ASMR EDIBLE LUXURY CHANAL BAG 배고파서 명품 샤넬백이랑 화장품 먹어버렸지 뭐야!!..😱(Flex.먹방) MUKBANG EATING SOUNDS

ASMR EDIBLE LUXURY CHANAL BAG 배고파서 명품 샤넬백이랑 화장품 먹어버렸지 뭐야!!..😱(Flex.먹방) MUKBANG EATING SOUNDS

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Hello! It’s Suni Mom 🙂 Today, I’ll be having A Chanel bag! Oopsies, I guess I was too hungry that I ate a Chanel bag… 😛 (Super flex!) (Flexin’ flexin’) I reached the 300k sub milestone on YouTube & 1 mil on TikTok! and Sandbox offered these as a gift! I’ll surely enjoy chomping on this champ right here 😉 Please subcribe & like! Ooh, that’s heavy It’s heavier since it’s prestigious!
(More luxurious=heavier ?) (It has a very soft texture :D) (lolol sounds so bizarre) (Have you guys ever tried eating an expensive bag before? :)))
(Probably not,,) (Well I insist that you try one! It’s only a few thousand bucks out of your pocket! :D) (#Affordable) (Delicio!) (That’s is one delicious bag :P) Let me take the gloves off I made an edible hairbrush (The comb is very crunchy!) I love the sound it makes 🙂 (It may seem tasty, but do not chomp on your hairbrushes at home… :S) (This entire brush is made with edible ingredients! 🙂 (Guess what I made it with? Leave it down in the comments! :)) Let me try the lipstick! The color is gorgeous! 🙂 (Does it look real?) (Good!! :D) Let me try this makeup product too! (Is this supposed to be a blusher?) (Nah..) (I rarely put on makeup other than when I film mukbangs.. :P) (Whatever) (As long as it tastes good, Mommy is happy!) (The cosmetics & the bag seems too real.. lol) (I was going to sell it on a used goods store.. :S) (but I ate it because I’m hungry :P) Hibiscus tea! Let me eat the cushion too 🙂 (It’s a spongy texture) (I guess cushions taste like this lol) (The mirror is chewy(?) lol) (So gewd) (Touched) (I’m not too sure what this is..) (I think it’s one of makeup products?) (If you know, tell me what it is!) (Thumbs up) (It’s a cookie flavor but not too sweet 🙂 (I think I can eat a whole lot of it) (I got these cosmetics(?) gift) (from Sandbox to celebrate my subscriber milestones 🙂 (They sent me a Chanel bag as an encouragement! 🙂 (It would have been better if these were actually rea…) (Oopsies, I spilled the beans! D:) (Jk #Love #Sandbox) (Washing my mouth) (Great!) I’m wearing protective glasses because the lighting is blinding.. a Chanel bag + glasses + nails polished! Gorgeous, no? Let me slice the bag lol You need to slice bags to fully enjoy the flavor(?) I feel bad as it looks like a legit bag… lol What a waste (I want to sell it) (Voila~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!) (Now you see what this is made out of?) (Does it look tasty?) (It’s full of chocolate) (The outer surface is bit thick but inside is very soft) (I ate it while not knowing it’s on my mouth) (I will remove the Chanel logo and eat it) (Those who didn’t eat Chanel shouldn’t dare to say they know Chanel!!) Ahh~~~~ tasty It’s tasty because it’s expensive (I should eat the comb) (The comb sounds the best) (The joy of eating the brush) (Crispy) (The lipstick is bit sweet) (Anyway, it’s delicious) (Done with eating lipsticks!!) (Double thumbs up) (The string of a bag) (It taste like a cotton candy made out of a steel) (You don’t know what it taste like? Actually I don’t know it either) (Mirror) (It’s first time eating mirror in my 60 years life) (Actually, the mirror doesn’t taste bad) (I should eat it time to time (?)) (Done by eating the car!!) (Wow~~~~~!!! delicious) I enjoyed eating the Chanel bag and cosmetics. Have a happy&lovey day y’all


  1. [자막을 켜고보면 더 재밌어요 😍]

