August Favorites 2014 [English Subs] 8月のお気に入り♡

August Favorites 2014 [English Subs] 8月のお気に入り♡

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Hello, everyone! I’m Asahi. I’m gonna show you my favorite, what I used in August! I’ve never uploaded like this kinds of video on Youtube. I wanna start it this month. I’ve always wanted to do it, but August is coming. Anyway, I’ll start it this month. I collected many things because it’s for the first time. There are 10 things. First of all, show you Skin Care Products. Here we go! SK-Ⅱ Facial treatment essence. I’ve used this products since I participated in the event of SK-Ⅱ in May. So it’s for 4 months. I felt I would use SK-Ⅱ someday, however didn’t expect to come it soon. I sweated it! Is it Ok to apply skin care product so early? It made my skin fresh not moist even though I applied it so many times. At first, I’ve used up it early. This is a second bottle. Using up it once, I noticed how great it is. My skin hasn’t got dry after I take a shower. If I don’t put on anything, my skin usually gets dry like desert. It has never happened. Even though I don’t apply any lotions, I don’t care now. The moisture of my skin is improving because of this essence. I was really surprised. What I really felt is it improved the moisture and made my skin beautiful. It’s not only these reasons. I didn’t feel a dramatic change easily when I used other lotions. I couldn’t figure out the difference because I didn’t have a heavy skin problems ordinary I feel the difference when I apply this lotion. Improve the ordinary skin strength and keep in a condition. Maybe I’ll use a lot of lotions in the future, however this lotion is anytime beside me. But it’s so expensive…That’s only a problem. I want you to use it and know how great it is, however, it’s expensive… That’s a only problem…. The second one is also from SK-Ⅱ. This is a whitening lotion, CELLUMINATION AURA ESSENCE. It fits in my skin. When I apply it only a few days, my skin shone. It’s like a lie,however when I look at myself in the mirror, I feel my skin is shining!! This CELLUMINATION AURA ESSENCE affects my section. When your skin cut section, there is a section which reflects like a mirror. For example, if it is a frosted glass, it’s not easy to reflect. But when the frost is gone and the glass shows up clearly, it happens the reflection of the light. This is a lotion which shows me the beautiful skin because of the reflection. It can’t get rid of the spots on the face. Anyway, your face is shining. This example really sounds right to me. If you really wanna whiten skin, I really recommend it to you. Next, it’s a foundation primer. I use a KISS MAT SIFFON UV WHITENING BASE N01 When the humid summer comes, I always use this. It prevents too much oil on face. I think my skin doesn’t get oily easily. But in Summer, It’s easy to get oily. To prevent it, I apply it as a primer to your forehead, cheeks and nose. There is a big different if I use this or not. Next one is for hair care. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse oil When I went to Paris, I bought it. And I’ve used this since that. Maybe someone knows this already because I sometimes showed you on other videos. This is a multi-usage oil, so not only hair but body. I especially use it for hair. This is a bigger size and the type of spray. I put it four times for my long hair. Take up hand and blend it Apply it at the ends of hair after towel dry. Dry your hair and it gets moist and I really like this smell. Please note if you put it too much, your hair get oily. Anyway, I love it!!! If there are some lefts, apply it on body. Use it on everywhere you want use.
If you have only one bottle, it will be useful. I’m gonna show you three make up products. First of all, Kate lash maximizer white. This mascara is a base with fibers, I love the curl. My eyelashes usually down, but when I use this mascara, it keeps the curls. Even though I go to bed without removing makeup, the curls have still been kept. Like that, it creates high quality curl lashes. The fibers color are black, apply it on lashes naturally. And create natural long lashes. Apply mascara on the base, possible to create natural lashes like my own lashes. This is the best curling mascara I have ever used. I’m sure I use this mascara for base even if I use any mascara. And next is for cheek! Bourjois Blusher Pastel Rose Ambre. This cheek makes matte finish. It has beautiful Rose color. What i like it is the compact size. My birthday is in August. I travelled Japan and other country. I wanted to carry a light luggage. Usually cheeks are large, but this cheek is compact and portable. I often brought it. Fit in my skin comfortably and suit almost any other make-up. It’s easy to use it. And next is a lipstick! RIMMEL SHOW OFF LIP LACKER. When I went to Los Angels at the beginning of the year, I bought it. This is a liquid lipstick and has a brighten color. It’s difficult to remove it, so I love it. I have two different colors. In summer, I often used, 501, Stellar. The color is what I applied now. The color look like vivid color which mixed red, pink and orange. Is this cute isn’t it? This summer I often focused on my lip, especially I used this lipstick. Anyway, in Japan the product name is different. It was sold as Apocalypse lip lacker. When I went to “PLAZA”, I noticed it was introduced to Japan. I don’t know if this color was sold in Japan or not, If you wanna this brighten color lip, check it. Next one is for nail. Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamels. I applied African Tea Rose on my nail now. It has vivid pink color like this. I sometimes apply it on my nails, but usually use it for foot. I think I’ve used this nail for a month. Discover the fragrance when dry! It smells rose. Smells good. How long does it keep? I think it can keep for a few days. When dry it, I always smell it because it has good fragrance. The smell is depends on the color. Please try different colors and smell it. Anyway, this color is easy to use, so I usually apply this color in this summer. I’m gonna show you a bag which is the shape of a dice. This bag was made in Singapore. And the brand is CHARLES & KEITH. When I traveled to Singapore, I bought it. What the cute point is it has two shoulder straps. When I put it on my shoulder, it’s so cute. It looks small, but it’s possible to put a lot in this bag. So, it’s really easy to use. When I go out, I must bring my camera. Sometimes two cameras. I can put my camera, a wallet, a portable umbrella and a cardigan in this bag. It is a high capacity bag and easy to use. When I go on a trip, I usually bring this bag. At last, it’s time to show you a drink. Wilkinson Ginger Ale. This is the spiciest ginger ale of Wilkinson Ginger Ale. This is really spicy. I love Ginger Ale. If there are homemade ginger ale, I always order it. I especially like spicy ginger ale. I love spicy one. This drink which has brown label is the spiciest drink I’ve ever drunk. This is really spicy, so I think it depends on the person if you like or not. I’m really into this spicy taste. After I drank it at a shop, I’m crazy about it. I store this drink at my home. It passed so long time. They are my August favorites. I used them so many times. I’ll make the next video which is September my favorite. Please wait it!! Please let me know your favorite. I’m sorry for taking so long time. Thank you for watching this video to the end. See you on the next video!


