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what’s up everyone so it’s back-to-school season so I’m going to show you guys how you can style your hair your makeup and your clothes Monday through Friday easy effortless and chic so let’s start with the favorite day of all Monday Monday is awesome actually no I’m just kidding I’m allergic to Mondays Mondays suck because it’s not loved the most I think we should show Monday a little more love by showing a little bit more enthusiasm so what I recommend is just going to school with comfortable clothes so just dress for comfort because you know like on the weekends you’re just chilling and sleeping in you just want to roll out of bed with your blanket and I think this is a great compromise because sweaters are awesome they’re kind of like in a sense like kind of like blankets are wearing a blanket to school so monday dress for comfort for your hair I recommend either putting it up in a ponytail in a bun just keep it effortless if you need to spray some dry shampoo or you want to like jig it up a bit I recommend a really good hairspray like there’s hair spray that I’m using is by Marc kill the scent the fragrance is amazing it smells really good so you have a really cute guy that sits behind you in a non-creepy way Tuesday I love Tuesday people ignore Tuesday I feel like we should also give Tuesday some love so Tuesday I recommend either sporting like a really cute tee or if you really want to go a little bolder you can do something really fun and rock a retro t-shirt something from the 90s 90 stuff is the best you have like your options with ninja turtles or maybe you can rock like a Power Rangers t-shirt you have three more days to go and Tuesday you have to have something that’s going to brighten up your day so a fun graphic tee is the best and if you’re gonna wear your graphic tee you can either throw on like a jacket something denim something tough or you can throw in a beanie if you can’t really Rock a beanie even either you can put your hair up in a cute ponytail or you can just put it down and again you should keep it really simple in cash because you know the closer we get to Friday the more dressier we’re going to look um makeup should be really simple again I think just mascara having your brows done a little bit of concealer that’s all you really need however whatever is comfortable just rock it and let’s move on to the next day which is Wednesday hump day even though that sounds really inappropriate why do we call it hump day I think it’s because it’s the hump in the middle of the week I don’t know if that means like humping something or maybe it’s a hump in the week whatever let’s bring it back to appropriate level um I recommend wearing something really fun again Tuesday was graphic tee but maybe Wednesday can be something that’s more wordy maybe it’s your favorite quote that can inspire you or your favorite name brand or maybe it’s a really awesome meme that you can wear I was watching Mean Girls over the weekend and I actually forced Dom to watch it he’s never seen it he was cracking up and I wanted to wear this shirt because you know paying homage to Mean Girls Wednesday’s got to wear your pink or yeah or else you might not sit at the table with the cool kids so make sure to wear your pink on Wednesdays just kidding I’m gonna wear purple or whatever depending on your dress code if you have this really cute dress but it’s spaghetti strap top doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t wear it to school you can just layer a t-shirt over it and it’s gonna look just as cute the thinner your dress is the more you can start layering on top of it and there’s ways that you can style the t-shirt so it’s a little more form-fitting and it fits your body better and it looks like an actual outfit just have fun with it I mean you’re in school you’re allowed to experiment with different styles so anything with a nice dress I think will look very appropriate for hump day Thursday I love you Thursday because you’re so close to Friday but I don’t love you as much as Friday so you’re kind of like my second lover on the side but Thursday I will give you some love because Thursday should be the day to just toughen up your look or keep it really really Street keeping it form-fitting either wearing like a long Mac dress that’s form-fitting to your body um maybe even like throwing on a faux leather jacket or a denim jacket with like faux faux sleep faux leather sleeves sorry faux leather shoes and it can be inspired by la street style but for this one I was more inspired by New York Street style where it’s much tougher there’s denim there’s like faux leather black and white goes with everything and it’s going to be a timeless color combination so it’s not going to go out of fashion it’s a good investment if you want to just have a wardrobe that’s easy where you don’t have to think about anything try and stick with monochromatic colors that’s what New Yorkers do I know that’s what I do and it’s so easy to just wake up and just get dressed in the dark and walk out the door and you’re still gonna look freaking awesome and I think for makeup you can really play up your lips you can either rock a dark lip or a red lip keep it bold keep it simple – you know Thursday keep it cool whatever Friday TGIF TGIF thank God I’m a female I’m just kidding thank God for Friday’s or thank God it’s Friday I don’t even think you should use God’s name in vain right thank goodness it’s Friday no but seriously Friday I took the golden child everyone loves Fridays either you look your best or you dress your most casual so I know in the corporate world when people are working usually Friday’s casual day so people get to dress down instead of dressing up but I know for school people want to dress up like it’s the weekend you can hang out with your friends you can just blow off homework and just chill and sleep watch Netflix you know sleep in it’s really what I did sleeping in who’s the best honestly just wear what you want I think Friday is the day where you should really express who you are and really experiment with different fashion styles so you can either go for like that goth look or the punk look or if you want to do more preppy or you can bring it back down to cash I mean it’s really up to you or you can even dress up really nice at the end of the day it’s just school people they don’t remember you for how you looked or they don’t even remember you for what you did they remember you for how you made them feel so as long as you’re a good person and you’re always happy people will keep that with them for a really long time so it’s really the attitude that counts most when I was in high school all I wanted to be was the popular girl because I felt like the popular girl had everything she had the boyfriend she had the friends she had the popularity and I was never that girl and I think it wasn’t until junior year was when I just stopped worrying about it I told myself who cares I have two more years of school left might as well just enjoy this because I’m not going to be able to see any of my high school friends again just have fun guys um don’t take things too seriously it’s high school when you get into the real world things are a little more different there’s a lot more responsibilities you really have to own up to now that you’re in school especially high school or middle school learn as much as you can and really make your friends and just have fun alright guys that is pretty much it I hope you enjoyed my tips in my crazy little rants here and there and have fun with life because that’s what life is here for it’s not going to be perfect there’s gonna be a lot of ups and downs and you just have to go with the flow and just keep a positive attitude because it’s gonna take you further in life so just really quickly what I’m going to show in this giveaway so there’s only going to be one winner and you get to have your choice of a backpack it’s either this really cute kitten like um bubblegum pink backpack this backpack is really nice it’s really earthy and perfect for fall and the last one is something that’s a little trendy fashion forward with houndstooth little polka dots here’s what it looks like inside to fit your entire life inside here I hope you guys don’t choose this one because I want to keep this edge for myself just kidding um so here are the prizes they’re awesome you’re gonna get so much swag you’re getting notebooks mouthwash for your breath so yeah you’re gonna win all this stuff and it’s really easy to enter all you have to do is go to my website at Michelle Phan comm to find out how to enter to win and I will let you guys know who is the winner the lucky winner is going to get all the stuff don’t forget to subscribe guys to show some support that’d be awesome and I’ll see you in my next video bye good luck I’m a little sunshine when the Sun shines on the wrong day and ee my bed is a constant bearer of these sun shades cuz i’m a little sunshine when the sunlight beckons our way Oh you


