AmputeeOT: Lotions, Potions & Glidewear Oh my!

AmputeeOT: Lotions, Potions & Glidewear Oh my!

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Hey, everybody! This is Christina, the Amputee OT. In this video, I’m going to talk about lotions and potions for your leg. This may be obvious, but the average amputee has a residual limb that is scarred, skin grafted, and/or hidden inside of a dark and moist prosthetic socket all day; and so it will come as no surprise that amputees are prone to developing skin problems on their residual limb. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of products out there for the skin of amputees, but it’s kind of hard to know which to choose; because it’s not like you can just pop on down to your local drugstore and find your salve for your amputation. Pretty much all products that are designed to help amputees are specialty products that you can only get from your prosthetist, unless you have the opportunity to go to a conference for amputees in which such products are available for consumers to try. Here are some skin care products that are available for amputees. If you’re cleaning your un-foot, most people use an antibacterial soap or an unscented soap, or just plain water. But there are actually a couple of soaps that are made specifically for residual limbs. This is Derma-Clean. It’s a product made by Otto Bock; and it’s meant to be used when you’re cleaning your residual limb. The stuff that I like to use is Hibicleanse; it might be too irritating for some people; but I find that it keeps my leg from smelling stinky in the summer, so I really like it. Alps makes a skin lotion for sensitive skin that’s specifically formulated for prosthetics; and it also says that the skin lotion helps when you’re putting on your suction socket. If you have an area of your residual limb that’s really irritated, you might want to try this stuff. This is called Derma Prevent, and it’s almost like a really slick sort of lubricant that you can put on under your skin that reduces chafing. It’s like a clear slick lubricant that you would put on underneath your liner in a place where your socket is really irritating you, or if you’re getting skin irritation. Otto Bock also makes something called Derma Repair; You can see that is a lotion that you put on, it helps when your skin is irritated. Alps Prosthetic Spray–I haven’t actually tried yet, but this you are supposed to spray on your residual limb before you put your prosthetic on, and it helps with sweating. It’s got an aluminum chloride, so it’s an antiperspirant. This product is Adapt Skin 50 and 90. This is a product that also helps with chafing; and I actually use this a lot–like especially on the edge of my liner, or on my knee if my skin gets irritated. Basically… like a… Thick gel that you put on that also makes your legs slick, and kind of reduces chafing. And I like this stuff because it comes in little travel containers that you can bring around with you. I keep it in my bag all the time, and it also has a nice lemon smell that smells super nice , and it also comes in a thicker version, which you can see I haven’t really used. Alps also makes an ointment. This is the Vitamin A & D ointment. This is like a super thick ointment that you put on, basically pretty similar to what you’d put on a baby if they had diaper rash. Another thing you might try using if you’ve got really irritated skin, or a real problem area that gets irritated because of friction is the stuff called Glide Wear. It’s a patch that you put over your leg– basically it’s two layers of fabric and the fabric slides on each other and so this reduces shear inside of your prosthetic. Say you have a problem on your knee– you put in on your knee. Then roll this up over your knee, and It would prevent you getting shear on your knee . It comes in two different sizes. Here is the large size. The Glide Wear product is really interesting because they have pictures showing what a person’s residual limb looked like BEFORE they started using the Glide Wear; and then AFTER they started using the Glide Wear; And you can actually see that it seems to make a pretty good difference in healing different types of wounds. Okay, everybody– so in this video, I actually have a giveaway to do. The company TAMARACK, that sent me these GlideWear patches, actually sent me four of them. I’m going to keep two of them for myself in case I ever need them in the future, but I’ve got two more here. We’ve got a large one and a small one. If you think this product will be beneficial to you, if you’ve got problems with friction or skin breakdown and your residual limb and you’re kind of out of options; and you want to try something new, and you want to try something for free –just drop me a line! You can email me at [email protected] If I get a ton of people emailing me telling me that they’d like to try this GlideWear, then I will probably base who I pick to get the GlideWear on your need; So basically, tell me why you think you need it, and if I think that you deserve it. Then I’ll grab your mailing address, and I’ll mail it to you; and if you want this prosthetic ointment, then email me and let me know, and I will send this to you. To be honest, it’s not like the skin of your residual limb is some sort of mutant, but amputees definitely have some special problems that normal people don’t have with regard to scarring and skin grafts, and sticking your leg in a dark and moist environment for 18 hours a day. But it’s nice to know that there are some products out there that are specifically formulated to help amputees. Okay, so I’d like to know– Is there anything special that you do for your residual limb? Is there any special lotion that you use? Do you use a lotion that you just buy from your local drug store or supermarket? Let me know in the comments section below. Okay, everybody! If you have any questions, you can leave them the comments section below. You can subscribe if you like; I put out new videos every Wednesday. You can follow me on Facebook at And… That’s all for now. See you later! Bye!


  1. I have been wondering about some of the different products that you covered in the video.  Thanks for shedding some light on the subject.

  2. I actually don't use any unless I notice and issue. Then I just use regular lotion. I also just clean it with regular body wash/bar soap. However, I've been at this a while so maybe my skin has turned "tougher". I dunno. I did get a gel sock a few weeks ago and that thing is the best piece of equipment I have ever had!! Ohh, and can I get that waterproof sleeve, I'd love to test it out! THanks Christina and Merry Christmas

  3. Um.  In the USofA what does an OT really do?   My degree is in ergonomics and re-allocation of manpower.  Our OTs re-trained people, whether disabled or otherwise.

  4. Thank you for including the GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch in this video, Christina!  To help your subscribers locate the products mentioned in your video, I've created a blog post with product names & website links, here:

  5. Since I switched types of liners, I no longer have to slather Vaseline or lotion on my knee like you told me to do. While in ICU recently, the staff gave me Savvy Cream. It's a lemon essential oil and it works wonders. So far I've been fortunate not to have any skin irritations or breakdown whether I use something on my skin or not be it lotion, cream, oil or Vaseline.

  6. In very rare extreme cases ( ie post chemo ) I us Hydrophor to soften the hard skin.

    Best solution for irritation hands down is a quality fit and clean socks. Ie if I work out then afterwards I switch to a dry clean sock

    AmputeeOT – you are the best for sure in helping get real information out! Keep it up !!!

  7. i just got my below the knee prosthetic about a month ago. Amputation was in Sept. I've noticed that I have a little irritation above my knee from the liner. Any recommendations?

  8. I am a recent amputee due to a DVT. I love love love your videos. Just found them today. Do you still do them?
    You have been more helpful than any "professional" I've asked questions to. Thank you so much. There's so much to learn and I'm so ignorant to most of these issues even though I've been a nurse for 35 yrs.
    I can't seem to find the creams and soap you mentioned. I'm going to try online.
    Thank you again for your time, advice and answering many of my questions. I'm going on one year as an amp and not many problems but phantom pain and irritation from walking around more than a 40 min duration. I'm going to try your sock interventions. Thanks, you are a beautiful person inside and out.

  9. Hat was it exactly you use to help the leg smell from sweat in summer time and where can i get that? I've tried just about everything and i still sweat so much and i hate the would be great if what you showed helped . thanks again!!!

  10. I dont use much. pure corn starch baby powder in my stump sock before putting sock on. this absorbs sweat and reduces some friction. dump alittle in then i put my hand in side sock and. fluff it around. also i clean. socket with rubbing alcohol once in a while. If i get pimple like soar i use peroxyde. I clean with shampoo mostly. keeping clean is a must.

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