AirFit F30 Mask Fitting and Review. Best Full Face Mask?

AirFit F30 Mask Fitting and Review. Best Full Face Mask?

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hey guys before you watch this spectacular video why don't you head on over and subscribe to my other channel snappy says life's not all about choking in your sleep sometimes you just need to have a few giggles a few chuckles brighten up your day maybe share it with your friends and family and now back to this video I've been getting this a whole lot guess what we're finally gonna do it we're doing a review of the ResMed air fit F 30 it'll be like a video on something else that'll be like the dream station and guess what happens in the comments section are there questions about the dream station no not really I get a lot of hydration what are you gonna be doing that in a further review hey any updates on that die f30 just give me some time man I've been using this mask for a fair clip and I gotta say let's go ahead and just jump the gun here I really like it for a full face mask it's quite comfortable you have nothing up around the bridge of your nose or anything I I really like it now I do have a massive problem with it and that is this now I use the sizing chart that was provided by them and I don't have one with me at least I don't want to go get it cuz that would make this video far too easy to follow this is future Jason the problem is no one knows what the hell they're talking about now past Jason is gonna explain what happened with this but future Jason right here is gonna show you a little bit with the actual sizing chart so look at this sizing chart definitely in the medium right well my insider guy said Oh Jason you are totally a small let me go ahead and send you a small in disaster struck which I'll let pass Jason explained but look at this I have my handy my handy level that I always carry with me but look at this since you don't have a sizing chart you can see that the small the red falls right into one in one quarters inch now if you are arrest for a therapist you can use sauna MERS and that is three and a half sauna MERS for a small anything larger than that in your a medium all right that simplifies it for everyone everyone's happy you don't need a sizing chart all you need is a level or didn't yeah that's all you need great I must be a small so I got a small from my ResMed rep my insider guy you hooked me up and I was super happy I tried it the first night and I couldn't breathe oh I was getting nothing through the nose I felt air starvation I was like crying man I cannot draw a breath here I feel like I'm the life is getting sucked out of me like someone's pinching one of my nostrils wasn't good okay not exactly a dramatic representation but when I was trying to sleep I felt like I was getting cut off and it was a first it's never happened to me before with a full face mask it's happened to me with nasal pillows never a full face mask so I was dismayed I was disheartened and hey this is actually a freaking awesome segue assuming they sponsor it so the sponsor of this video cheap CPAP supplies calm sent me a medium so I used a medium and finally it felt great I could breathe freely through my nose it was like a dewy meadow every night so if you're interested in the f30 or really any other mask or machine head on over to our sponsor cheap CPAP supplies look at this you have a complete outfit f30 system for one hundred and sixty nine bucks oh oh oh wait is that too much for you let's go ahead and add this to our cart and we're gonna use our super slick discount yeah we're not going small anymore buddy boy now we're gonna go ahead and edit our cart and this is where the magic happens lefty 15 apply the code you're gonna get a little chunk off look at that 25 bucks off a little more than 25 bucks off cheap CPAP supplies they've partnered with me they're giving you a discount check them out for any mask machine you can pay for your order through your insurance or you can pay a credit card whatever they will work with you check out cheap CPAP supplies calm I don't know if you can see that yeah that sucks boy that's a crap shot anyway the medium being the one on the top is the holes are much larger you can't really tell on this that's superdumb so once I got the appropriate size I was off and running I viewed this on sleepyhead and what I found was my age I was in the according to the machine was in the three area my H I just from memory was like 3.5 when I went through it and I looked at it looked like it was probably more like one so as far as I was concerned it was highly leak-free I loved it now you can compare if you want to be if you want to be clean if this is a PG channel which it's kind of not I don't only like dole it is that it's like putting your nose in a flower and smelling gently or it's kind of like sticking your nose in a butt crack so putting this mask on is pretty much like every other mask you'll ever try ever in your life above your head nose in first we've got the magnet magnet technology which seems like every mask guys now so it's kind of losing its Flair got a hooked in there ah nice now if you feel like the mask is sagging down you can adjust it up here or if you feel like conversely it's jamming up into your nose like I listen to so much it's hanging out now but hey I need it to be up a little bit there we go perfect now if you feel like this is too loose obviously you right here you want to go snug get it leak free and then slightly tighter hey I'm staying here snug not too tight okay we're shooting for snug the Hangout at night you're sleeping and you need to use the restroom you have this handy little clip here you just don't worry about any of this stuff cage in here and here pull off go to the restroom come back and off to sleep again no problem now if you're done you're waking up in the morning just pull off here and here no need to readjust it every single night you use it it's ready to go easy easy absolutely no wear and tear on the velcro this way so your headgear can last enough that's a nice long time now eventually it'll start to stretch just a little bit and if you wash it obviously it's gonna stretch