BARBERING; (2) MICROBIOLOGY; Theory for State Board Written Exam

BARBERING; (2) MICROBIOLOGY; Theory for State Board Written Exam

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microbiology for Barbara Wootton part of State for Tatum microbiology is branch of science that studies all the aliens known as microbes the microorganisms that are too small to be seen with a naked eye microorganisms exist everywhere are generally classified as networks viruses fungi protozoa or RG exist in variety of shapes and sizes on that team would make bacteriology is study of microorganisms bacteria is a one-celled microorganism that exists everywhere on the skin in the water and air and decayed matter like bodily secretions types of bacteria are non-pathogenic and pathogenic non-pathogenic bacteria are enormous bacteria an official for soil fertilization decomposing of dead matter fighting infection and promoting immunity motion and body examples of non-pathogenic bacteria and probiotics present in yogurt like acidophilus lactobacillus that healthy digestive tract and elimination of bad bacteria from the body yeast that has raised the door of the bread and used for baking sacrifice are harmless bacteria that he composes that matter preventing them to produce disease pathogenic bacteria are harmful bacteria disease-causing outnumbered by the amount pathogenic bacteria but are dangerous because they are helpful for living organism classification of pathogenic bacteria are coxy SLI and gorilla karcsi are round shaped bacteria classified as follows staff Roxy streptococcus e t+ Hoxie that Locati bacteria are most common California natural organisms that prove our further budget like abscesses in both birth control and staph infection such as MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus streptococcus react we are performing organisms that growing chains and cause infections such as structural x lighters lung and fill diseases pfft bacteria are growing pears and called ammonia and gonorrhea mercenary bacteria are short what shaped organism that produces eases such as tetanus macho – fever tuberculosis and hysteria story why are spiral or corkscrew-shaped organisms there was a flow for diseases like syphilis bacteria mean to Panama pavilion or lambda T's Borrelia burgdorferi normally bacteria also referred as motility moving the bacteria bacteria moves around with the help of hairlike projections called cilia and flagella back to miracles and reproduction there are two phases active or vegetative stage and performing or inactive Sage after the vegetative stage bacteria reproduces by direct division called mitosis the process is so fast that within 12 hour period 16 million microbes can be created by Sun or bacterium that is why barbers certainly have to follow a sanitation these infection practices bacteria can grow and reproduce in the presence of fairly favorable conditions the temperature elimination of waste products in after performing stage the favorable conditions are compromised bacteria can become stationary or lie dormant looking form a protective square around it and upward producing until the conditions become favorable again examples and tax revenues Basara bacteria bacterial infections are local infection or general infection local infection paint both great cuts are examples of local infection lesions containing parts that are localized created by toxic bacteria that do not have a hair like projection or a tail to help them move rapidly will produce local infection general infection happens when the bacteria like July or spear move around and they use the taylor hair left projection like jealousy li-ion travel to the bloodstream carrying the bacteria and there are toxins to all parts of the body blood poisoning or syphilis are examples of general infection immunity is he ability of the body to fight infection by resisting in Beijing of bacteria in this room bacteria once they have entered the body the two types of annuity are natural immunity and acquired immunity natural immunity is a natural resistance to disease that is partially inherited or partially developed so hygienic living acquired immunity is developed after the body has overcome disease or through inoculations such as vaccination unhuman disease carrier a person who is immune to the disease that could carry two terms and we transfer the virus or bacteria from person to person without getting sick himself oversight parasites are plant or animal organisms there is one another living organism drying their nourishment from the host organism without giving anything in return plant parasites also called fungi can produce contagious skin diseases such as ringworm or favours examples of fungi are more news los Andes nail fungus my parasites are responsible for contagious diseases and conditions H marks are synonymous scabies can roll under the skin causing itching and inflammation pediculosis is the technical name for head or body mass should not be treated in the salon or barber shop the client should be referred to a physician contagious or communicable is when a disease spreads from one person to another our contact Alberti to be aware of those chief sources of contagions unclean