know what the hell what's the deal with a new mask is it worth upgrading is it worth getting which one is better if I can find a screaming deal shall you get this over the new one and so I'm going to help you out with that so let's go over the differences so first of all this is the air foot f10 the predecessor and there here is the air fit F 20 the new one so first thing is the elbow you can see the elbow here very simple to get in and out the it doesn't have any flex in the problem with this one is oftentimes it would kind of weaken and fall out easily so an improvement this is now much more robust hitting the elbow off so if you needed to use a restroom you have the tube attached here you just pull this off and off you go much more robust and you can definitely tell it in there when it's in there alright it also does something the other one the f10 did not do the F 20 now pivots nice not exactly ball and socket cuz it doesn't go side to side but it does go up and back which is cool enough right another major improvement of the F 20 you'll see the lower attachment here it is a hook you basically just take the bottom strap and you loop it around that's how you get it on and off no I left on your head that's freaking hard to do to pain in the ass you have to like stick your finger up in it and loop it around okay sucks when it's on your head what the air fit f20 does is you just have a magnet not even looking at it hooked it hooked it look how easy that is so when that's on your head if you just kind of get in the ballpark the magnet is going to suck it on now the air fit n10 did have that magnet technology and so I'm super happy that they started using it for the full face mask because that's just hard to manipulate it's super easy to get them off you just pull it off but you can pull it's not going to come off but when you torque out it will okay I'm not gonna come off it easy okay cool yes another major improvement is you'll see I don't know to call this the upper strap attachment so this is a hard thing to figure out full face mask typically it's like they're always adjusting this trying to find the right angle and it seems like they found the right angle here having this type of arch because they stuck with that what they changed on this is instead of having optional covers for these so this this harder plastic doesn't irritate your skin what they do now is they have built in and I know you can't least you can see it's a pretty fine um almost like a microfiber cloth you know it's washable but it stays on there it's permanent so with that you don't have to always you know monkey around of trying to find it you just wash it right on this and so it's also it's easy to disassemble and I'll show you that in a minute the last major thing I want to show you is the actual cushion itself so I don't know if you can tell but this is a cushion material that they went with on the Quatro air and then they kept it for the F 10 the air fit F 10 and it's not tacky at all and the reason they started using this is people are getting skin irritation especially up around the nose so they want something that wasn't tacky it almost feels like it's been rubbed with baby powder but it hasn't so what is different with the F 20 is that they actually kind of did a hybrid so the original Quattro it had a tacky silicone which they use on the bottom half so this stuff you can kind of see how it grabs my finger so the top part of the mask from here up is that baby powder type of cushion and so even though I personally don't think it seals as well they have it on the top so you you don't get as much irritation around the bridge of the nose from from the tackiness of this let me get I'll get back to that in a second but the bottom it seals very well because it's that tougher silicone the grabs and it's very tacky versus nice okay but what they did add for the top is some I don't know what to call it ridding but you can see there's a hard or a harder piece of rubber in here reinforcements and so when you push down here it kind of folds in it helps assist with a seal but you'll see when I put it on so this is the f10 we can all agree that we're done with this yes perfect let's just focus on this for now is it easy to get apart and clean if you need to I'm personally I'm not a proponent of taking it apart to clean it I don't think it's necessary but some people like to and so to do that you just kind of be pretty easy to pop out pull that off pull that off there it's all apart and you can have you can take the headgear off here if you want so once you have it disassembled if you want to wash the headgear just do it with all this stuff together okay don't even bother trying to take anything apart okay and then putting it back you just have your outer frame or headgear part you're gonna snap that back in which really not much snapping and that's held on with that okay I already have this kind of precise for me but how to put it on I just hold it up to my face pull the straps over okay if you need to tighten if you have leakage up around the top first thing to do is always just pull away and then drop it back on if you need to tighten it a little bit right here that's going to pull it kind of up and towards you and then the bottom if you need to readjust you just here but if you ever need to take the mask off quickly just like that that's simple let's go ahead and pressure check this at 10 centimeters of water pressure it's just a good app average pressure it's not real high it's not real low either [Applause] right now I'm going to adjust the machine so it's 20 centimeters of water pressure you can see exactly how much this thing can withstand I'll do the same thing I did laying on my back and laying on my side so even with 20 centimeters of water pressure the air fit m20 does an extremely good job of holding a seal now I know you heard a louder likes that's just from the diffuser any time you go from like you know five simmers water pressure to 6 to 7 to 8 with every incremental increase you're going to hear a louder hiss through the diffuser that's normal in every single mass so I mean this isn't gonna be any different so it handles the pressure very well I had zero leakage at all even around the eyes even while laying on my side so the question being do I think that this is a good mask to start with I would say the air FedDev 20 is one of the best full face masks now all the improvements that they made are fantastic I don't really care personally care about the swivel but I know it does help with mobility somewhat I think the improvement of the quick-release it's great it's super easy to find these and pull it off then get it back on it's easy to disassemble the mask should you need to I even magnetic clips are absolutely phenomenal that is outstanding that is like my favorite thing of these the headgear is fine there's nothing nothing new with it but there's nothing bad it's still it's good material it's not going to start to break down quickly nor are you going to feel like sweaty with it on it doesn't feel heavy at all and lastly the cushion I think the use of the two different materials for the cushion is awesome you get the best of both worlds with it a little more breathable less likely to grab your skin and irritate it on the upper part where that tends to happen and then it's much more tacky down below or you needed to have a little more grab so if you like this I'm going to have a link to Amazon down below if you want to buy it from Amazon that way I get a little little credit for it for the referral fee but if you hate it don't get it hopefully that review is helpful for you the air fit f20 if you like what I do and you want to support us again in the description box below so like for example if you want to get the air fit F 20 you can click on the Amazon link below and you can buy it and then I get a referral fee for something you're going to get anyway doesn't cost you any more it just gives us a referral fee just because we're an affiliate so thank you if you haven't yet subscribed to our channel please do so and click the bells so you get updates every time we release a video and please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and tell your friends that's it


