Artists Up Close: Bronzing Naturally with Amber Dreadon

Artists Up Close: Bronzing Naturally with Amber Dreadon

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I’m from New Zealand. you like go out in the
sun for five minutes and you start to get sunburned. Hi. Being a bit bronze kind of makes
you look healthy and fresh. And I think everyone wants that. I kind of think when
you’re choosing makeup, it’s like getting
a prescription. You’ve got to get exactly
the right things that work for your skin and how you live. The biggest mistake that we see,
really, is getting your bronzer and just coloring
in the whole face. You don’t want to do that. You want to have a little hint
of it in the light and things like that. But you want to see your
bronzer coming first before you see your– I’m going to do some
natural bronzing today. It’s like a question I
get asked all the time is, how do you use bronzer? I’m going to start off with a
bit of the Prep and Prime Face Protect. And this is like
my go-to product, because you can’t get great
makeup without prepping your skin first. I’m using this brush. This guy’s really good. He’s my little favorite
for everything. And I like a brush that’s
going to multitask. You know, you don’t
need to use very much. And I’m just buffing it over. Nothing worse than a perfect
face and then bright red sunburned ears. I’m going to use a
little bit of foundation. I’m using a Prolong
Wear, because if you’re going to be out in the
sun, you want stuff to say where you put it. Just through the
center of my face. I don’t want to use it all over. I’m not that kind
of person that wants to look like I’ve got
a ton of makeup on. I always match up my skin
tone with my foundation. So it’s the same color. And then, I can use my
bronzer to add warmth in. You can start with a
little and add more. This is a Prep and
Prime highlighter. And this little guy
is such a lifesaver. It just correct
darkness, because you don’t want to look tired. But you can use it on all
the high points and things. Now, a bit of concealer. I’m using this concealer,
because it’s lightweight. So if you’re out in
the sun, you don’t want to be wearing
products that are going to be too heavy on the skin. And it wears really well. I really like to just get
everything really flawless first. And then, I can go back
in with the bronzer around the sides of the face. It’s tying it all
together, but it’s not looking like a fake bake. I think the trick
with bronzer is, you can really warm things
up, use it really loosely. So I’m using a mineralized
skin finish natural powder in a shade that’s just a little
bit darker than my skin tone. And we’re using a
really nice big brush. And we’re just going
to start really loosely around the
sides of the face and take it under the jawline
a little, but just nice big movements. This is a really good
way to kind of keep it all looking really
consistent and natural. Once I kind of get
out there in the day, my natural shine’s
going to come through and it’s going to look radiant. So I’m going to go for a
slightly darker tone again. And we’re going to go a little
bit more impact with this one. And what I want to do
is almost kind of use this like you would a
blush, on the apples of the cheeks a little, and
then just really blending it up, creating a little bit of shape. If I used one color
bronzer all over, it’s just going to look flat. So by using a couple
of shades, it’s going to give me
a bit more shape. You can really ease into it. You don’t have to go super dark. And the beauty of these over
using a traditional bronzer is they still kind
of look like skin. You don’t end up
looking super orange. And I don’t think people
want that anymore. You want it to look
like it’s your own. Like it’s you, but just a
nicer, warmer, bronzer version of yourself. It gets really humid
in New Zealand. We tend to do makeup
so that you’re not wearing a lot of layers. You kind of want to do your
thing, but not have tons on. So you got to pick
the right combo. Kind of warmed up my skin. Definitely looks more
sun-kissed than it did before. I don’t really like to tan. Just add a little bit of color,
with a mineralized blush. This is kind of a peachy tone. I always like anything
peachy, because I think it makes your skin
look nice and fresh. If you’re going
out at night, you can brush this on your
shoulders, whatever skin you can see. We use it a lot backstage
too, because you never know when you’re going to have
tan lines that you have to fix. I’ve kind of created a bit of
dimension using my bronzer. This is Silver Dusk
iridescent powder. We can pop it out and make
it a little bit more modern with a highlight. I would wear this
during the day. I think kind of the cool thing
with makeup at the moment is that it’s a little bit
more casual than maybe it has been in the past. There’s not a lot I would
change to go from day to night. I want to look fresh
and casually cool.


  1. hate the way they made the video… I mean… it's artsy and stuff but you can see everything except for the actual make-up

  2. I get you're being all 'artsy' but could you please shoot your camera-person (or at least change it)?
    I want to see the application a bit more on her face and not that off-angle, behind-her-head, flashing-different-scenes, soft-focus-transition, zooming-in-and-out nonsense!

  3. You are really orange watching from the back of your neck comparing to your face! Gosh! Orange!

  4. i feel like theyre pushing products into your face too bluntly and that makes me want to not trust MAC as a company.

  5. I would rather see them work on a model…..I appreciate that your trying to shoot this "artsy" but it does nothing for demo…..

  6. I'd like to see hair pinned back out of the face when applying makeup, then release it at the end for the final overall effect.

  7. oh MAC…the angles and movement is nice but for a tutorial very annoying. Sometimes I just want to see what the artist is doing. IJS

  8. I personally like to use bronzer to contour my cheeks/face rather than apply it all over the face and down my neck like this. Actually her face didn't really match her neck at the end. I do like how she applied it on her temples and sides of the forehead. I do that as well to make it look a little slimmer lol.

