Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? PONYTAIL WITH A VACUUM!

Beauty Busters: Poop or Woop? PONYTAIL WITH A VACUUM!

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hello there and welcome to beauty busters Well first of all I have a special guest, Dennis. Again. Again. Special Guest The boyfriend The one. Oh my God Today’s video is going to be on putting on a ponytail with a vacuum I feel like everyone’s actually seen the video of the dad that tries to do the ponytail with a vacuum [yeah], we’ll find out if it works if it’s real. It’s legit So Beauty Busters is basically a series where we test out internet beauty hacks and DIY’s to see if they are a poop Will or oh maybe baby . Meaning they may work for some people and they may not work for other people. In the comments write if it’s a poop , will or a maybe baby Give this video thumbs up if you wish that magic existed and you could just do your hair in the snap of a finger Also, we started a vlog channel, you guys should definitely check it out. Dennis is kind of the brains behind that operation It’s the Natalie and Dennis show. You should go check it out, I got a new video up where I’m stuck in a ball pit Today’s video is also collaboration with to rule incredible guys Lukas and Jacob definitely check them out. They do incredible diys They’re super funny brothers, so their links will be down below. So that’s it. Let’s go on into this video To begin with this video. I don’t know if I trust Dennis with the vacuum, so I’m going to use a wig Okay Comment down below from 1 to 10 how much you would trust Dennis at this very moment That’s why I put this wig on. I’m a zero. What you do is put, the ponytail you wrap it So then when dennis picks up all my hair. He’s gonna slide it up and then the ponytail should appear What happened? Haha, the issue with this is that this is a little bit too much hair. We try with my hair Do you think everything will be okay? Though? Yeah? Oh? God took me years to grow wait. Just do a little bit. Okay, nice! Nervous the nerves I didn’t mean to say that.This is the most nervous I’ve ever been for a beauty buster What do you think an attorney on payroll? Yeah? It’s really easy but I mean I needed to use both of my hands so I had to put the um the tube in between my knees so I could hold it [oh] Okay, so this is what it looks like just like this Now I want you to try and just put my ponytail like straight up Like a straight up ponytail to see if it’s really worth it for dads to take out a vacuum and do this to their kids I’ve done this before haven’t I? Haven’t I? I think yeah, yeah and you do a good job Do you think it’s really hard for men Do you think it’s really hard for men to put the ponytail on? I think yeah, It’s a little challenging. Yeah? Oh That. You always do that! Dennis always goes like that instead of going like this. That was actually really good, good job. So that was it for today’s video. We really hope you enjoyed let us know How dennis did from 1 to 10? I give him a 10 And I think this is a woop, tell them what they can expect from our vlog channel. We’re going bowling today. So if you actually go on the blog [channel]. We have a couple of new blogs and since there’s less of you there We replied to almost all of you So there’s more of a chance for us to connect so we really hope you guys enjoyed this video once again Let us know down below what you thought about it Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed and we’ll see you guys next time But one more thing make sure you guys look at the two amazing collaborators I’m collaborating with them they’re very talented very funny guys, and I the pleasure collaborate with such talented men, so yeah That’s it. Bye


  1. Did you guys notice that the wig is Rosalina’s hair proof that Rosalina is fake. No hate to Natalie or Dennis I love you guys just wanted to point that out


    Omg that’s the wig she uses for Rosalina!!!!! I wish she would finally admit it we all know Rosalina is fake and tbh she’s getting really annoying

  3. Sorry natalie but i think you have “rosalinas” head o wait she not real im really confused i used to love you but now our youtuber to subscriber relationship is a lie just come clean thats rosalinas hair so rosalina is just you with a wig on

  4. 98% comments are about rosalinas wig (which now I guess includes mine 😂) and 2% about some other random thing

  5. Ha. That’s Rosalina’s hair😝 I’m not hating but everyone knows Rosalina is fake🤔 love you nAtalie

  6. This is rosalinas hair🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 u got cought .cheaterrrrrrrrr😎😎😎😎🤗f

  7. Hola just kidding I only know a little bit of Spanish any wise I love your vids so much😍♥️💕💗🥰😘

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