  1. In Vietnam:
    School uniform – Monday!!
    School uniform – Tuesday!!!
    School uniform – Wednesday!!!!
    School uniform – Thursday!!!!!
    School uniform – Friday!!!!!!
    Free shirt; Crazy long pants – Saturday!!!!!!!
    GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Monday:Hated
    Tuesday:Forgotten Wednesday:Ordinary
    Sunday:Pre Monday

  3. Michelle is one of the most appropriate "PG" youtubers I've seen. The fact that nearly all of these looks (except Wednesday) I couldn't wear to school just shows how messed up the education system is.

  4. When you go to a school with a uniform dress code you be like😵😢😢😐😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😶😶😶😶

  5. Looking back through my favorite Michelle videos now that she's stopped making them. much love 😭💞💞

  6. I got to be honest. I only wear a regular tshirt with whatever wording on it and ripped jeans and ALWAYS a flannel. im pretty boring when it comes to clothes

  7. I would love to see more videos on how to survive school. Going back to school is the easy part…. but surviving it when you're deep into the semester with pile of homework and so many tests in a week while studying for AP tests, subject tests, SATs, midtems… that's the hard part where I really need advice

  8. Thanks for making so many awesome videos like this one, they really made my teenhood. I used to be super shy and anxious but your videos always picked me up when it was feeling down.

  9. Monday = school uniform
    Tuesday = school uniform
    Wednesday = school uniform
    Thursday = school uniform I live in UK
    Friday = school uniform

  10. Yes u r right Michelle..the real world is a lot different than high school world..the one who's popular in high school may not do anything in their life but the person who has a small group or is alone may become a really successful person..

  11. I wish I could wear this stuff and do them but sadly I the uk we have UNIFORM 😩😢😫 honesty soo boring though I can wear this to college so it’s chill

  12. Lol I wear better things on school days,

    Monday – Uniform

    Tuesday – Uniform

    Wednesday – Uniform

    Thursday – Uniform

    Friday – Uniform

  13. It makes me sad to know you weren’t happy when filming this… I wish you did another channel and didn’t let anyone take your personality out of your vids

  14. You have no idea how much o miss her I suffer from depression and watching Michelle really helped me and after she left my world came crashing down I felt as if I had nothing to do because i loved her so much. That’s when started cutting even more often but now I still miss her but I’m good I stopped cutting except occasionally but I’ve accepted that Michelle has a life and has many needs as well which are probably more painful than mine but I still love her but she has a life as well

  15. Lol we have uniforms and wear little to no makeup like eyebrows and mascara at most but liek we actually have a nice uniform like it's the best I'd hate to have no uniform

  16. I just wear jeans and a tee, and maybe I’ll put in leggings or a cute shirt sometimes. Once in a while I’ll wear something nice for spirit week, and maybe a skirt, but like all I wear are jeans and a shirt.

  17. At the end of the day, people don’t remember you for what you wore, or what you did, they remember you for how you made them feel…
    People don’t remember me at all🤣LMAOOOO

  18. I remember watching this 4 years ago wondering what was the word "hump" until i sold my soul to kpop and wattpad 😂

  19. Bun is effortless she said.
    Bun, effortless.
    takes me two hours to get my hair into bun
    bun falls part 2 seconds later
    Me:why? Just why?

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