  9. I actually love the cinematic aspect of MAC's tutorials. I think it reflects their creativity pretty well. Furthermore, she tells you a bunch of tips so if you're actually paying attention, I'm not sure what the issue is… She's teaching you how to apply bronzer, not something super complicated that would require a close up of her face the whole time.

  10. I wish I could afford this makeup.
    I tried the foundation years ago and loved it.
    Oh well. Maybe one day.
    Good video btw

  11. This is an art film, its supposed to be that way, playing with lights, angles, and being unconventional. If you would like to see bronzer application, please be directed to the search bar at the top of the page. You might want to use the search terms of "how to apply bronzer". 🙂

  12. This video is supposed to help us to create an easy bronzed look? I just got dizzy. MAC really should be clear on how they tag their videos. Artistry in how the video was made is there but if they're supposed to give tips on how people can use their products, then better re-think how they shoot these videos. Or are they suppose to feature the artist and not the technique? I don't even know what to understand in their videos anymore.

  13. Poorly shot. Black and white and panning masks the color and artistry. How are we supposed to see what she's doing??? I love MAC experts… wanna see the tips clearly. IMO

  14. I don't get the editor's use of black and white footage if the video is about bronzer. I want to see what the artist is doing.

  15. please..for the love of god stop moving the camera all over the place. How am i supposed to learn from a Mac Artist if you move the camera behind her head and then make the screen go black and white? Do it when shes not applying makeup. If this happens again, im just gonna unsubscribe and i know im not alone in this.

  16. Well you guys don't show the end result, I guess it was awful… Quite a long video with hideous music and lots of blah, blah, blah to not even see how the girl looks in the end. I feel deceived.

  17. There are so many thing we can learn from this artist. IF ONLY, the camera angles would stop shifting around, and the screen would focus on her face, the techniques she is doing etc.

    For reference on how to do good makeup tutorial videos you can refer to Lisa Eldridge makeup tutorials.

  18. Some Irish girls could learn a thing or 2 from this video! Seriously they walk around looking like Oompa Loompas!!! Thank god Im not like that!!!!!!

  19. Everyone on here is so cute thinking they know anything about make up. MAC isn't a multi billion dollar company that has never done an ounce of advertising for no reason. They are trendsetters and have revolutionized make up. Any other company rides on their coat tails. So what if you couldn't see what she was doing perfectly. I think these videos are for inspiration and ideas. Ask a professional artist for tips!

  20. que video tan estrenaste no se puede ver bien lo que ella quiere explicar los ángulos no son muy favorables para ver bien su explicación lo siento pero no entendí.

  21. Hi @ninjaGlamour! In the video, Amber is using Prep + Prime SPF50 Face Protect and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. Thanks for being a fan!

  22. Hi @fanydner! In the video, Amber is using Prep + Prime SPF50 Face Protect and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. Thanks for being a fan!

  23. Specific products, brushes and shades please! I understand the aesthetic you're trying to go for, MAC, but how do I know what to spend my money on?! You're selling us a product as well as a brand – remember that!

  24. yeah she didn't really blend the neckline at all, if she did I think that it would have looked less brutal…

  25. gosh stop it with the bitching people! when MAC did those short videos, you guys complain. now they do longer more stylized videos, you guys complain again. jeez! it's really annoying!

  26. Unfortunately, she would have to add pink tones to the foundation to match her skin. She is very pink to begin with, and MAC doesn't offer a foundation straight out of the bottle that blends well with pale pink-toned skin.

  27. Yeah the whole time I'm seeing these literal spots of super yellow-y bronzer on this girl, just waiting for it all to come together. Guess it didn't!

  28. hey 🙂 so iv'e never to be completly honest tried mac but i was wondering wud u let people like sponsor you and do reviews on mac products

  29. Adorei o ambiente descontraído e a forma simples de explicar para pessoas que como eu se estão a iniciar no mundo da maquilhagem, mas concordo que se torne enfadonho para quem já domine as técnicas .

    I loved the relaxed atmosphere and simple way to explain to people like me who are starting up in the world of makeup, but I agree that it becomes boring for those who have mastered the techniques.

  30. What is this?! Her natural skin is a pink undertone and her face is now orange/yellow… :-S The camera effects are very annoying…….

  31. She said not to colour in the face, then coloured in her face with 3 different shades of bronzer…. i think it's pretty standard, you either apply it to the high points of the face or contour the temples and cheekbones/jawline as i do, not just big fluffy brush applying it everywhere, pointless video, no actual tips, no technique just complete product pushing and pretentious advertisement.

  32. The camera angles are amazing, the effects also, but by trying to be this a tutorial… is not… She uses like 3 different kind of bronzers besides the mineralizer, and she uses a powder you don´t tell to people who asks…
    Lights are great! she looks shiny and whit a sun glow but we would love to see the finish "naturally bronzing" which she forgets to go down to the neck and upper chest!!!

  33. People need to keep in mind, this isnt a basic drugstore type-tutorial. This is MAC. Its in the name sweetheart. Makeup Art Cosmetics. These are artists, with their own unique incentives and techniques that they use to achieve certain looks. I think this video is actually really informative. She tells you what products she uses, and you can clearly see how she applies them. Either that or people really dont get makeup.. which is why they look like crap in the first place.

  34. When it comes to MAC, lets let the actual make up artists do their thing? I'm sure she is by far more experienced then you and your pathetic desire to attempt makeup.

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