ASMR 코덕들 맴찢 화장품 부수기 Destroying Cosmetics #10

ASMR 코덕들 맴찢 화장품 부수기 Destroying Cosmetics #10

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Outer skin, just touch cream If you eat it, it’s real death Walk along the guideline Trap Card Activated Run! Zoom shot for increased tension I’m faster than anyone else If you were looking for a life peeling gel, I highly recommend you.
I’m sorry for my mom. I’ll buy you a new one. You just eat, don’t yield to your skin Yogi Soba Noodles Write my name Rom and tint my sister used I didn’t know I used the brain stop for 5 seconds Red wine is being manufactured ASMR Time !! 1 glass of liquor shochu in the grain drop for thirst Playing with Together Ice Cream Throwing red pearls to look like Subscribers don’t like scratching. I’m worried about being upset Covers skin defects and pores But 20,000 won I want you to try this. Hung I’m sorry If you don’t see the next video, please report it Well, how are you today?


  1. ★자막있음 Turn on subtitles

    – 자막은 편집을 끝내고 기쁜 마음에 업로드 중 기쁜 마음에 의식의 흐름대로 작성해서 큰 의미는 없음

    -The subtitles are not as big as they are written according to the flow of my consciousness.

    구매처링크(Where to Buy Link)



    ★데임수(Daim Soo) 필링젤

    ★데임수(Daim Soo) 아이크림

    ★퐁당 동키(Fondant Donkey) 밀크 리페어 크림

  2. JG님 정말 오랜만에 이채널 오는거 같아요! ㅠㅠ 아주 초창기때 잠깐 봤었는데 더 발전 하셨군요!! 소리 너무 좋아용♥♥ 저도 안쓰는 화장품 있으면 꼭 보내드릴게요😊

  3. Иииии русские субтитры снова сделади всех! (вы просто едите, не поддавайтесь своей коже!)

  4. 매번 질 좋은 화장품 asmr을 자주 올려주셔서 감사합니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 복 많이 받으시고 행복하세요ㅎㅎ

  5. 영상이 짧으니 첫번째 영상은 자막있는걸로하고 같은영상반복으로 10분 채워 주세요 2분 동안은 자막보고 나머지 시간은 잠을 잘 수 있게

  6. im not sure if anyone else realizes but this man replicates some sounds and layers them into the video like at 0:07, 1:09 and even at other timestamps (and for many other videos) this makes it even more harder to edit the video, thanks JG asmr for this high quality video 🔥

  7. 자막이 너무 재밌는데요
    asmr이 일케 재밌어도 됩니까…
    일케 또 올려주세요
    제이지..당신 최고야…

  8. メチャ音がいいんだけど!


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