Avoid Bubbles In Your Nail Polish 📍 How To With Kristin

Avoid Bubbles In Your Nail Polish 📍 How To With Kristin

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hey guys it’s Kristin so in today’s
video I’m gonna show you five different things that you can do to avoid getting
bubbles in your nail polish this video came up because I just painted my nails
but I did it in a hurry and I didn’t follow these five steps so you can see
here like I have a ton of bubbles in my nail so I need to redo this so I thought
this will be a perfect time to show you guys how to paint your nail is the right
way so you do not get these balls so this is the nail polish I’m using and I
have used this before so I know it’s a good nail polish this is also a brand
new bottle I just bought it so that’s the first thing is make sure it’s not
old nail polish and probably the most important rule is do not shake the
bottle before you put it on your nails the other thing you want to do is use
nail polish remover and really rub your nail really good get off any lotion you
might have on there make sure the nail is really clean this also works really
good cuz if you feel your nail you can feel it’s kind of gritty or like sticky
so that helps the nail polish it he’s better another way to avoid bubbles is
to always apply a base coat before your nail polish so the final step in
ensuring you don’t get bubbles is you want to do a couple thin layers instead
of one really thick layer this is the one of the main reasons why you get air
bubbles is because the layer is so thick and then the paint gets those bubbles
when it’s drying so I’m gonna paint on a thin coat so now I’m gonna let that dry
and we’ll look at it in a few minutes alright so it’s been about five minutes
and hopefully you can see that there’s no bumps but I do need to apply a second
coat so we’re gonna do that so the trick is two thin coats not one thick one so
here you can see the difference in my nails I use the exact same nail polish
but the one that’s all bubbly I rush and I just did it really fast and then the
other one I followed the five steps so it really does make a huge difference
alright guys so that’s it for today’s video I hope you liked it and if you did
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