  1. Woooo monthly favourites 🙂 it was quite helpful~
    can't wait for next month! I also loved the English subs! 本当にほしかったです~~ まだ日本語が下手ですから;;

  2. I enjoy this a lot and learned a lot, thank you for sharing and I look forward to you future favorites videos! 
    Did the English subber change? The writing style is different from usual. 

  3. Hi Asahi! I just say that I appreciate your subbing. I'm really impressed with your Youtube channel. You sing, create makeup looks (very well), put up vlogs, and upload lots of other creative content.
    I look forward to being subscribed to you! Good luck girl!

  4. お気に入り動画待ってました!

  5. SK2いいですよね。実家に帰った時に、母のを借りてたまにつけます。

  6. 私はくっきり二重まぶたでは無いからか、つけまつげが似合わないんです>_<くっきりな二重まぶたではなくてもつけまつげがうまくつけられる方法ってありますか?

  7. この動画のメイク好きかもです❤︎

  8. いろんな人のメイク&コスメの動画みてるけど、タメだしセンスが一番タイプなあさひちゃんのお気に入り動画みれてめっちゃうれしかったー!!!

    変な米はリアルファンはスルーしてるから気にせず自分らしくお互いhappy smileで♥︎

    Luv U〜〜〜〜〜^^

  9. あさひさんの説明は分かりやすくて本当にありがたいです〜!!!



