ASMR(SUB)말 많이 하는 메이크업 퍼프 가게/Makeup Sponge Shop Roleplay(ASMR To Put You To Sleep)

ASMR(SUB)말 많이 하는 메이크업 퍼프 가게/Makeup Sponge Shop Roleplay(ASMR To Put You To Sleep)

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Hello. It’s been a while since you visited. Yeah, I remember. I think you visited me in the summer.Right? Are you using the products that you bought at that time? I’m glad. Then, should I prepare the same thing for you? Oh, is this time a gift? Do you have any product in mind? The puff style you want, or the inconvenience of using it the other day. If you’ll feel free to tell me, I’ll reflect as much as I can, and I’ll show you no such thing. Yes, Please feel free to tell me. Wait a moment. Yes, please. hygienic hygienic things And go ahead, tell me more. Something good to carry. Which one are you talking about? Puff for Fact? Cushion? No? Yes Is there anything else? Skin expression? Okay, I see Is there anything else? No? Cool. I’ll try to reflect what you just said and bring some products. Just a moment, please. Here, I’ve got a couple of things Can I help you with the test like last time? Only both sides of your cheek. wipe your make up off, I’m helping you test whether this puff fits your skin or isn’t irritating. How was your test last time you came here? Pretty nice, right? Actually, Make-up tool’s just as important as skin care. So when you buy puff like this, don’t buy it anywhere. It’s good to see if it fits my skin, isn’t it self-stimulating, is it a place to be testing, and then you should buy it. I’ll explain briefly what product I brought and test a few things. Is there any product that you were satisfied with the last time you used it? Waterdrop puffs? This one, I brought it again because it’s such a best product. And this time, this product has been renewed. So I brought a new one as well. You can take a test later. If you like, you can choose this one. If you like the previous one, you can choose that one. And Did you buy this last time? When make-up a narrow area or a concealer. Some people feel difficult to use with brushes. At that time, use a puff like this things, taps under these eyes Tok Tok Tok It’s not hard to cover. Some people said, when using a brushes they don’t sure it’s covered or not. If you use a small puff like this, you can easily cover your skin And You said you want it to be used hygienic, right? In fact, the most hygienic way to use the puff is to replace it frequently. But then you spend a lot of money, right? But this time, we have a product that’s a really good puff for its price. It’s good to use it as a daily, also, price is affordable. That’s why it’s good for disposable. There’s nothing sanitary about it as often as you replace it. I thought this would be okay, so I brought this. The method for hygienic use without replacement is: Using silicon puff. You probably bought it last time, right? What was that like? Was it uncomfortable? Which part feel like that? A superficial feeling? That’s possible you feel like that. So, after hearing about the inconvenience from customers, We have a new product coming out this time. It’s this. You might think it’s the same as a waterdrop puff. Ta-da a silicone puff on the bottom It’s got a silicone part in this puff. Silicon puff can use less foundation. So I spread the foundation on the bottom, Spread it on here as well. You can think of this part same as a drip puff. So using this part like this, Tok Tok Tok You can do like this. I’m gonna help you test to this product. This product will be fine. First, I’ll wipe both cheeks clean with cleansing tissue. I’ll clean it up. Make yourself at home. Don’t erase everything. Just both cheeks. I’ll just erase both of these cheeks. the other side, Let me know if it’s irritating. I’m guessing a lot of tests can irritate your skin. So we’re using an embossed tissue to prevent it as much as we can. I don’t think it’s gonna be stimulating that much. One more time, Done. I’ll use toner to get your skin straight. It’s cold. the other side, Different customers have different skin types. I’m not gonna let this kind of skincare affect the test, That’s why we uses natural cosmetics when skin care. We’re using products that don’t stimulate as much as we can. All right. I’ll just put on the lotion. Done. Then I’ll start the puff test right away. I’ll put on foundation first. I’ll help you with the drip-puff test first. Most people using this puff wet in water. So i brought wet it like this. I’ll help you with the tests. I’m sure the product that’s soaked in water can lose its coverage. So maybe you could use the concealer later or… If you use a puff without wetting it, you can use it with more coverage. Yeah, this is the product has been renewed. Let me show you the difference. it looks little bigger because it’s wetting in water. This is an existing product. The renewed product came out a little smaller. You were worried about your skin expression, right? That’s why you can’t express winding part of skin properly. So, You might think your skin is not pretty. So, a smaller product can express this small area more nicely and meticulously. That’s why the skin expression will be much prettier than the previous one. a little faster Tok Tok Tok Does your friend often wear correction makeup? Use often blushers or these puffs when you go out? Do it often? Then, there’s something else I want to show you. It’s this. So cute isn’t it? If you wear correction makeup often, the more baggage you have, the more volume you get. So it’s a great product for those people. This part is a drip-puff, Brush on the other side. All-in one type, Like this, It’s got two on it. That’s why it’s so easy to carry around. your make-up pouch is gonna be getting light, So, I think it would be great for gift as well. It’s also pretty. And it’s good for blushers and powder because it has brushes like this. How do you think? Can I help you with this? Then tap this on the other side. I’ll help you without wetting this. You can think of it as the same anyway. This time, I’ll help you the test using dry puff. Tok Tok Tok These sharp part’s good to using spread on at between eyes and next to your nose. And wide part is good to spread a broad area of cheeks and forehead. One more time, It’s better to tap more of these puffs than scratch them like this way. Done. What do you think? Do you think it’s the same? But you’re right. It’s the same thing. It’s could be a little moisturized because it was using a puff soaked in water. I’ll erase it again, and then I’ll help you test the other products. Okay. It’s okay to cleansing at home like this. Use it gently with a non-stimulating product. It’s done. I’ll fix your skin with a toner. We uses as skincare products ‘IZIA’. the other side, One more again using lotion, so as not to be dry. I’ll help you testing the rest of the puff. I’ll spread the foundation thin. This time, I’ll test you with a cost-effective puff I mentioned about. It’s not be wet now, It’ll get bigger if you soak it in the water as before. It’s okay to use it like that. It’s not wet right now, and I’m gonna tapping you a little bit like this. Let’s start now. If I use this side and this side, I throw it away. So if you want to use it hygienically, this is a good product. It makes your skin expression look pretty, also That’s prices is you can afford frequent replacements. It’s pretty good anyway. Tap faster, Tok Tok Tok How is it? You won’t feel much different, right? This puff came out a really good for its price. Done. Silicon puff on the other side. This was the last purchase, right? You can think of silicone putts in here. I like the sound of a silicon puff. But the silicone puff has a superficial feeling the foundation, just like you said. This is what complements that. The advantages of a silicon puff are hygienic, and you can use a small amount of foundation. It has silicon puff’s advantages and also it has the advantage of a drip puff. So this was also a popular product recently. I think you’ll like this one, so I’ll test it. First of all, foundation coat it here, like a stamp I’ll spread it evenly. It’s best if you tap it as much as you can. Tok Tok Tok Like this, like a stamp Like this, After you absorb it, If you press it again with this puff, your skin expression will look prettier. But you can only use a silicon puff. It feels good, right? I love the feel of silicone puff touching the skin. All right. How is it? Not bad, right? And The product I showed you earlier. You’ve bought this before, haven’t you? You can use a little puff like this to push the cover down where it’s needed. There are people who say that the cover doesn’t work well with brushes. For those of you, these little puffs are easier to use. When using concealer with this, I recommend using this without wetting it. And here. a quick tap It’s done. How was your test? Is there anything you like? Do you like everything? This all products that I brought today were just the ones that you would like. That would have made you more satisfied. What can I get you? This one? This was good. The design also beautiful, so the recipient will love it. This one’s also pretty. And? This? This is really, really good. You were uncomfortable with the traditional silicon puff, right? This has been improved a lot, so you’ll be happy to use it. This isn’t only good for a gift but also good for You. And there’s another one? Waterdrop puffs? And? Should I just give them all? Okay. Your friend will love it. When you wear makeup often, you change this often or use it the most. I envy your friend for having a friend like you. You’re gonna love this, too. It’s easy to use for correction makeup outside. Like this, Then I’ll take all the products we tested today. Oh, and… It’s Brand New Year. So only for the customers we’ve been visiting. I’m giving you this powder puff as a gift. It’s very soft. When you on the powder Very thin. thinly It’ll be expressed. It’s using around eyes, It’s around your nose, where you get a lot of oil. This will make your skin downy. I’ll put two of these in here for you and your friend. Would you like this gift wrapped? All right. Just a moment, please. Ta-da I made it beautifully wrapped for you. I hope you have a nice present. Happy New Year.


