Beauty Battle ft. My Favorite Makeup Artists

Beauty Battle ft. My Favorite Makeup Artists

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– Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome
back to my YouTube channel! Oh my god you guys today’s
video I am so beyond excited because as you can see I have two very very iconic
sister special guests! – Jake – And Riquelle – You guys Jake and Riquelle
are two of my favorite artists to follow on Instagram right now. They are both super
young, Jake is 15, right? And you are 17. Both young and both killing it, literally both of their
looks are so insane, so creative and they are
just both so talented. Both have been amazing
friends and inspiration to me and for today’s video I
wanted to bring them here on my channel and do a beauty battle, which I am so excited for
because as you guys all know this is a series I do here on my channel where two different people
take half my face of makeup but in the past though, all the episodes have been with friends that
don’t really know a lot about makeup, but this is different because this is literally two artists who actually know what they’re
doing, doing half my face. So the three of us are just
gonna play in some makeup today, Jake and Riquelle are gonna
split my face right in half and give me an iconic signature
look in their very own style and at the end of course
all you sisters will decide which look was your favorite
in this little friendly beauty battle, we’re gonna
talk about all things in the beauty industry, what
it’s like being in the industry at such a young age, because
obviously you guys know I came in when I was 16 years old too, so right smack dab in
the middle of you guys. What it’s like being a small influencer, what the community can improve on, and of course too you guys obviously know I’m always here for you as friends and I’m sure so many
people watching this video want to be an influencer one day and really wanna join
the makeup community, and I feel like you guys are both absolutely killing it right now so it could be really fun to
ask some questions as well and I can kinda answer them
and give you guys advice and some other people
want your advice too! Sound good? Okay
– Let’s do it Without further ado, let’s jump right in. (uplifting music) So do you guys have any ideas to what look you wanna do yet? – Since Valentine’s coming
up I think I wanna use some inspo on the look I did. – Okay love that, love that
a little hearts moment. Are you single? – Yeah. – Same
– Fortunately. – You? – I’m just gonna do
something rainbow, colorful. – Okay, love that. – Inspired by these. – Ooh the rainbow nails, okay, down. (tongue pop) Love a good tongue pop moment! (tongue pop) That’s good I feel like
nobody can ever do that! Wow that’s good and fresh! – Yes. – Sorry Jake you’re
out of the picture now. (gasps) Replaced. Well I feel like this is
gonna be quite a long day of lots of glamming, this
is gonna be a little bit of an unusual beauty battle,
slightly longer than normal so should we just jump right in? – Yes. – Alright go for it. – Okay. – My face is your canvas. – Just go? – Yeah go for it! – Okay I’m just brushing out the hairs of James’ brows just to start. – Okay so I am so excited
that you guys were able to join me here today, both
from the Bay Area actually so both of you traveled
quite far and wide. – Yeah the last time I was here
I was at James’ launch party – Oh yeah for the palette! – Yes it was honestly so much fun, being a smaller artist it
was really nice to meet bigger influencers that were there and be able to talk with them. – Was that your first makeup event? – Yes. – Yeah me too. – Wait was it really? – Mhm – Yeah – Oh my god! – Yeah – For the first one, that’s like crazy. – A pretty good one – Yeah
– Yeah – A pretty good first start, huh? (laughs) How did you both get started into makeup? I want Riquelle to answer first
cause I know Jake’s answer. – Yeah – Okay well I liked art when I was little – Same – And so pretty much just
like it came from that, like I always drew starting
when I was like four or five. And I just got into makeup when
I was in like middle school. – I love that really
early start, okay cool. – I started my Instagram
because people from school and like different clients asked me to like start posting makeup looks. – Yeah, that’s how I got started too. – I started posting just clients and then I started posting my makeup, then I was like, oh, people
like this better than clients. (laughs) Because nobody wants to see the
same nude ass eyeshadow look – Yeah. So Jake, – Yes. – How did you get started? – Well I think it’s very clearly obvious. – I think this is
literally the cutest thing in the entire world. Can I just say it? – Go for it. (clapping) – Okay so Jake, when I
first started on Instagram, Jake was actually my first ever fan page. – Mhm. – Literally, it was James Charles with two z’s after it right?