  10. you said SK-II is very expensive in japan but in Thailand is expensive then japan 😀 Oh.. i wanna cry lol

    thanks you for your video. I very love it xoxo

  11. あさひさん、先日のバースデーイベントでお会い出来て嬉しかったです^_^SKII確かにいいですよね。以前、私も使用してました

  12. Sasakiさんは今までコーセー雪肌精を試してください、SasakiさんはSKII FTEと比較どう思いますか。私はコーセー雪肌精はSKII FTEよりも安価であることを意味。

  13. SK2は確かに美肌効果が半端なく高いですよね。シリーズで使わなくても単品で効果があるのは嬉しいです。

  14. いつも拝見させて頂いています♡

  15. 初めてコメするかもです♡

  16. ケイトのマスカラは私もずっと使ってます!なんかあさひさんがおすすめしてるのを使ってると思うと嬉しいですね!!これは手放せないですほんとに!!

  17. アサヒさんのお気に入り動画待ってましたー!これからも楽しみにしています♪


  18. こんにちは!

  19. I got the Rimmel Liquid Lipstick here in Shibuya and its awesome !! I´d like to use it on top of a pinky lipgloss at the center of the lips and look amazing 😀 
    Alone look beautiful too !! And its super moist 

  20. すごい分かりやすくて見やすい!マスカラを探してるんだけど、塗った時にまつげが長くなりすぎず、だけどボリュームがでるマスカラとかって分かったりしますっ?;p

  21. いつも面白い動画を作ってありがとうございます!いつも楽しんで見ています!SKIIは何才から使うのがいいと思っていますか?Antiage商品をいつ始めたらいいでしょうか…24才でまだモイスチャーだけ使ってるが、足りないかなと最近思いました…シワまだないですが…

  22. あさひさんの動画、毎回楽しくみさせてもらってます♥️

  23. あさひさんてば、すっぴんが可愛くて、メイクアップするとキレイ+キュートで、やっぱし素顔の可愛らしさがベース、ですよね(*´∀`)♪

  24. あさひさんてば、すっぴんが可愛くて、メイクアップするとキレイ+キュートで、やっぱし素顔の可愛らしさがベース、ですよね(*´∀`)♪

  25. あさひさんのお気に入り動画見てみたかったので嬉しいです〜!

  26. いつも動画を見ていたのですが、前から思っていたので質問させてください。

  27. Hi Asahi! 🙂 What eyebrow products did you use in this video? I love your videos! Ive been your fan since 2011 or earlier, I think! 🙂

  28. ありがとう for making lot of different types of videos. It's is really good for people to listen who are learning japanese 🙂 まいにち日本語をもっともっと学びます。!

  29. 初めましてAsahiさんいつも動画拝見しています。よかったらわたしの動画もみてくれたら嬉しいです!

  30. ウィルキンソンで一番辛いのはその茶色いラベルのDryではなくて、紫のGだと思います。Dよりも辛いです。飲んで見てください。

  31. わあ、いつもそのSKIIがyoutubeでみるけど、そんなにたかいとおもわなかった。$100? 私がお金持ちになったら、かいます。すごくいいらしい。

  32. 今日初めて日本人のメイクアップチャンネルを見て凄いね
    フランス人なのでこういうヴィデオを見てるとすごい楽しいです 🙂

  33. Thinking my Japanese is getting better because I can understand about half of what you're saying. But anyways, I love your videos. You're super talented. Keep up the good work! ビデオ は 大好き です!

  34. I know this is a year late. I recently discovered your channel thanks to Rachel and Jun ^^. I just wanted to share that I use the Missha essence. It is as good as the SK-II, but much less expensive. Thank you for these videos!

  35. ウィルキンソンのジャンジャエール

  36. ウィルキンソンのジンジャエール、お好み焼き屋さんにメニューでありました。私は、レモンフレーバーの炭酸水を飲んでいます。炭酸強めなのに飲みやすいです。

  37. ☆€¤¥~_}》》פס£》`¥[×♡》£`¤¤¥》¥`£]+]£`¡]£☆☆+`¥`}¥[×`×~¥}פ÷》{¥}×`×》פ×[+]+]+]+]+]+]+]×~~¥`¥[×[×[£`¥》¥`}¥?!

  38. 渡辺直美さんのメイキャップですか?みんなが、太らなくても、あさひさんは、あさひさんのままで大丈夫だよ❤️(*´ω`*)( ´_ゝ`)(о´∀`о)

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