1. Excellent video. She was very calm, and informative – makes me feel like going to practice myself. Of all things make-up, eyebrows, and applying false eyelashes take me FOREVER lol. Thanks for the video MAC!

  2. I love MAC! The products are just so good, but I also have a questions. I have read on the internet that MAC has started to test on animals! Is that true or is it just because MAC belongs to Estee Lauder that tests? I always thought MAC was a cruelty free brand…

  3. They sell Duo, which is probably one of the best, if not the best, lash glues. ๐Ÿ™‚ It does have latex, I believe, though.

  4. Hey guys, iv just started my own Channel, plz pop by and subscribe if u like?
    Just type in Shringaar by Yaz x
    Much Lov

  5. Hey avitaliness. I just tried and it looked pretty much her hairdo, yay!
    So I started off damp hair (maybe some mousse would help?). I first took the hair behind the ear from the side I have my parting on. Then I did a standard lace braid (only adding hair from the top) around the nape of my neck. Keep it VERY close to the head. When there is no more hair to add, finish the braid and tuck the end into the pocket that should have formed there. I guess best on shoulder length! Hope that helped!

  6. This was one of the best videos Mac has ever posted! she should be featured in more videos giving out her tips and advice!

  7. This video is too artsy, not tutorial. All the zooming out and feathered focus isn't conducive to a teaching environment. I kept wondering if something was wrong with my screen. I love your makeup though.

  8. BRAVO!!!!! This is the BEST MAC video. Not small 15-30 second tips or common sense "tricks" thank you!!! This is nice, calm and informative. Not to mention her HAIR!

  9. Longer video -CHECK
    Fewer camera changes -CHECK
    Getting to see what the make up artist is doing CHECK
    Actually useful tips -CHECK

    MAC, thanks for listening!

  10. nadine had an amazing make up video of style black collection.why did you delete older videos.I don't get.please bring it back

  11. Thank you so much Jennifer…I desperately need to wear false lashes to make complete my look and polish it, but I've struggled with it so much I finally gave up. However, you demonstrated a few techniques I've never seen anyone else do before, so kudos to you my friend…..and btw…you are gorgeous!

  12. muchas gracias Jennifer es un buen video muy ilustrativo, y sobretodo q estas mucho muy guapa, te mando un beso princesa, saludos desde tlalnepantla Mรฉxico

  13. oh thank god, now i know how to make my bottom lashes not stick straight up! They literally poke at my eyes. Thank you so much Jennifer! #asianeyes

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