  1. Have been using AirFit f20 for over a year now. Two things. The connector elbow has changed from open vent to what I call hooded vent, much quieter. On the other hand the cushion has changed. Fortunately my wife also has an F20 mask (same size as mine). At the top of mask where it goes on to the bridge of the nose her cushion is one continuous piece. My cushion however shows what I call a channel. If I am right this is a mold change. Why comment on it? Well, I am having significant air leakage at the top of my nose and my wife also had this problem until she got a cushion without that channel. Which is the right cushion?

    I fail to see why there is so much hype about how great any one CPAP mask when no matter who designs it when THEY ALL LEAK! Because everyones face is different I don't think a mask can be made that fits all. I happen to notice a change in the cushion design that causes leaks for me.

  2. LL. I prefer the F10. The face cushion is much more flexible. I do however like the new hose coupling on the F20…

  3. I’m new to all of this. I must use my ResMed machine on Bipap. I was brought into the hospital so full of zcO2 they couldn’t believe I was alive. So I use my machine and mask to help rid me of CO2 build up. This mask feels wonderful but I can’t see any vent holes where the CZo2 would leave the mask as I exhale. It seems it stays inside the mask where I breathe it back in. I just don’t understand

  4. At 7:54 in this video, notice the fog on the inside of this junk mask. Yes this mask is quiet. Problem nobody is addressing but me is there is not enough intentional air leakage. You are inhaling your exhausted air constantly, all night. Might as well suck off a plastic bag for 8 hours. Take your hand and place it around the air intake filter on your machine. Notice with this mask, you can fell yourself inhale and exhale. And not much exhaust is leaving the hose at all.

  5. I just received my Airfit f20. I’m using a Respironics DreamStation. Something does not seem right with it. It makes a popping sound when I inhale and my mask jumps. Can anyone tell me what’s going on. My pressure is set on 5.0

  6. Trying this mask out right now….it says that I'm a leaking in the morning readings but to my knowledge it wasn't leaking during the night as it would of woke me, when I put the mask on at bedtime it says adjust but for the life of me I can't get the smiley face. What am I doing wrong…at my wits end!! 🙁

  7. My F20 quiet vent flaps are not opening when I exhale. Machine on closesthe flaps so no air leaves the mask or hose. When I exhale it forces the quiet vents closed again, more positive pressure. So in other words I am breathing in my exhausted air all the time. I called Resmed which was ZERO help in this life threatening matter. Can you assist please?

