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(hand clap)
– Go. – Hi guys. It’s Audrey and
I’m here with my sister. – Jordan from Just Jordan 33. – And today we’re going to be joining the sisterhood of James Charles, who is a makeup guru on YouTube. And we’re going to be trying
to recreate one of his looks. – Oh my god. – But this look is one of the crazy looks, because it involves
glitter near the eyeball. – No, glitter does not, guys
glitter does not come out. – And what if it gets in your eye? – No! – This is totally a girlie look, so I’m real excited to
try to recreate his look. He is such a professional and
we are such not professionals. – I’m a noob. – We’re both noobs when it comes to this. I just do my basic makeup
routine everyday, and that’s it. – I just use mascara. So this is going to be real interesting. Mascara and chapstick usually. – So in this video, he’s
already put on his base makeup. And we’re going to be
trying to look like him. So our eyebrows are going
to be really thickly. – Yeah, cause he’s got super
thick eyebrows. We have kind of like, not like… – Not really that thick. – Not super thin, but not super thick, but I feel like my eyebrows
are going to be like double in size, like it’s
coming to that thick. – And we don’t know how to use bronzer or anything like that so this
is going to be interesting. So, we’re going to be
putting our hair back. We’re going to be putting our hair back, so we don’t get our makeup in our hair. I want to go running? – Like wheeeoo. – Yes. – Favorite hairstyle, let’s go running. Oh oh. – We’re going to be back.
We’re going to hurry and do the base stuff and then
we’re going to show you the process of the eyes. (hard wind sound) Oh my gosh, guys, I feel like ♪I’m so shiny.♪ – I feel like I actually
blended mine pretty good, but I don’t know. – Mine is so shiny and I
feel like my nose got bigger. – Yes, when we were contouring the nose. I feel like it made
this part really skinny and then like this part
like (swish sound). And it made it look like
we have a Squidward nose. – And I’m just all over the place, so we want to actually show you the eyebrows, cause we thought this
would be kind of funny. (Sigh) They’re about to get
real thickly, really fast. His eyebrows go straight. It’s like this. – Yeah, his don’t really curve as much, they kind of just go like out. Look at this, look at this. Look at it. – You’re going up, I’m going under. (laughter) – If I go under, I’m going
to cover all of the other beautiveness things. I never know how to do my regular makeup, how am I going to do this? ( Sister laughing) Like honestly. – My face, I just feel like
there’s so much stuff on it. I just want to scratch it off. (slow salsa music) Same?
Okay. If he’s watching this video. – Thank you for your tutorial. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, so much. (laughter) The more I try and fix
it, the bigger it gets. I don’t know what to do anymore. Oh no, I just got some on the table. – Oh my gosh. I still feel like my
eyebrow shape isn’t, ohh. This took up literally
half of my eye, eyespace. – This took up half of my forehead. (laughter) These are not even thickly. – Yeah they are. They’re really thickly,
are you kidding me? – Are you kidding me? – You built yours up on
top, so it’s going to look different. Okay, I think we’re ready
for the tutorial now. – Think I’m so ready. – Okay, let’s start. We’re going to do it muted too, so we have no idea what he’s saying. Okay, you ready Jordan? You ready for the first thing, yeah! – Okay, so we can’t hear
what he’s saying, so we don’t know any tips
that he’s going to give. – You just stick it in the creases. – What, he’s using a bigger brush. – Oh he is using a bigger brush. – Wait, no, stop, you’re going too fast. – He’s just putting it
in his crease, that’s it. My face is so shiny right now. – ♪ Cause I’m so shiny. ♪ – He took a light pink next. – I just used a light pink. – Jordan. (soft pop music) This is why I don’t
follow makeup tutorials. I think I should’ve just
kept my natural eyebrows. – Too late now we gotta go bro. – Wow! Really pigmented,
ohh, I got that color. – I think I got that color too. – Oh my gosh, I actually have that color. Look at that. Feel like I’m on a time crunch. I’m like, let’s go, go, go. Oh, what, what is he doing? – He’s kind of just
putting it in the crease. And blending it out towards his nose. Yep, he’s putting it in his nose. – In his nose? (laughter) – No,towards his nose. That’s a scary laugh. – I’m ready to go. – He is so professional,
he could do like anything. He can recreate any look. And then we’re just like, we’re
going end up looking like. – Derpity, derp, derp, derp. – Honestly. Fun fact, I was
going to make my channel, when I first started it, a beauty channel. I’m glad that didn’t happen. I really never wore makeup and I was like, let’s make it a beauty channel. – We didn’t watch youtube back then. – I know we didn’t know anything. Okay, I think I defined the crease. – Whoa, yours is like really
red and mine is really orange. Alrighty, going different paths. – Now you got to blend it in. – I’ve already blended, I’m
going to skip that part. Even darker? – Even darker! – Yaaaay!