constrict contract there you go we'll do a little lot we'll do a little test here sleeping on our side 10 centimeters of water pressure and see how it does but first we're gonna have to compare it because someone's gonna ask hey Jason how does this compare with the f20 well they're quite different actually here's the thing there's not a single component on either that goes with the other and I'll show you exactly what I mean can I try to not take this apart too much because I want to illustrate something in a second but in general you pull the cushion off the exact same way see this pull it off the exact same way now these whoops with the helmet holding up now this is the frame of each of them yeah look absolutely nothing alike right nothing at all however this clip here does go on both of them now that's quite interesting yes yes no not really so what what you'll find is that these holes are the exact same so you could take the air fit f20 cushion and you could put up on the air fit f30 frame like like so but what you'll find is that is super dumb and I say that because now look at the frame of this you can see where the upper attachments are that really matters a lot because the f30 is meant to attach real low and pull up this way whereas the f20 is meant to attach here because you have more of the mask coming up higher so you need that leverage if that makes any sense with the f30 you don't need that leverage because it's just sitting up under your nose you're looking at it all just kind of pulling back real low so let me answer the question of can I just interchange about the cushion of one and you of the other and the frame of another can I just mix and match and do whatever the hell I mean you kind of can but you're gonna have a hell of a time getting that headgear to work right so I shall entertain no more questions on the subject so that said if you're asking will the headgear of the f20 work on the f30 no because the headgear of the f20 this velcro would start about right here because it has the lover arm about in this area thus you don't need all of this so this bond will go ahead and do a mass trial I'll try that 10cm there's a water pressure then I'll jack it up to 20 sleep on my back sleep um side all right we have our medium we're go ahead and use the bigger size so I don't suffocate even though something you're probably hoping for that at this point all right looks amazing let's good to jack it up the 20 for fun my experience with the ResMed f32 this point is really positive I really think that I missed on the Respironics dream wire full face mask now the dream wire mask is great there's the nasal pillow but the full face dream wear mask I just I don't at this point I really don't think it's for everyone there seem to be a problem with leaking on the bottom part of the mask for a lot of people this is just this is all chatter right here in my comment section for me personally it fit and it worked well but it seems like for the vast majority of people it's kind of a like yeah like maybe a coin flip now with any other like hybrid mask and by hybrid I mean it's a full face mask but it doesn't cover up the entire nose man this sucker is great the way that it cradles your nose is solid it's very comfortable it's very different from the dream wire full face mask it's much softer it almost feels like there's not a whole lot there touching so it's at first it takes a little getting used to it's a little unnerving at first if you've been wearing any type of full face mask because it just feels like not much as touching but overall it's a great mask the other thing I really like about is the shape of the mouth hole it's much wider and softer and flexible it it just seems like it fits more faces better to this point and again this is chatter that I'm seeing in comments sections and on my forum so as a number one go to full face mask I feel very confident and recommending this at this point f30 I don't think you're not gonna have any problems that break down on the bridge of the nose and you know pressure sores on the bridge of the nose which is always a big problem with full face masks as well as the leaking up around the eye area it's gonna be very solid I'm also very confident at this point so there you're gonna be leak free down in the lower part of the jaw now keep in mind if you fall asleep on your back and you relax your jaw has a tendency to fall back so you could still at that point beginning leaks on the bottom part of the mask at that point I recommend two things either a soft cervical collar to help encourage keeping your chin up the other thing being a double sided boil and boil and by mouth guard you boil it bite into it keeps your jaw kind of locked into place you can also try a chin strap just to keep but those often times will pull the job back into your upper Airways and even more and make any sleep apnea worse so I would soft cervical collar is is a good option and none of that stuff is gonna cost you more than like 15 bucks so it kind of makes it an easy thing to give give a shot at this point if you enjoyed the video go ahead and give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and I appreciate your watching now if you've already tried the air fit F 30 and you have any comments about it leave them in the comment section below if you want to support this channel you can do so on patreon direct donation to PayPal or you can buy our product mass bright at mass bright comm we also have use mass alright thanks for watching guys quick thank you to my patreon supporters Stuart Hetherington thank you and thanks buddy Steve Bradshaw thank you and thanks buddy and dr. John Vander Laan thank you and thanks buddy if you are looking for a way to support us but you really don't want to actually do anything a great option is to use our Amazon affiliate link below if by any chance you're an Amazon Prime member or just shop amazon ever use that link you don't pay any more but we do get a referral fee for that and it really helps us out the other thing you can do if you need a mask or anything you can try mass buy it calm we saw the mass cleaner as well as slightly easier mass but still full of love you


