Atomy Skin Care 6 System Review

Atomy Skin Care 6 System Review

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hi guys welcome back to cheers hi we have
a review today of what we’ve been mentioning pretty much in so many of our
videos the Atome six-step skincare system boom boom baby its big and I
apologize if I’m sounding a little bit nerdy to you guys cuz I finally got my
Invisalign set up so I have a slight Lisp but anyways um we’ve been using
this for oh I don’t know, two/three years now so we just kind of
wanted to give you our review like we both pretty much swear by this and so
yeah if you’re interested in getting to know more about that Atomy skincare line
just keep watching guys okay so you open the box and there’s a bunch of this
stuff yeah so it’s not the prettiest packaging I mean I still think it’s
pretty good its clean yeah for sure um so I guess we’ll start with what you should
start with first yeah which is the toner right here so the toner so when I was looking up the ingredients to this or when we were I was really surprised as well not
really though because it’s like no wonder it works so well, but um so
you’ve heard us mention of hyaluronic acid alot this channel which is you
know my dream thing yeah Chanel’s obsessed with it especially from Cos Rx yeah but basically that you
know that sucks up the moisture in the air and brings it to your face but one of the first ingredients listed for the toner is
actually hyaluronic acid and then they use a bunch of organic herbs um here we
have like it pulled up on the laptop right now it says rosemary, chamomile,
they even had marshmallow in there I don’t even know what that is guys to be
honest did you see chamomile yeah basil
there’s maybe like seven herbs that they use yeah I grabbed them all green tea
extract – yeah I’m the green tea extract and vegetable worm extract and rice water
yeah but so a lot of really good stuff that really helps tone
the skin, moisturize it, helps it tighten and brighten for you like it’ll
tighten the pores up a bit supposedly and also like in a pinch me and Laura
have both done this like we’re sleeping over at each other’s houses or something
we’re just really tired because we drink too much wine or something like will
literally just use that and go call it good yeah like we’ve done that before
before yeah it does a really good job of moisturizing and so that’s why actually
so in terms of like how to apply it and stuff like that we’ll put a link or a
little box or a link here oh yeah to one of the videos that I did called the
glass skin look and that’ll go more kind of like in depth in regards to how
I do my skin care I’ll talk about the next one um it’s the essence and since
much smaller jar which actually I don’t like I wish it was the same size as that I know cuz I
run out of this so fast I don’t know do you use like a pump of a pump of this
like you know, uh-huh I personally use just one
pump each same yeah and this one like I don’t know it just goes away so
quick I don’t know why they made it smaller cuz even it’s like it’s almost I
don’t know if it’s thicker but yeah it’s thicker than the toner yeah it is which
is like I don’t know why they would make it smaller because it takes some more
to like get across your face I would say mm-hmm but it’s probably more expensive
probably just like a financial stuff some are the same thing probably just
more concentrated how you get more benefits, well so one of the things that says right here
is that it has 100% nanoparticles so basically it’s because it’s um Nanized? nanonized? because of the nanoparticles it basically can get into
your skin much better yeah cuz it’s smaller so a lot of times essences if
they’re too thick or don’t have those nanoparticles it’ll just sit on top
of yours skin and this one actually helps dive into it more yeah
and that’s what I noticed like this absorbs really fast both of these like
they don’t sit on top of your skin and feel greasy and then I personally go in
with the lotion next it’s supposed to just moisturize her skin that’s the
ultimate reason for it and it has once again most of the same components and
that’ll just be like the organic herbs I think the organic herbs aren’t actually
these or six of these this what I’m seeing it has aloe vera and ginseng
that’s different and but ginseng is going to be the one that really helps anti-aging purposes and then aloe vera will just kind of help calm the
skin down soothe yeah the next one that I use is eye cream is that what you do? yeah same, okay so eye cream
I know some people do eye cream like before like right after toner but…
this is just like the eye cream it’s actually a really decent size oh yeah
and it’s pretty like it’s not really thick like it’s kind of the consistency
of lotion I would say if you have any bit thicker but like you don’t need a
lot it goes a really long way and then on here it says pretty much more of the
same it says willow bark extract adenosine yeah persimmon actually and
gingko my grandma like swears by ginkgo like every time she goes to like the
Asian market she buys ginkgo and like makes me eat like ten of them it’s so weird, I don’t even know what that is, it’s
just like this bean and it doesn’t I mean it doesn’t taste bad but doesn’t it
taste good I’m like okay, I’ll just eat it but yeah she like roasts it
and eats it cuz she says it’s good for your skin and I guess it is because they
put it in here it has like a really silky texture to it and if you’re
wanting to know the size it’s 40 milliliters or 1.4 ounces yeah and so
that’s a pretty… it goes a long way like way longer than the essence and then the
moisturizer um sometimes I do this during the day only and not at night
time I’ll do it all the time yeah so for people with dry skin types like Chanel definitely recommend doing it twice a day like day and night but for people
who have like either combo or oily skin you don’t need to do it two times a day
this one’s pretty big it’s 50 milliliters and 1.74 ounces and
once again all the seven herbs that we had mentioned earlier hyaluronic acid
this one is just going to be really um it’s thicker
yeah it’s thicker it’ll just bring that moisture up like even more moisture than
the lotion to you and it also has some citrus extract and vitamin E some rice
water so it’s gonna have some brightening effects for you as well okay
and then this is actually a like I kind of
considered a bonus item do you kind of consider it like that? yeah okay it’s atomy BB cream SPF 30 and it’s like a pretty decent size um they don’t have
any like color range though no so like you kind of just get what you get um
this only matches me for like two months out of the year but I mean like if
you’re darker than I think it’s versatile enough but you add like some
bronzer then it’s okay so I have people who tend to really like the lighter skin
tone or that kind of look to match with your neck or something then that’s where
it’s a bit more troublesome that’s true um but yeah this is like you know like any BB