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  2. 언니 어떻게 잡음이 하나도 없죠…?ㅠㅠ 정말 진짜 너무좋아요 제 인생 asmr 유튜버세요ㅠㅠ 혹시 바닷가 팬션이나 해변에서 이루어지는 롤플레이(ex 귀에 들어간 물 빼주기, 바닷물에 자극받은 피부진정 스파, 절대적 워터프루프 메이크업 해주기 등등…) 신청해봐도 될까요? 파도소리가 은은하게 깔리면서 해변에서 피운 모닥불 타닥타닥하는 소리도 들리면서… 너무 좋을 거 같아유ㅜㅜㅜㅠ 언니 늘 너무너무너무사랑해요♡♡

  3. 말 많은거 너무 좋네요!!
    남동생 눈썹 asmr 영상 잘 보고있는데 남동생 시리즈 언젠간 또 볼수있겠죠?! ㅎㅎ

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    몽실언니 ASMR들으면 한결 편히 자요!
    뱃속에 아가두 뻥뻥차다가두 조용해진답니다~
    매일 ASMR 태교하는데 너무좋은거 같아요 >_<
    새해 복 많으받으시고 앞으로도 좋은 영상 부탁드려요!

  6. いつもありがとうございます!


  7. Спасибо большое за такие видео,за такую атмосферу,за русские субтитры.Вообщем канал супер и ты просто 🤩

  8. 몽실언니 잘보고있어요! 진성으로 말하는거 듣고싶어요 ^^ 정말 소리 후시녹음 최고예요. 오늘소리도 잘듣겠습니다!

  9. I'm a guy, but I'd let you put make-up on me. You would'nt have to tie me down either. Just a chance to look at your pretty face for an hour would make me happy.

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    말많은 퍼프가게 짱짱 ㅠㅠ

  12. I am curious why all asmrists make the same intros now?😅
    I love your voice and voice sounds you make.😍

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    몽나잇~~누나 나 죽어@

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    언니의 소중한 시간을, 많은 시간을 할애해서
    좋은 영상 올려주셨다는 사실과,
    그런 영상을 볼 수 있다는 사실에 그저 감사… 🙏🏻

    오늘도 몽실하게 좋은 하루 되세요 😃💕

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    목소리를 작게해주셔서 너무너무좋아요ㅠㅠ
    진짜목소리 안나오게 하시느라 답답하실텐데 덕분에 너무너무 편하게 듣고가요 ㅎ
    누구한테 귓속말해주면 그사람 쓰러져 잘듯

  30. 진짜 조금만 보다보면 바로 그냥 팅글로 재워버리시는 능력이 점점….👍👍👍
    사운드로도 이미 열일중이신데 미모까지 열일해버리시니까..👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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