  1. I love the mask. I'm not crazy with the headgear. Could you show a tutorial how to set up the straps.
    Also – I'm a cleft palate individual. Its all corrected ( as best as possible ) I'm 64. If the Amara View – or the AirFit 20 or 30 are well fit – its a great mask. Because the mask surface area is a little smaller – they tend to go out of seal with a little pillow pressure. Your video's and training is appreciated and beneficial.

  2. I tried an F 20 and did not like the way the air exits around the tube con nection. Seems to blow on my hands instead of my wife. Is the F30 the same way. I currently use a dreamwear FF. It's OK but always looking for better. What do you think?

  3. I tried the f30 from a friend of mine and the only thing problem I have with the two cans of the bottom where my dreamwear full face the tube comes out the top of the head. Which I like better because of my hand got caught up in the tube oh, that's like a that's why I like my dream where's I have full face mask and the nasal mask. But what helps the full face mask is my pad a cheek Mass covers perfect past two weeks have no leakage good to go.

  4. I have a serious question about the F20. I am new to all of this, very ill, and use bipap. Is the F20 mask good for helping release the CO2? I can see the air vents in other masks but not in these F20s. I paid a lot for it and afraid to use it. I have looked with a magnifying glass and can’t find vent holes. I have heard bad stories about some masks actually making you breathe the CSo2 back in. I need help.

  5. Do you also has sleep apnea Mr Lanky or observer health equipment? From your video I think the conclusion for the best nasal mask still goes to swift fx nano?

  6. I used this mask the first time last night. I have large head and small nose so they gave me small. The leaking was quite noisy although my machine said no problem with mask fit. It also hurt my cheeks having the straps tight. I was wondering if there is any mask liners available? Mask liners corrected my leaks with the full-face Airfit 10, but I had nose irritation and bleeding.

  7. Thank you SO much for this video; you confirmed that I'm not batsh*t crazy — which I was starting to seriously question.
    I had asked my respiratory therapist to switch me from the AirFit F20 to the F30 mask so I could wear my glasses and read in bed. She measured my nostrils using the card, and exactly as you showed in your video, she insisted that I was a small. Hard for me to believe because I have a pretty big schnoz. But she was the expert so I went with it. I've had the F30 for two weeks now and I've been ready to go back to the clunky F20 because I've been waking up with total cottonmouth and throat from mouth breathing while I sleep. I just couldn't seem to get the F30 mask adjusted so I could breathe easily through my nose without feeling as if I were suffocating. But now I know that it's not just me! Monday morning I'm giving her a call and getting switched to a medium cushion.

  8. Hi Lefty. I'm having major issues with full face leak blowing into my eyes. I found this mask and wonder if it doesn't leak on top? It looks like it will work great. Can you let me know? thanks, Dave

  9. fucked if i can get on with mine, i absolutly hate it, i got problems breathing through my nose, so ive got a mouth an nose mask now, i cant stand it either all that crap around my face, the trouble is i have to get used to it an show the doctors that its working or they will take away my heavy goods licence for semi trucks an trailers….. what am i to do ???

  10. I am a "newbie" to CPAP's, but I think I am going to be happy with this mask. Just wondering why not one person mentioned how cute you are…

  11. Folks it took me over a year to test all the masks available. For the most part all of them had to be tightened to the point of really being unusable. Then I found the total face mask. Designed to float out from your face at least a 1/4 in so you don’t have to tighten the strap. Very nice. From respironics.