– Yeah. – And I always just
thought he was so sweet, he always left the sweetest comments and then eventually he like
posted a picture of himself – Yeah – Like wearing makeup
and I was like oh my god this kid is so cute and so talented and then you eventually left the page – Yeah – Really rude, it’s okay
there’s lots of other sister fan pages now, but
you started doing your own stuff which I thought
was so incredibly cool because you literally are
so incredibly talented. – Thank you – And I feel like we
definitely look very similar and have similar styles too
so everyone started saying like you’re my son which
I thought was so cute – I remember seeing the Covergirl Ad, and I remember just seeing James and then I was like wow,
this is such a beautiful boy like I’d never seen that before. – Yeah. – And it just like opened
something in my mind that was like boys can wear makeup too. – So Jake definitely does
a lot of creative looks kinda like how I first
got my start on Instagram and it’s honestly funny
too because you’ve done so many looks that I had
written down in my notebook to work on but I’m always
like filming all the time and I’ll open Instagram,
and you’ll post the most beautiful look and I’ll be
like I was gonna do that one! Like holy crap! So I feel like you definitely
have a very similar style and mindset when it comes to makeup of like just creating a really
beautiful like art pieces, and then Riquelle does
literally some of the most insanely blended, like colorful looks I have ever seen in my entire life, like I feel like your
work is just so immaculate and you both have such
an attention to detail it’s really exciting
– Thank you watching both of you guys
come into the industry. When did you guys actually
start posting on Instagram? – So I think I started in
like the summer of 2016, that’s just when I
started like, I don’t know I guess getting like good at makeup. – Mhm, okay and Jake what about you? – I started posting like summer of 2017, but at first the looks
weren’t even of mine, my sister would do my makeup. – Really? – Yeah. – Oh my god! – And then I just started
playing with makeup, watching tutorials,
obviously James’ tutorials and then from there on I just started being consistent, just started posting. – So as like newcomers into
the social media industry, what do you guys feel about
the industry space right now, like what are your thoughts
on the makeup community and what do you feel
about your experiences and influencers so far? – I think it’s pretty
difficult just because a lot of the smaller artists
are kind of in on eachother, I personally feel like
from personal experience so I try to stay secluded from
a lot of the smaller artists so I like to keep to myself
and I’m not like in it for anything else I just
am here for the makeup and for the artistry that comes with it. – Yeah, I really like that. I definitely got involved
with a lot of drama when I first started in
the beauty community. And I’ve since like
obviously learned my lesson and there’s literally no point
and it’s just such a headache so I definitely keep my
circle very very small and I’m like very happy with
the circle that I do have. What’d you say that having a following and being an influencer is
what you expected it would be? – Definitely not.
– No. – Okay, why? – First of all it’s not as
easy as I thought it would be. Like I thought people just
like did their makeup, took pictures and like – Called it a day.
– Got money, nope. It’s not that easy. – It’s not. – It’s so stressful,
especially cause I’m still in high school, and you too
– Me too. – Yeah it’s a lot to handle
– It’s hard to balance On top of like schoolwork and everything. – Yeah cause they’re two different worlds. – It’s still like a
really cool experience, to have the opportunity to do this. – I’m guessing you barely
even have time to film a lot of videos. – It’s hard, I mean when
I was in High School I did make it work but
it was literally like I would wake up every single
morning at six in the morning, and then I would go to school until two, and then I would literally
set up my little table in the basement with my two soft boxes and film a video for like three hours and I had to finish by like 5:50 because I would have to wipe my makeup off and then drive to work
at a frozen yogurt shop which was five minutes from my house, I had like 10 minutes to wipe it all off, take everything down, get my
makeup off and drive there and clock in by six. Then I’d work usually from
like six til 10 every night, and then I’d have to
close, then I’d get home and then I’d do my homework
until like one or two. And then I’d go to bed and repeat. And that was for like, a good
like half a year in school. – Oh I don’t think so. – Yeah it was definitely
like, it was a lot and it was, I was
getting very little sleep and I got sick a lot,
and it was not healthy. – You’re also super motivated though. – Yeah, but it’s cause like
I was really passionate about it and I knew that I wanted to do it and I knew like I wanted
to make it happen, and I also knew that I
wanted to graduate early and that like I had to prove to my parents that I wanted it and that
I was taking it seriously and that I wanted to have this
be my full-time job as well. And if it were not for
those sleepless nights I would not be here today, so. – But that’s like also
what inspires like me and a lot of people, like
because you’re so driven and to like what you
wanna do inspires like me and other people to do the same. – Aw, thank you. – Yeah.