I feel that he’s just covering up all the work that I did. – Okay, he’s doing something else. He’s taking his brush. – Oh, it’s a different brush. – [In Unison] He sprayed it! – Where ‘s the water bowl? – Lick it! – Where’s water? – We don’t have water, it’s okay. I’m going to use highlighter. Whoa, it works like miracles. – See, he highlighted his
brows and we already did that. – I feel so crusty. Don’t you feel crusty? – I feel very,
– I feel like there’s – Glammed out.
– So much stuff on me. – Like there’s so much stuff going on. What, even darker shade? Oh my gosh. – Oh, he’s doing like a purpley. – I’m not ready for that. Whoa, that’s a really bright palette. – Whenever I put on
foundation, I get this crease in my nose and that’s why
I don’t use foundation on a regular basis, I just use concealer. And I lightly put it on. – Audrey, my little expression
marks are coming in. – She’s got the wrinkled forehead. I don’t think James, James
has a clear forehead Jordan – No! Okay, literally every time I do my eyes, I just stay like this the entire time. So it makes these like
weird expression like lines. I go back to normal face and
it creates these wrinkles. – I look like I belong in the circus. – Me too. We’re twins, we’re sisters! – Good job, sister. – [In Unison] ♪ Aaahh ♪ – We’re only going to be
using eyeshadow though. – Yeah, that’s true. I feel like I just vomited and
this is like the aftermath. – I feel like a zombie. Like on top it’s like
brains and on the bottom it’s like zombie. (laughter) – It doesn’t look like that on his. – No, his looks good. We are just not good. – On us it’s a different story. Oh I feel like I’m accentuating
the under eye bags. Oh no, he didn’t go that far down. Let’s blendy blendy with the fingers. Oh no. Oh my gosh. – I think you done messed up Jordan. – No, cause the glitter
will cover it, okay? – The glitter. The glitter is going to cover it. Next step. – Hey, I feel that that
was better than the top. – Not me. The top was way better. – You accentuated the eye bags. – I actually like the top. Like I could do this to a certain extent, if I brought down the
orangeyness. I would wear this. It’s like jack and the
beanstalk on your eyes. – Okay, Jordan. – You know, how you can
see a lot of my veins? I feel like right here, I have veins and I just accentuated them. Blue! Oh no, wait, which blue? The purpley blue? I’m using purpley blue. – By the way, we are trying our hardest. – Yeah, we’re actually trying. – I hope he doesn’t stick
it on his water line. – Oh, I’ve done that before. – Our faces were like this. (yelling) – Ahh, it’s in my eye. Ooh, and I’m going to have
blue contacts for the win. Aah, I just poke this on
my eye with the thing.. I’m going wash away all
the makeup with my tears. – Stop. (laughter) Look at the viewfinder. Go like this. – So many great screen
shots from this video. – Oh my gosh, tag us on
Instagram and Twitter, if you took a screen shot. – And Facebook. (coughing) Return of the bronchitis. (laughter) – Why does his look so good? I just wanna be as good. Yours looks good. – Stop lying. – I’m going to use this shimmer shimmer. – Think he used the shimmer to like brighten his inner corner. So I usually use, everyday, I use this jumbo eye pencil NYX in the shade milk. Oh, milk, milk, milk. (yells) – Yes! – Mascara! – [In Unison] Whoa! – What just happened? – He put on fake eyelashes. – I was going to say, wait a second, that is not just mascara. – Did he only do his top lashes? – Yes.