  12. …anyone else with a really small nose? I just got this mask and unless it's super tight I end up with a whistling noise all night because it doesn't fit tight to my nose

  13. When I got my Philips Dreamstation cpap last December this was the recommended mask. I really like it overall, but on occasion I have troubles with leakage where it meets my nose and sometimes just under my eyes. Occasionally it "bubbles" at the sides of the chin are. I can fix it by cranking on the straps but then it becomes uncomfortable. What am I doing wrong? I love it other than that. It's not a constant issue, but it usually happens once a week at least.

  14. I just started using a cpap machine and was lucky to get fitted with this one. I have to say it works great!

  15. Been using the F30 for 3 nights. Have been feeling pain from the mask "pushing" upwards. Strap adjustments have improved that and getting "used to" the mask is probably contributing to less pain in the nose. I like the flow and feel of the mask on my face. I can scratch my nose and chin without breaking the seal. I hope the nose pain is gone before too long. Came from a ResMed AirFit F10.

  16. Is there a size LARGE version yet? Just went to doctor today and she put the medium F30 on me with 16.5 pressure and I was impressed but she said I should order the LARGE instead which she had no sample for. Medium is a bit too narrow for my wider but not extremely wide nose.

  17. It looks like it squeezes your nostrils closed a bit. I have a bit of deviated septum so that could be a problem. Did you notice that happening at all?

  18. I love the Airfit F30 mask. But that did not happen overnight. I was so used to the F20 so it took a few days to adjust to a hybrid mask. After 7 days of using only my F30 medium. Sleepyhead report said I went from a 0.9 AHI average to 3.8. Running a bipap at 17/14. I had a crazy idea. Replace the F30 elbow with the F20 elbow. No clue why but after another 7-day trail. My AHI was back to normal, for me. 2 months later. I love my F30.

  19. Got my AirFitF30, yesterday. I have always used a size small, so that it what I ordered. Measure guide indicated that I should have gotten the medium. Still gave it a try last night, did not get the suffocated feeling you had but did feel it was a little to snug of a fit and was a little irritating to my nostrils as a result, but didn’t leave any red marks. I will be ordering the medium mask, to see if it fits me better. Up to now, my go to mask has been the dream-wear, my biggest complaint being that head gear even with a ponytail to sort of anchor it, had a tendency to slip causing air leaks that woke me up. I think I finally have found a mask and headgear that will finally both be comfortable and stay in place.

  20. New to CPAP here just received a Resmed with the F20. Not sure it is going to work for me. Just seen your review of the F30 and the Dreamwear full face. Is one any better then the other?

  21. Thanks for this! I use the DreamWear Full Face and have issues with leaking as soon as I relax after falling asleep. I can’t use regular full face because my bridge is too narrow so it leaks into my eyes, and they cause blistering. Sounds like it may be worth trying – I like the concept behind both, and am due for more supplies soon!

  22. I absolutely love my F30. I started with a small mask as well and felt it was too tight around my nose. Once I tried a medium mask, I have been exceptionally pleased. The mask is extremely comfortable and the head gear stays in place and does not leave marks on my face. I have not had any problems with leaks at all. This will be my "go to" mask for years to come.

  23. Just started BIPAP therapy with this exact mask. Friend of mine told me about your channel. I'll report back once I have all this more figured out! Thanks for the info and entertainment!

  24. I used your discount code and ordered this. The DME offers "free" shipping and no other options. So that everyone knows what this free shipping is, the service is FedEX Smartpost–rivaled only by UPS Surepost in slowness and inefficiency. As a product shipper myself, I gave up on these solutions long ago due to consumer complaints. It took the company's FedEX shipment 11 days to get into the FedEX system, travel 400 miles with myriad stoppages–and then get handed off to my local USPS for delivery. This is really unacceptable in this day and time–and no options or warnings about the well documented and notorious Smartpost delays. Google is your friend here, and I can see no one except for FedEx having anything charitable to say about it. Buyer beware–good products, lousy shipping.

  25. I have a beard and have tried both. The full face works best for me. I just have to be sure it is snug by pulling the the side straps. You can also pull the rubbery part lower. Works great.