– Mhm. – That means a lot thank
you guys for saying that. Alright guys so we’re gonna
start off with an eyeshadow and of course we’re going to be using the James Charles X Morphe Palette,
mine is slightly busted because I’ve been using this
literally every single day but, let’s jump right in. – Use code James for ten percent off. – Yeah.
– Yes, thank you. – I can’t believe you forgot. – Sorry, well it’s sister
sold out everywhere, so. Maybe it will be back by
the time this video goes up. – I’m gonna dip into pinkity drinkity and just put this in the crease. – I love that, little valentines look. – Yes. – Oh yeah, highlighting
his brow bone first. – Wait so are you guys on
a lot of PR lists then? – I mean, I’m starting to get on a lot, but it’s not like
– It’s like yeah but no. – Yeah. – Like I still wanna get onto ABH’s. – Me too. – Neither of you are on ABH yet? – No. – Oh I’ll be fixing that immediately. – Stop! – Gotchu girl, gotchu both. – Oh my god. You do not understand. – What? – How long I’ve been like, I was literally there was a time where
I would literally like just go on their Instagram
and scroll for hours and just see what they reposted and just do that. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I was trying so hard just
to get them to like my stuff like I would do neutral looks and stuff, and I hated neutrals. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I was like I just wanna
be on their PR list. – ABH is on of the first
PR lists I ever got on and they, working with them
has been so incredible. So speaking of being on PR lists and getting brand deals and stuff, there’s definitely been a
major shift in the industry this past year with like
creators and coming and going and growing and stuff like that, how do you feel about the
state that the industry is in right now when it comes to
growing as a small creator and do you feel like it’s easier or harder to be recognized by these brands? Like how do you feel? – I would say it’s definitely
like easier than it was maybe like two, three
years ago cause just like the amount of people
doing Instagram and makeup has definitely like gotten bigger. – Yeah definitely. – So do you think that makes it easier? – Didn’t think of it that way. – I would say that it, yeah. – It does make it harder in terms of like getting yourself out there and trying to separate yourself
from everybody else. – I agree in the sense that
I do think it’s getting easier for smaller influencers because of the fact that the
community’s growing so fast, but at the same time that
also makes it so much harder because there’s everybody
there are to compete with and you do really have to stand out. – Mhm for sure.
– Yeah. And I think we’re moving
in the right direction when it comes to like diversity
and showing inclusivity in the beauty community,
but like there’s definitely a long way to go when
it comes to like posting people of color,
– Absolutely and people of like different
economic backgrounds and everything like that. – Yeah. – One other thing I’ve
noticed is also that brands don’t necessarily
just pay attention to people that do neutral
looks or warm smoky eyes and all that, like I’m so
happy that these brands are finally noticing all
these creative people, people that do all of these
out of the box things, tutorial makeup, and not
just like the same stuff over and over again.