    오늘은 무얼 먹을까 고민하다 배고파서 샤넬백을 먹었어요..😱

    배고파서 샤넬백 먹어버렸지 모야!! 플렉수!! 😁

    가방이 쫄깃쫄깃하고 부드러워서 맛있네요(?) 🤣

    사실 샌드박스에서 유튜브 구독자 30만, 틱톡 100만 팔로워를 넘은 기념으로 비싼 가방을 선물로 주셨어요 😆

    아!! 그리고 립스틱이랑 화장도구도 같이 보내 주셨어요 😲

    샤넬백이라 중고나라에 팔려다가(?) 배고파서 그냥 먹어버렸어요😅

    모두 너무 진짜 같아서 먹기 너무너무 아까웠어요 😭

    아!! 그리고 안경은 유튜브 촬영하다 보니까 조명 때문에 눈이 부셔서

    시력보호 안경을 껴봤어요. 잘 어울릴지 모르겟네요 ㅎㅎ 😆

    예쁜 선물 보내준 샌박에 감사드리구요 🤩

    이런 선물을 받을 수 있게 해준 유튜브 30만 순둥이분들과 틱톡 130만 팔로워 분들도 모두 감사드려요 😍

    [It's more fun if you turn on the subtitles 😍]

    Today, I was worried about what to eat, so I ate Chanel bag because I was hungry..😱

    The bag is chewy and soft(?), so it's delicious

    In fact, my agency gave me an expensive bag as a gift to celebrate over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and 1 million TIKTOK followers. 😆

    Oh, and my agency sent me lipstick and makeup set 😲

    I was going to sell Chanel bag to the market because it was expensive, but I was hungry and I just ate it 😅

    (Just kidding 🤣)

    They all looked real, so it was amazing 😲

    And I wore glasses because it was dazzling because of the lighting, but I don't know if it suits me well 🤣

    All of these gifts are due to the love of subscribers and followers 😍

    I love you all. I'm going to be a SUNIMOM channel that tries harder 😭😍

    [Khi bạn nhìn vào video, bật phụ đề.]

    Chào mọi người 🤣

    Cảm ơn bạn đã thưởng thức video ngày hôm nay. 😍


    สวัสดีทุกคน 🤣

    ขอบคุณสำหรับการเพลิดเพลินกับวิดีโอวันนี้ 😍

    [Aktifkan subtitle saat melihat video]

    Hai semuanya 🤣

    Terima kasih telah menikmati videonya hari ini 😍


    みなさん、こんにちは 🤣

    今日はビデオを楽しんでくれてありがとう 😍


    大家好 🤣

    感谢您收看今天的视频 😍

    [Active los subtítulos cuando vea el video]

    Hola a todos 🤣

    Gracias por disfrutar el video hoy 😍

    [Включите субтитры при просмотре видео]

    Привет всем 🤣

    Спасибо за просмотр видео сегодня

    [شغّل الترجمة عندما تشاهد الفيديو]

    مرحبا بالجميع 🤣

    شكرا لك للاستمتاع الفيديو اليوم 😍

    [Ligue as legendas quando assistir ao vídeo]

    Olá a todos 🤣

    Obrigado por curtir o vídeo hoje 😍

  2. 저 순희엄마 처음 틱톡에서보고 왕팬되서 하트 하고 지금 구독 좋아요 알림설정 눌렀어요

  3. 😍🎂😘👜😗💄😙👠😚💅😃👝😇💎😀🍷😉👌🎂👍😄💄😊🍷😁💅😋👠☺🎂🙂👝😮🍷😻🎂💖👠💗👜💟👒💞💍🎂💕👛💓💝👡💌🎂🕶💙🍷💚🛍🎂💛👒💜🎂❣🍷♥🇰🇷💘🇲🇾👩❤👵🌷🇲🇾👩💟🇰🇷👵

  4. 눈이 안 좋아지신줄 알고 걱정했는데 다행이에요!! 오늘 소리 넘 좋아요ㅜㅜㅜ 신기한 먹방 많이 해주세요!:D♥

  5. 食べる姿めちゃくちゃかわいいですが食べ過ぎで体に気をつけてくださいね!

  6. 빗은 밑에는 빵? 같은걸로 만든거 같구요 위에는 스파게티 면을 식용색소로 칠한거 같아요

  7. 아 그 네모난 샤넬 그려진거 그거 우리아빠가 향수살때 그거에 그 종이에 향수 나는거로 알아요 아빠가 샤넬 자주 사거든요

  8. 빗 저거 밥에다가 파스타면 잘게 부셔서 꼽아놓은거 맞죠 헤헷 아님 나만 그렇게 생각한걸수도….ㅡ

  9. 笑顔が素敵だし

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