– Are you sure? – Yes. – No, he filled in the water line. – I don’t know if I have that. Oh no, I do. – I can’t do waterline. – Did he do eyeliner? Cause I can’t do eyeliner. – No, I don’t think he did eyeliner. If we mess up the mascara, it’s going to mess up our whole look. – Which is funny because
usually every single day I mess with mascara. My waterline’s too
watery for this to apply. You need to dry out your
eyelid before you do this. – I feel like that’s
going to give you sties. It’s going to clog your
eyes and give you sties. – Oh, this should be fun after this video. – My bottom lashes are really long. They’re longer than the top ones. – And mine’s opposite. – I put in my black eye. Oh my gosh, the view finder
makes me look like a snake. – It looks way different on camera. – Look at me in the view finder. – Whoa. Yeah, it looks way different on camera than it does in real life. I feel that it looks better in real life. We’re just saying that to cover up. (laughter) A little crazy with the mascara. – Oh my gosh. – I use this one everyday, cause this actually has product in it. These do not have any mascara in them. I just use these to comb out my eyelashes, to make them not clump together. So like I’ll take this one and
I’ll jut go and comb through and then that’s how my eyelashes
are not clumpy, most times. – Fake eyelashes can ruin the whole look, if you do it wrong. (soft eighties music) I’ll probably do it wrong. – I don’t know how to
put on fake eyelashes. I’ve never done it by myself. – This is going to be
a joyous ride for you. – These eyelashes we should have trimmed, but we did not and now
there’s like these random clear wires that you guys can’t see sticking in to the corner of my eye. – It’s all good. What is he doing? – Highlighting again? – No, not another highlight. I think we already highlihgted. We already highlighted that area. We are good. – We got that popping highlighter. Oh, oh. – What! – I can’t do this anymore. – Black lipstick? I thought it was green. We have to put black
eyeshadow on our lips. – Cause we don’t have black lipstick. – It’s about to get crusty up in here. – Oh goodness, this is
going to go downhill. – Jordan, hasn’t it already gone downhill? I’ve put this in my eye, on my eyebrows, on my
waterline, on my mouth. – Prep with some chapstick. – I have black lipstick downstairs. I’m not getting it. – Really?
– Yeah. – Has anybody ever used this technique? – I think we may be the first. My teeth are going to
be really white though compared to the lipstick. – Inventing new fashion trends. Tip: if you want a color of lipstick that matches your eyeshadow, just use the eyeshadow. It works. – I look like I could be
like a villain in a movie. – That’s what I’ve been
thinking this entire time. – Really?
– Yes. – Who do you think of, yell
a name out in one, two, three Joker. – For some reason a villain
that came to my mind was Cruella Devil, I don’t know why. Goodness, these brushes
are going to have to get a real good cleaning after this. Imagine doing this makeup every day. It would take you hours. – Okay, what’s next? Green, metallic green. – Do I have metallic? No, I don’t. I don’t have any green. There’s the glitter. – Oh, the glitter time. – I will sprinkle on your eye like this. – No! – And you put the glue. – We’re not chucking it
at each other’s eyeballs. You just take something and you do this. – Well, that’s not fun. It’s not staying. The glue dried. – I feel gritty right now, like for real. – Thing is his dries clear. – Cause he has white. – Yeah, ours does not.
– We have black. Wow, this is my finished glitter look. – I’ve got one eye. How’d it get on my nose? – I look like I’m crying glitter. And I can see the glue
every time I look somewhere. It’s so sparkly. Alright guys, this is our
finished makeup looks. – It’s crazy you guys. I don’t know. – What would you rate it
on a scale of one to ten? – I feel like, based on the tutorial, I feel like 10 out of 10 for the tutorial, but for our faces. I feel like I did okay. Everything was good,
except for the eyebrows. The eyebrows just ruined the entire look. Like I feel like the
eyelashes are kind of mmm. – My lips aren’t shiny, and my glitter is all over the place. I feel like everything else was okay, except for the eyelashes
and the, yours looks good. – Yeah, except for the eyebrows. – I’d give this probably seven out of ten. – I’d give mine, probably a five. I feel like you did better. – I like yours too though. – Comment down below who
you thought did better, and also two more things. One, would you like us to do this again? And two, who would you like
us to copy the tutorial of? And like which tutorial,
which make up look? Because there are dozens on youtube. – Oh yes. – So that’s it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed. This was actually a lot of fun and even though we didn’t do the best, I still had a great time
trying to copy the makeup look. Remember to like, subscribe, and share. And we’ll see you guys next time. – [In Unison] Bye! (techno music)


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