– Yeah. There was a time when
I would just be like, really mad over like not
being reposted and stuff, but like once I actually
thought about it I’m like, if I want this to happen I
actually have to work for it and not just like think that just because I’m suddenly getting followers like everything’s gonna happen
– And it’s not an overnight thing. – Yeah, exactly. – Right, I think that
is a very good point. I definitely used to be very bitter when I first started as well, and I think it’s also
important to know too and you mentioned this earlier before we were even filming you said that when you first started you
had an attitude with people – Oh my god. – Talk about that for a minute. – Yeah I can touch on that, yeah. So in general I have like an attitude and I can be kind of
like, what’s the word? – Blunt. – Yeah, yeah, blunt and like very honest. – Yeah. – So, I kind of come across
as like rude sometimes. Really early on I had to
like realize that everything you say and do can be
taken out of context, people can misinterpret
things all the time, so you kinda have to really be aware of the image you’re presenting. – I think too like I
definitely do see a lot of small artists that are really talented and absolutely killing it but
maybe don’t have the best attitudes online when it comes
to interacting with others or with brands, I know
ABH just had a scandal a few weeks ago where they
posted on their Instagram asking for people to tag
different people in the comments to be added
– Oh I remember that to their PR list and one
girl asked her followers to comment on ABH’s thing,
and when her name was being spammed in the comments,
sometimes Instagram will mark that as spam, and then she
literally started a whole rumor that Anastasia hated Hispanic people. Like of all brands, Anastasia,
who has done so much for the community. I was like oh, absolutely not. But I think it’s that level of entitlement that I think is the issue
it’s like aside from the whole comment being deleted
thing I think it’s crazy that instead of just
thinking twice and being like what could of actually happened here, the rationale went right
to oh this brand is racist, they hate Hispanic people
they’re not reposting me. It’s crazy and I think that
mentality’s something that a lot of artists have and it’s selfish and it’s entitlement and
I think like you said – And if you wanna get somewhere – And if you get somewhere,
yeah everybody’s watching. Both fans are watching and of
course drama is entertaining every once in a while
but for the most part, nobody wants to watch somebody
get in fights all day long and start things and attack others, and also the brands are watching. And if you’re sitting there
fighting and leaving comments on a brand’s post and
starting scandals like that, nobody’s gonna wanna work
with you because you’re unreliable and who knows
what you could say about another brand later on. You do definitely have to be careful and I’m glad that you
learned that lesson early on, I think it’s really dope that
you were able to actually self-reflect and like learn from that. – Yeah! – Yeah. – I’m gonna use this,
okay what is this brush because I’ve been looking for this. – I don’t know but I love it though. – It’s a Morphe M554. And you’ve never done this. – Wait so what are you doing? – I like to put it in there to brighten. – Canvas. – Yes. – From the palette? – Yes, I do it all the time. – Wait really? – You don’t do that? – It’s like peachy. – No but the thing is, like it
doesn’t come off that peachy. – Wait that doesn’t look like. (gasps) – That looks so pretty. – I’m sorry, what? It looks like it would
be so much more like, – Orange. – Pinkish. – Well because when you
swatch it and in the pan it does look peachy, – I was about to use my knuckle. – But then it doesn’t really. – Yeah. – You know? – I’ve never done that before. – I do it on everyone. I like to brighten it under the eye, especially if I do a lower lash line, you want that to be bright. – When I did my full face of
makeup using only my palette, I did no foundation at
first because I didn’t think I was gonna have a shade, but then at the end I started
using canvas all over, and it looks really good
for foundation but I never thought to use it
– See how brightened it is? – Yeah! What has been your guys
biggest accomplishments so far in the beauty industry
since you guys started? – This. – This. – Really? – This! Duh! – Are you serious? – Yeah cause honestly
– Yes! – Oh my god what the heck! – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Like for me it’s like
it went from like fan to literally like being your friend. – Yeah. – Which is like so crazy,
and like I never thought I’d literally be here with you. Like we never get to talk
like actual friends and stuff. – I know same, literally the exact same. – Aw that’s so cool. – I never imagined any of this to happen. – Like I went to watching beauty gurus, and now we’re like
– Yeah slowly but surely becoming one. – Isn’t it cool because
that’s kind of like how I was. Not as much of a beauty
guru, but like in the YouTube community in general. Like I was a fan of so
many of the beauty gurus but I also watched so many other youtubers that it’s been like so cool
to meet in person now too. – Oh yeah, so recently,
not recently, no actually it was like months ago,
James invited me to be part of his campaign for the
Morphe palette collab. – Oh yeah! People don’t even know about that! – No yeah, so it was, you
filmed it twice right? – Yeah so the sisters know that
I filmed the Morphe Campaign actually twice I talked about that before but I never really mentioned I don’t think what it was the first time. – Yeah. – And the photos are
actually on the website so a few people did catch on
– Okay, yeah. The first time we actually filmed it, I was only in the last shot,
which was like the picture that made it to the palette
but every other color of the palette was assigned to
a different friend or artist that I have looked up to for a long time, so my mom was in it, Ethan
and Grayson were in it, Jake was in it, a few
different artists from Twitter and Instagram that I’ve
been following forever were in it as well, Briquelle, literally flew
all the way from Australia to be in it, my literal
favorite artist of all time. – Same. – Unfortunately the footage
wasn’t high resolution enough to be used in commercial format, so we literally had to
redo the entire thing which sucked, but regardless
we still got amazing photos of it, it was an amazing day. – Yes, it was just so fun
to have like so many artists in a room and just like
such positive energy. – Yeah. – It was my first time
ever doing any photo shoot and it was for a big brand too. – Yeah. – So being there really meant a lot to me. – Aw! – Thank you so much. – Of course sister! Okay what are you using? – I’m using face, – Same.