hands or implements the blue forest path or wielders touchless share user-driven cups and tells blood-borne pathogens are disease producing bacteria or viruses that are carried through the blood or body foods such as hepatitis and HIV they might enter the body through oxidation costs exchange of bodily fluids continuous use of implement without detecting or shaving clients based on that reduce razor the transfer blood-borne pathogens complying to client with cuts and abrasions the pathogens would enter the body through breaking the skin such as a temple or scratch the mass contaminates food or water the nose breathing the eyes ears unprotected sex the body will have infections with Arobin skin battle secretions such as respiration digestive juices fat cells which destroy bacteria and toxins and immunity as sceptic means free of disease causing germs and methods I would lead to for sanitation and the new person procedures to keep in a septic environment in barbershops sepsis is the cause of food or body caused by the exception of pathogenic microorganisms and their byproducts into the bloodstream bonuses are some microbial substrate smelly not to infect other bacterium plant and will pass to a person center this is why their health torture by viruses boneless is capable to infect all plants and animals called common colds respiratory and gastrointestinal infections influenza needles mom chickenpox smallpox rabies yellow fever hepatitis polio and eight healthy taxes is a disease of inflammation and liver present in all body fluids transmits disease from person to person easier than HIV virus types of hepatitis hepatitis A virus HIV hepatitis B virus HPV hepatitis C virus HCV hair types and C virus HCV hepatitis E virus HCV hepatitis-a h8p it if you like in this last thing about three weeks has symptoms of your learning of the scarran eyes jaundice fatigue fever abdominal pain marisa and loss of appetite spoiler alert the catchiest eight involves poor sanitation poor personal hygiene common bathroom use contaminated foods and liquids sexual contact hepatitis B virus HPV serious disease that can cause lateral HPV infection cirrhosis of the liver liver fear through cancer and that some people infected with HPV so symptoms and HPV vaccine is available for disease prevention further hepatitis B is – saliva sexual contact parenteral exposure to blood or blood product exposure to Pierce's mucous membrane under skin variants hepatitis C virus HCV progresses slowly symptoms include abdominal pain fatigue more vaccine is available straight ahead patata C is to a point oral contact blood transfusion with HCV contaminated blood illegal drug injection sexual activity hepatitis C virus HCV is serious liver disease not common in United States transmitted through contact with infected lab vaccine is not available hepatitis IVA HEV serious liver disease uncommon in the United States found in the country's poor sanitation and contaminated leather supply vaccine is not available other viruses and diseases human immunodeficiency virus HIV acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Virge IBS a too late complex in GRC sexually transmitted disease STD HIV virus is the virus that causes AIDS laughter in disease that compromises the immune system passes from person to person body fluids a person can be infected with HIV virus for 11 years without having any symptoms and could pass the disease to other people without realizing it HIV is not transferred through shaking hands kissing sneezing or coughing having sharing household items like Philippines or toilet seats in the bottle shop HIV can enter the body through cotton fields that were improperly disinfected sharp implements so hair color implement razors or manager implements although the HIV virus may lie dormant in an infected personnel system for 11 years or Mara it can also mature into a fatal disease in two to 18 years the stages of hiv/aids which one each other in caption nor physical indications of illness antibodies to the virus may be present stage 2a RC age-related complex chronic fatigue and chills fever night sweats 10% or greater weight loss without dieting skin disorders enlarged liver enlarged spleen swelling lymph gland chronic diarrhea Street 3:8 includes all of the above symptoms plus hair loss given other cancers pneumonia and other infections Merlin Braille image characteristics of full-blown AIDS hiv/aids prevention in the barbershop and salon every accident and practice all safety precautions output the world to barbershop salon or school where hands were meant to bacterial soap before and after each point sanitize equipment such as headrest chair backs armrest and facial massage and make your table before and after common services use disposable glass whenever possible if you cut neck or scrape yourself treat the road immediately and cover it if you cut an equal scrape a client or play gloves and treat the wound to the extent of your State Board allowances and limitations the word exposure and contact with another person's bodily fluids is specially blood following this class not the biology test answers would be at the end of the test


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