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hi guys welcome to my youtube channel guy in this video I'm going to show you how you can make a good fit screen to use on your face and lighten up your face removed outset and remove acne on your face if you have mean and tough spots on your face and this face cream is work very effectively but it what gradualist does no work very fast but it's very natural and very good to use on our feet and our face is more sensitive than our body dies more easy you need to use more of natural ingredient to treat your feet so brighten up your face and glue your face and the same time remove dead skin cells feel skin for new set to grow on your sink or your skin so guys let's go into this video so I'm going to use potato aloe vera shea butter and grandfa if you have right flow you can use right floor and if you have share both I can use a bottle but you you are going to financial share but have for its appetite to boot so get a good screen to make this cream more moisturize on your skin and guys this remedy is very very effective I promise you guys it's very very fatty because it's going to like lighten up your skin gradually and brighten up your skin make your skin look softer and look glowing and potato is very good because it can't a antioxidant that help the skin I remove acne ice have to read is my potential so you just need your own potato for this face cream and you cook it a little over cookie to that a new chain to Mongo add potato was effectively when strolling down the sign of aging especially wrinkled the accident helped to reduce the signs of aging protector content as a whole castle cloth squish has naturally property that I have to lighten our skin naturally and this is just why he just needs only one for this face cream the next ingredient is my ground floor they also called pizza dizzy in ground floor has shown it did so fight the infection that caused our face railroads with acne it also help control the SS simple production and smooth inflamed skin so this help to control Sybil production in our skin so I just need one tablespoon of my ground floor if you have rice floor you can use dry floor or ground floor any of them is okay for this face cream so the next ingredient is my shelter fermented this and the other wanna be fermented the high concentration of fatty acid and vitamins for sorting skin it has antioxidant if so this contain and see from a tree and healing property that help top tone and smooth our skin naturally so it is help to blow our skin and beautify our skin in this ingredient guys I have my tumeric here so this might married folder does he hide these days so tamari help to reduce acne scars and the anti-inflammatory quality target our spores and calm the skin so this help to lighten up our skin and brighten up our skin and it stings a lot so I'm going to use the little of this just 1/2 tablespoon of this is okay for my face cream and the next ingredient is my aloe vera so I have a love fresh aloe vera because aloe vera gel or you can use the fresh one Josh could check out the child is what we need in these treatment aloe vera reducing acne and clear the blemishes on scars and it's very effective for oily and dry and acne prone skin aloe vera gel contain multiple vitamins amino I see as mineral silicone acid that was like magic in beautifying our complexion so this help to brighten up your skin lighten up your skin I twelve very effectively so what you need to do guys you need to miss them together from your face cream and this face cream try keeping a figuration for a week or two weeks so you can keep it there and be using it gradually it work very effectively but it work gradually to lighten up our skin and get flower skin this is the best way to lighten up your face because our face is more sensitive than our skin so you use this to lighten up your skin now you have a perfect result and we get rid of the machines


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