As a highlighter. – Love that. Oh yeah. I feel like I’ve asked you
guys quite a few questions now about like your experience
in the beauty industry but, do you guys have any questions
that I could answer for you about being an influencer
and what it’s like and like how the behind the scenes work or how like literally anything? – Yeah, – Cause I’m here, always. As a resource, and a friend,
and somebody to be there, and somebody whose experienced it all, and whose learned the hard way. – Yeah. – And I feel like I’m always
down to like help everybody out I feel like when I first came in, there weren’t many people
that were willing to give me honest answers and help me out but like I wanna be that person for everybody else who I really believe in, so if you guys have any questions for me, I’d love to answer and I’m
sure for anybody at home that’s aspiring as well
would love to know, so. – Well I have struggled
with responding to emails when I get asked about ratings. – Oh like rates, money. – So I think that would
be cool to know, and – Like how to charge. – Yeah. – Touchy subject, but definitely
down to talk about it. I feel like rates are
very very controversial in the sense that, we had
the whole situation last year with Marlena talking
about influencer rates and when 60,000 dollars was
dropped and everybody like went crazy but in reality, 60,000 isn’t like a lot of
money for the influencer space. It really did turn into a
witch hunt against influencers and I definitely did
react very harshly first but Marlena and I did
talk behind the scenes but regardless, I think it
one turned into a witch hunt because people heard that
and they assumed that everybody was charging 60,000 dollars which is definitely not the case. And I think it’s important to
know that everybody’s rates are different depending
on what they offer. – Literally everybody, yeah. – Because not only are the
paying for of course like the followers number is there
but at the end of the day, what you should be charging
for, and what brands should be paying for is the engagement. Because you can have
five million followers and be getting 30,000 likes. That person should be
charging a fraction of what somebody with 5 million
followers that’s getting a million likes should be. Because those people do exist. I feel like demographic is
also a super important thing as well because like you can
be like a 15 year old boy in makeup, but like if a
sports brand reaches out, the chances are it’s not
really gonna be a good fit for you because the chances
are our followers are mostly young girls that might
not be interested in – Sports
– that type of stuff. I feel like the best way to go about it is talk to other people in
the community for sure, like I said it is a community and it’s important to treat it that way and to communicate with
your fellow artists and see what else is going on, and also two, like it’s important because unfortunately a lot of brands
do try to take advantage, especially of smaller artists
who are kind of like new to the game and don’t really
have others to talk to, and they’ll try to underpay
and the unfortunate reality is a lot of these brands
don’t wanna pay, even period, which is horrible because
no matter what it is you should always be paid for doing work, so it’s just a very tricky subject but it’s also up to the influencer too to know your worth and not
be afraid to negotiate, but also understand what the offer is too because sometimes a major
brand can be reaching out and I’ll see influencers
negotiate for thousands and thousands and thousands
of dollars, when I’m like your engagement isn’t even
that good one, and two this is a really great opportunity. Some things are just good
learning experiences too so, it’s really important to just
like kinda talk to others and talk to role models around
you and talk to your parents and people who know and
have a had a little bit more experience and get that type of help because I’d so much rather have people be safe than sorry and know what’s going on rather than potentially sign a contract and get way screwed over later on. – Yeah so I’m gonna be
doing like some little heart freckles, like inverted ones, so they’re like blended out. – Love that. – Yeah. – Okay, great. For a little Valentine’s Day Moment. Okay. – So, I’m gonna be stacking
two pairs of lashes together so I don’t know they
can look more dramatic. – Okay, I’m so down.