  8. Are you going to get to the review of the AirFit N30i, the nasal mask version of the N30 full face? Thanks….

  9. I've been using this mask for the last 3 months and it is a complete piece of junk. First the cushion split so the whole mask was replaced. Then one of the magnetic latches broke (cheap plastic). I replaced it with one from the first mask, but they still kept breaking. The 3rd one broke early this morning.

    The Velcro on the straps just barely holds. Despite this, I wake up every morning sore from the lower strap across the back of my neck.

    Don't waste your time or money on this thing.

  10. Love the f20 hate the headgear. Took headgear from F/P Simplus and attached to f20 all is well now, no more digging into the back of my head and neck.

  11. I'm into my fourth day using the AirFit F20. It leaks at the beginning of my sleep and makes either one of two distinct noises: Ocean waves, or, someone passing gas. My air leaks have dropped to almost 24l/min from an average of over 40l/min. However, my sleep events have skyrocketed close to 30 events/hour from an average of 5-6 events per hour. I use my Resmed AirCurve 10 an average of 4-5 hours daily.

  12. The F20 works wonderfully for me now I use the correct size. I've been between 95 to 100% compliant for almost 12 months. Each mask last about 2 months.

  13. I sized my face for this mask and am smack in the middle of a small and medium. Which size should I go with. I have leaks with both… But maybe I'm not adjusting the straps properly.

  14. The magnets fail after months of use and the mask is stiff the f10 is more flexible and the hooks are easy to use

  15. I just got an brand new F20 with their the new "quiet elbow" for the F20. I love it. Most of it. But I refuse to use it until Resmed can convince me that rebreathing my exhalated air is ok. It is apparent, to me at least, that the new quiet elbow "muffler" does its quieting by almost totally eliminating any air escape. Instead, exhaling causes my mask to overinflate as my breathe flows backwards into the tube! There is no check valve. I honestly can't figure out how exhaling could possibly work. And, in my experience, it doesn't. I'm not comfortable rebreathing my own hot air over and over. And it hard to exhale against the pressure! There is a feature on the Resmed Airset 10 called "exhaust pressure relief", but I don't see any evidence of that doing anything to help. Despite three calls to Resmed and a visit to my supplier I couldn't get a straight answer- is something wrong with my equipment, or is it working as designed. Someone told me that you breath out the side holes after the flaps act as a check valve. They don't. Instead they keep the side holes closed. Maybe they intended that the flaps should flip down which would both open the side ports and act as a check valve – making it both easier to exhale and preventing exhaling down the tube.One told me that air exits around the elbow. Maybe the old elbow did, but Since the newer "muffler" restricts air so much, your mask inflates and either leaks, or you exhale your USED air – through the full pressure back into the hose – which you breathe in on the next breath. This doesn't seem safe to me. Especially when the Resmed people told me it absolutely didn't work that way – it'd be bad to rebreathe. They also told me they've received other complaints that it's hard to exhale using the new elbow. They then suddenly changed their tune and said I was the first person having issues, their testing says it's safe, and it's OK to rebreathe your air. And the fact that the flaps occasionally make such a loud clicking noise that they wake me, I guess that's normal too. Hmmm. Who to believe?

    I swapped my mask to another brand. This one has an obvious exhalation port and a silent, but effective check valve ensuring I don't breath into the tube.

    The first time I slept with the newer mask was the first time in many years that I've slept through the night without waking even once.

    If Resmed redesigns the "new quiet elbow" in some way that allows comfortable exhalation without recycling your breath, I'll go back to it.
    Until they fix the mask and the Airset 10 "EPR" mode – or at least get their story straight I, personally won't use it.

    If anyone thinks what I'm describing is "ok", or they think "it's dangerous and should be redesigned and recalled", please comment.

  16. I got this mask a few weeks ago and I'm just trying to practice with it a little bit at a time for now. I've never tolerated the CPAP and I hope this mask will do the trick. Last night I tried it and for some reason as I breathed out, the mask would fold in on itself and leak horribly. Did I probably just put it on wrong?

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