  26. This is my first CPAP machine and mask. Been using it for 4 nights now and although it's a great fit and I don't feel it when sleeping the machine itself is making me exhausted. I didn't show any symptoms of needing a machine other than snoring and my oxygen level dips to 72% at night but I've always woken up feeling refreshed and never tired during the day…now with the CPAP machine I'm always tired, the other day I slept all day and I wake up with headaches…is this normal? Did anyone else experience this when just starting?

  27. Jason I love my CPAP. Two things. First what do you mean “water pressure”? Second, I have really bad under eye bags now! Why, and is there anything I can do? I just purchased the Airfit F30. First night tonight. I love my F20, but as I said I am so rested but look so tired. Not giving up. Just want to not LOOK tired.

  28. What’s a good way to get the best breathing thru the f30 when your nose is wider than the fit of the nose cushion, I have slightly increased the nose air openings, but find the nose cushion still pinches my nose more closed than ideal.. 2. Pressure on my bottom teeth felt in morning, loosen straps loose air pressure? I still find the F30 ideal, for being the side sleeper that I am.

  29. I watched your video and ordered it from your review. I did use your discount code and had no issues ordering the mask.

  30. hey there can you make a functional video comparing this to dreamwear ffm, i move alot during my sleep, if i were to describe my movement its like a motorboat( )

  31. I have a love hate relationship with my 30. I use a medium BTW. When I first used the 30, I felt like my nose wasn’t lining up with the holes and one or both would act like a flutter valve causing the machine to shut off the pressure thinking I was exhaling. I adjusted the straps looser, not tighter, and it seemed to help. I experimented with my first 30 by extending the holes using a small scissor removing the demarcation between the two holes, that didn’t work, it seems that the holes needed to be separate. I’ve played with the 30 for about two months and I still have issues with waking up and having to readjust the mask, usually pulling it down on my nose. I have a mustache and it puts a lot of pressure on the hairs which causes discomfort. I’m motivated to make it work, I just wish the holes lined up better. I also have issues with my jaw dropping when I sleep on my back. My body always seems to want to be on my back probably due to my arthritis in my lower back which causes pain when I sleep on my left side. I tried to leave feed back on Res Med’s web site but can’t seem to find the link to Tech Services. I love your site, keep up the good work.

  32. Thanks for the video, entertaining and accurate as usual. I've been wearing the F30 for about 4-5 months and love it. I get breakdown on the bridge of my nose with traditional full face masks, including the F20, which I also loved, with which I used the Gecko pad to reduce soreness. I do get some leak from chin when jaw drops on occasion, but mostly if flat on my back with head on pillow. Also switched headgear from Amara View by putting F30 magnet clips on it instead. I have flat top style haircut and with it being so short the F30 top strap left indent about an inch from hairline that I had trouble getting rid of even after washing and hair products. I work as a RN and have recommended this mask to my patients. I preach CPAP therapy to those who are noncompliant with their therapy because it has changed my life.

  33. The Airfit P10 nasal pillow mask has the most fabulous air vent/diffuser. It's sooo quiet and there is no jet of air that hits blankets and pillows when you tuck in. It only exists on that one product of theirs, despite being so genius. Every other mask/style I've tried since I can't stand because of the noise and air jet. Sometimes I have congestion and I need a full mask, but it's so annoying I take it off.

  34. The Respironics DreamWear Full Face leeks for me like hell on the nostrils sides, but I like the DreamWear silicone headgear that takes the air from the top of the head bottom to the sides of your cheecks, which frees you from the hose at you front while changing sides while you're asleep. How is it when the hose connected to your front of the face? I've never tried this and that is the only reason I'm sticking with the DreamWear Full Face + Silicone headgear. Thanks!

  35. I've had the FX quattro for many years and thinking about the F30 as a replacement. I tried the F20 for a couple of weeks but it pinched the bridge of my nose too much and I felt very restricted. -Maybe time to try a non-over-the-nose solution.

  36. Got the F30 a couple weeks ago, and love it so far. I do have leaking in the morning and I am still playing with the adjustments of the straps to fix that, but overall a great mask. No more hamburger sores on the bridge of my nose. I also have nasal restrictions before I turn on my machine, but they go away after the machine is on for a few minutes. I measured as a small so that is what I got. Wondering if I should get a medium to try? Can I just buy a medium cushion and swap it out? Please advise on that. Thanks. Great video. Love your sense of humor. On a different note, can you tell me how to best get rid of the lines the straps leave on my face??

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