– Like Mine. So the lashes I’m stacking are – Lilly, so extra Miami’s. Use code James for 15% off. – And then I’m also using
that bitch by Crvstal Lashes. – Oh and what I like about
this is it totally looks like our looks like on him. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Like, holy shit. – Does this look like
something I would do? – Yes! – Yes! – It looks like you would
post like a sunset picture like just the eye. – With a good, approximately – Yeah, right there. – Just crop right there. Lip time. – Lip time. – What liner are you using? – I’m using Curvii by
iluvsarahii x ColourPop – Literally my favorite one. – Me too, you got me on this one. – Love that. – I feel like it can be
used on any skin tone. – Yes. – Which I like about
this, it’s very versatile. – Wait was that the right word? Versatile? – Yeah. – Okay I’m using some big words today. (laughs) I’m two years old. – What are we doing for lips? – I’m gonna do – Wait so should we do different
on each side or the same? – Up to you. Do you wanna do a matching nude? That could kinda be cute
guys like the color would look good with both looks. – Yeah. – Yeah, okay. – Wait do you both mutually agree on this selection of this fun gloss? – Oh let me see, yeah. – Fun gloss.
– Wait okay I picked out, – Riquelle picked out four
options for everybody. – So we have wait should
we go through all of them or is that doing too much? – What gloss is this? – That’s a Katy Dose of Colors. – Yeah!
– I love that. – You have Dose of
Colors, also in the most, we have Anastasia in
pearl, and then Kylie in – Always shining. – Love that. – Shinin, shinin – Shinin, I was gonna do that too! Shinin, shinin, shinin, shinin, yeah – So you can sing and I can’t? – Well that’s not, singing so. – I can sing. – You can? – Mhm, but I have stage
fright so no more singing. – Oh, how rude. – I’ll sing once you stop filming. – Okay, okay which one? – Okay I’m stuck between
that one and I like the pearlescent one – Wait what? – That one, yeah. – This one? I think this would look really stunning. – Yeah just because I
feel like that’s too like, – Cause this would go with my side but I don’t know if it would go with yours – Yeah. – Cause yours is more pinky. – So wait, you said this one? – Yeah, just a dollop of daisy. – There we go, so we’re
done with the lips, and there. (laughs) (light music) – Ready? – Okay. – Spray me good. Lock it in place. – Okay. – Ooh that was professional! (dramatic music) – Alright sister then I think
that is this beauty battle between sister Jake and
Riquelle all complete! Oh my god thank you guys so much for coming on the channel
today, both of these looks are fantastic.
– Amazing. Yeah they look so, so, so good and fresh oh my god you guys do you
like how they turned out? – I love it, both, amazing. – Yeah this was so fun. – Yeah. – Really? – Mhm! – This was both of your
guys first YouTube video. – Oh yeah. – Mhm! – That’s so cool thank you guys so much for coming on the channel – Thank you for bringing us
– It really means so much to me like you guys have been such a major source of inspiration to
me and I know so many other small artists out there as well who are just trying really hard to get into the community, you guys
are absolutely killing it and thank you for sharing your art with me and also all the sisters and
the entire world as well. You sisters at home, I really
hope you guys enjoy this video and please do me a favor and
go check out Jake and Riquelle, they are so incredibly
talented and truly I think are the future of the beauty industry, if you guys like this battle
please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below
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artists in the entire world thank you guys for coming, we really hope you guys
enjoy this video as well, I love ya and I’ll see
you in the next one. Bye! (dramatic music)


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