cream you put it on it looks kind of cool toned then it’ll oxidize kind of
and what oxidize it does not your skin a bit more yeah for sure
but depending on how thick of a layer you put on but yeah I’ll even like on my
real crusty days or like if I only have a really dark foundation like
transitioning from summer like I’ll mix this in mm-hmm and like it feels really
moisturizing throughout the day and it honestly makes your skin look really
good so I actually really like it because I found when I’m feeling a bit
more dry than usual yeah um I’ll use this and my skin will feel a lot more
moisturized than with like for instance the Maybelline matte and poreless foundation
yeah yeah yeah for sure yeah so I’ve been really going in with this a lot
lately I honestly just do like a dot here a dot here it dot here and then I
blend it in with my finger yeah it looks bomb just even like I have it yeah I
have it on today actually and then if I want more coverage like honestly this
does really good coverage too for everyday like just evening out the skin
tone yeah like but if I want more coverage then I’ll go in with like just
a little bit of the Maybelline on top yeah or like just concealer to be
be honest yeah but um on the website it says kava-kava
extract I don’t really know what that is but it sounds cool more vitamin E more
herbs and then green tea extract so it’s like I don’t know it’s beneficial and
also gives you the coverage so I mean it’s a win-win
I absolutely love it yeah its really bomb. I wish it like came in different shades to be
honest that’d be really cool, I know that would have been really nice that’s the review well I
guess more like info how have you been liking it I’ve been
really liking it ever since I started using it my entire family every single
time we get together they’re always just like oh my gosh you have such a
beautiful skin oh I get compliments on my skin too all the time yeah and it’s only when I
started using this and I can justify it because remember I told you you’re like
I’ve been using like hodgepodge uh-huh skincare and then like as soon as I
started using this it was like two and a half weeks ago people have been like
your skin looks really good and I’m like freaking it’s Atomy. So I do have a cousin though that had like a really bad reaction to it so I definitely recommend if you’re
looking into getting this to do a more in-depth look into the ingredients
yourself to see if you’re allergic to anything because she actually started
breaking out and then she started getting really really dry like her skin
was like flaking because I got so dry and I was like oh my god what’s
happening like why is your skin like I’ve never seen it she she I was like
one of the prettiest skins in the family usually and then she was like I think it
might be Atomy and then I saw her a week later and I’ll say oh your skin got
so much better what happened she’s like I stopped using Atomy yeah so I um
Chanel was saying oh it might be chamomile yeah or not it’s like any of
the herbs that are in here cuz I know some people if you’re like allergic to
one herb there’s like a family of herbs you know and you can’t use any of those
that are like related so since this has so many of those natural products in
it it might be bad for your skin if you’re allergic
I like wish there was some way to do like a patch test but like you have to
order it online well okay so if you do want to do a patch test they do the
travel size okay so maybe you don’t have to spend as much you don’t have to spend
as much but the travel size kit it’s I love it like I got it specifically for
traveling too and it’s like I think 20 to 30 bucks so like her so like less than half than this you know and it’s it the package on it is
really good too so it’s really easy to travel with and then basically what I do
is after that is since I have the containers and I’ll just go in for if I
run out then I’ll just put like what’s in here into the small yeah yeah yeah
check before you know purchasing that’s with anything but it’s me and Laura like
love it and and our skin like shows that well and then my other
family members who have used it like especially like the older people they
started seeing a pretty big difference like the wrinkles around their eyes they
started seeing a huge difference oh yeah what are those called? pretty sure it’s crows feet they
start seeing an improvement there and just the…. elasticity of their skin yeah so um I
mean I think this is a great product for a great price I think the reason why
they don’t charge as much as other people is because a lot of its they
don’t really do any marketing on it they don’t it’s like I don’t know it’s weird
like it’s cheaper if you get the wholesale account which is free – yeah
it’s yeah the only thing is only certain countries can get this wholesale account
US I think Japan China Korea and maybe some other places I can’t remember off
the top of my head I don’t remember seeing any European countries yeah and
it’s like a I don’t know how to explain it really but you it’s like a chain – so
if you sign up with somebody else’s code or whatever then like that person gets a
portion of the sales sale yeah so like you can actually make decent amount of
money and you get into that Atomy system I call it a pyramid system yeah I know that
people who are in it don’t like to be called a pyramid
system but that’s essentially kind of what it is yeah yeah but I mean like you
do I mean if you’re gonna if you love the product and you’re gonna buy it
anyways yeah as well like make some money on the side type of thing but um
so it’s that’s the cheapest way they do have it on like Amazon eBay I don’t know
how trustworthy eBay some like really funky prices on eBay to
like way expensive for this like even international things online
and it’s like costs four hundred dollars like it’s ridiculous so just just know
that this usually costs $100 USD on average and in bulk cheaper so just kind
of go off with that I don’t want any of you all to get scammed. Well we hope
you’re having a good week and if you liked our video then give us a like and
if you really liked our video then subscribe to our Channel and we look
forward to seeing you next week! Cheers to a good week! Bye! Bye!


  1. Ditch the one on the right. She ruined the review. Perhaps look up โ€œkava-kavaโ€ before admitting that you donโ€™t know what it is. It makes you sound even more ….
    Sorry but poor review. The one on the left.. great job as you sound convincing with your mature demeanor.

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  3. What're the differences that you've seen through the years of using this set/products?
    I've only used that set for a year ๐Ÿค— thanks for sharing your honest thoughts!
    My favorite from that set would be the eye cream!!! Saw amazing results with it.
    I have pretty much the same feelings on the set (:

  4. Is this system good for acne, problematic skin? Or should I use another atomy system? thank you! love the video! keep it real!

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