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  1. The work you put into your videos is unmatched in fashion world yt!! You kill it consistently and I just had to let you know

  2. i don’t even watch the show but these looks are so bomb they’re making me wanna try doing more extra looks like this again 😫

  3. I finished Euphoria 2 days ago and I loved it ! Maddy is my favorite fashion and makeup character, i love her style so thank you for this video 😍 my favorite look is the last with the cherries, just so cute !

  4. I say this every time you post makeup videos….. your makeup vids are seriously next level I love them<3 and I loved every look

  5. Wow, you KILLED IT! I love the blue look w the chain and the graphic blue liner with pink shimmer. They all look amazing tbh. Pls also do a fashion Euphoria vid!

  6. had to re-listen to 10:12 over and over again cause I rly thought she said “I need more sex in my life” LMAO

  7. Love the hoop earrings. Do u ever do a sleek middle part and tuck ur hair perfectly behind both ears. Thats my favorite hair style and i also do a sleek ponytail and bun with a scrungie. Do u like those styles?

  8. I usually don't comment but girl you deserve it so much, you really did put yourself out there to recreate ALL of Maddy's looks!! not only you rocked them but we know that you must have worked really hard of this video so thank you sm, I hope one day you'll get all the credit you deserve<3

  9. i think your eye shape is prettier than maddie cause i didnt like these looks on her but i like them on your eyes .btw Jules eye looks were cooler than others i think. also rue's rhinstone eye looks and can we talk about that green blouse she was wearing on the pilot uhhhh can you pleeeeeease do the entire series (makeup,outfits,hair styles) ? (virgo alert)

  10. i loved dissss💕💕💕✨✨✨ maddy is such an amazing character, i saw alexa demie for the first time in mid90’s by jonah hill and i loved her but i absolutely adore her as maddy, so full of shades and colors and conflicts that are amazingly reflected by her clothes and make up💗✨

  11. Love this! Also legit that colourpop my little pony palette is the most underrated palette ever. I use it all the time!

  12. omg i just binged euphoria also in two days! u slayed every look!!!! IMPOSSIBLE to choose, but definitely the orange/blue eyeliner look from the ep where she's wearing the suit set is one of my faves. i've decided i'm being jules as juliet for halloween – the makeup in this show and the visuals are just so good

  13. i never experiment with makeup but this video (and the show) are making me want to buy palettes to actually try. you did a great job.

  14. Girl you don’t even need falsies ur eyelashes are perfect 😍 what’s the secret to ur long lashes? Do u use any products??

  15. the amount of work you must have put into this video 😭 it paid off though i’m in love!!!! thank you for your service ma’am

  16. I just feel like I have to take the time to comment & say thank you for all the effort & passion you put into this video! I appreciate your content so so much. So much inspo & oh, you're gorgeous xx

  17. Damn girl, you look good! Props to you for doing 10 makeup looks in one go, your eyes must hurt. My favourite is the orange liner look.

  18. Looooooove these looks 😍 need to try them 👌🏼👌🏼 Btw What’s the name of the song that plays at 11:47??? Love it!

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